464 responses to “Hold Monsanto Accountable”

  1. bigmurr says:

    I want Monsanto gone! They are killing us with the poisons in our food now.

    • Annish says:

      Enough toxic crap!! Way past enough. Stop it now!

      • AuntieFran says:

        Remember when we were told that 24 hours after application that there would be no RoundUp (glyphosphate) residue in the soil? LIES LIES LIES

        • Patricia Hartzog says:

          It is in your pets’ flea & tick medicine, too.
          Just like babies & children, do not vaccinate your pets!!!

          • vippy says:

            I do not buy the pills for heart worms or fleas, etc. rabies shot last 7 years and our country demands 3 years. However, no guarantee that the shots prevent rabies. Just had a vet, who had her animals vaccinated, her dog came home with rabies and the whole family had to be treated.

          • Actually one rabies shot is enough. Dogs have immunity after one. But money interests prevail

          • alumette says:

            they make it mandatory every year in most states while the immunity lasts 3 years, so they say. They likely lie but if a dog bites someone, you will not be legally protected or will have to put your dog down for dissection. Sad either way, and it does happen.

          • MsPat says:

            Time to push back!
            They only need 1 for life.
            Every Time you add another one, you add terrible toxins & shorten your pet’s life.
            Research, research, research! I feel like Mulder, of The X Files, “The truth is out there . . . .”

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Please furnish a link proving one rabies vaccination only required for lifetime.

          • MsPat says:

            “Vaccines for diseases like distemper and canine parvovirus, once administered to adult animals, provide lifetime immunity.”
            ~Dr Ronald Schultz
            There are many links & this will only let me paste 1 thing at a time. You must research for yourself.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            ……… and you are still searching for it obviously.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            I’m right along with you, sister. I leave my animals alone and my family too — radiant health abides.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            In Nebraska it’s 7 years for rabies.

          • MsPat says:

            That is a law that should be changed.
            The immunity is lifelong.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Yes it does happen! Get your animals vaccinated and protected.
            As a 7 year old I was bitten by my rabid pet kitten. Had to have the shots. We were told by the University if any of our Farm animals came down with it and I touched them, I would have to have the vaccine shots again.

          • ineedair says:

            Again, another huge lie! Simply washing the bite with soap and water will kill the virus. Do the research!

          • Sandra Bell says:

            I’ve never had a pharmaceutical of any kind or a vaccine in my life. If I stepped on something and it bled, my mom just washed the wound with soap and water. There were never any problems — not in my entire family.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Not at all true lady.

          • MsPat says:

            adds: “The patient receives no benefit and may be placed at serious risk when an unnecessary vaccine is given. Few or no scientific studies have demonstrated a need for cats or dogs to be revaccinated. Annual vaccination for diseases caused by CDV, CPV2, FPLP and FeLV has not been shown to provide a level of immunity any different from the immunity in an animal vaccinated and immunized at an early age and challenged years later. We have found that annual revaccination with the vaccines that provide long-term immunity provides no demonstrable benefit.”

          • MsPat says:

            Vaccines for diseases like distemper and canine parvovirus, once administered to adult animals, provide lifetime immunity.
            ~Dr Ronald Schultz

          • MsPat says:

            You are right.
            Here is a quote if you ever need one.
            “Vaccines for diseases like distemper and canine parvovirus, once administered to adult animals, provide lifetime immunity.”
            ~Dr Ronald Schultz

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Missèd the part where he listed rabies. Guess that’s because it doesn’t.

          • ineedair says:

            According to Scientific panels I’ve listened to on the subject they say it takes an average of 13 injections to get one rabies shot to “take.” When that one “takes,” it’s good for life. I suspect the ingredients in the shot are causing my dogs to scratch incessantly and bite at their rears when there are no fleas or other parasites. In each dog it started soon after the injection. We are being ripped off continually and our pets are paying for it.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            Allergies, itching and biting are typical in vaccinated animals. I’m so sorry your dogs are suffering. At least you have now connected the dots. Many people don’t because they are continually conditioned through media hype to follow, unquestioningly and on faith, the religion of modern medicine.

          • Sanda Hatzell says:

            Thank you I believe you are on to something. Greed is all it’s about.

          • alumette says:

            I think the heart worm preventative med put my dog in renal failure. It happened the day after I gave her , her monthly preventive dose. It was stupid of me as she already had the protection from fleas and ticks, so how was she going to get heart worms ? i think it is a gimmick as they put a lot of animals in jeopardy with all these pharmaceuticals. Money in their pockets and our animals die. Damn !

          • MsPat says:

            Please, spread the word. Your personal &/or personal knowledge reactions/results, may not always be believed or make an immediate impact but they plant a seed & the next person, or the next, might get through & convince someone!
            These same vaccinations are damaging & even killing our children!
            I just received a post, that the shingles vaccine has caused blindness & other side effects, including death in seniors! Now there is lawsuit against the company. The vaccine hasnt been out long but people are realizing where their problems are originating.
            Awareness is key.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Duh. Heartworm comes from a mosquito bite. No medications will prevent a mosquito bite!

          • MsPat says:

            Please, do not be rude.
            I consider you uninformed but I have not demeaned you.

          • Bear Will says:

            Ruth, But, natural essential oils will deter mosquitoes, fleas & ticks from even lighting on your animals or us. Cedar oil, lemon oil, lavender oil. 15 drops of each in water an one cup spray bottle. Safe for us & children too. 25 drops if your in a highly concentrated area of parasites. I also use Black Walnut hull to treat internal parasites, for us & animals.

          • Margaret Thompson says:

            Very true

          • ineedair says:

            Then when they get sick they make even more money.

          • MsPat says:

            Please, spread the word. Your personal &/or personal knowledge reactions/results, may not always be believed or make an immediate impact but they plant a seed & the next person, or the next, might get through & convince someone!
            These same vaccinations are damaging & even killing our children!
            I just received a post, that the shingles vaccine has caused blindness & other side effects, including death in seniors! Now there is lawsuit against the company. The vaccine hasnt been out long but people are realizing where their problems are originating.
            Awareness is key.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Ms pat
            Instead of telling us”I just received a post…”
            We need to see the link with the provable information., of course!! Why would anyone take anyone’s word for this??? I might agree with you, but until you understand statements of “he said; she said” carry no credit where human life and death are concerned, you’re wasting your breath.

          • Merritt says:

            Some vets say the animals need rabies shots every 1-2 years, and parvo vaccines every six months! That’s ridiculous…..uninformed fools will fall for that, their vet is only out to get rich by scamming their clients in these cases.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Nonsense. I’ve been taking animals to vets since 1957 and I have never heard of such frequent vaccines. You are stretching facts.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            The medical/chemical/pharmaceutical industrial complex, along with its cohort, Big Ag, is systematically killing the planet and everyone on it. Monsanto is a major monolith of evil with many criminal buddies in high government positions.$$$$$$$$$$

          • Margaret Thompson says:

            My dog had a convulsion aftèr his vacination ….

          • MsPat says:

            Please, see my posts above.

          • Margaret Thompson says:

            My chihuahua had a fit 3 days after being vacinated and now they have vacines that last for 3 years for a price of course..(.probably would kill him)

          • Leslie Keenan says:

            I don’t know how you get to “do not vaccinate” from Monsanto. Unrelated! Vaccines actually prevent disease, which allows us to use less drugs. A good thing.

          • MsPat says:

            Look at the ingredients. Not on the bottle, on the insert.
            Vaccines are a scam. They have caused people to get or spread diseases. I have documented proof on my posts.
            Watch the movie VAXXED, free on Amazon’s Prime.
            Until you hear both sides, you have not made a free choice, only been led.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            MsPat, you’re a flat-assed liar. First you were arguing against dog, vaccines, now your telling us the same thing about human vaccine.
            If you contact me again I will turn you over to Internet police. This is illegal.

          • vippy says:

            Are you a paid troll? People like MsPat are necessary to advise us. It is up to us after that what we have to do nor not do. Quit your threat, we have a free country with laws. Don’t like it, then don’t read it.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            Oh puleeeez! There is no difference in danger between dogs or humans receiving vaccines. They are ALL toxic and damaging to health. Some injuries present immediately and others appear later in the form of auto-immune disease and cancer. How insane and dramatic to threaten a person with the “internet police” and claim illegality. We still have freedom of speech and can share our own thoughts and knowledge. I think you have revealed who you are — a person who is still slumbering while others are beginning to wake up. Don’t worry — you’re not alone.

          • Elaine Williams says:

            I agree.

          • vippy says:

            Not anymore. First of all look at the ingredients in any vaccine, Mercury, Fluoride, Aluminum, etc. cannot be good for anyone’s body. Does not take an Einstein to figure that out. Vaccine in the past were made different and they helped wipe out some diseases but today’s I would be questioning the ingredients which are neurotoxins and that is why so many babies now have autism, some even die and we know that Gardasil is very dangerous according to the Ex-CEO of Merck. But hey, to each its own.

          • FarmersSon63 says:

            Against Vaccines too.
            I could have called that!!!
            LOL Pure Comedy!!!!

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Earlier she said it was the chemicals and the gmos. I guess she can’t decide.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            Degenerative diseases are caused by many insults to the planet and all who live here. We are literally poisoning ourselves to death. There are growing numbers of the population who are able to grasp that and want to halt the ignorant mass suicide before it gets any worse.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Strange how we all keep living longer and longer then isn’t it.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            We aren’t — at least not in a healthy state — more cancer, more heart disease, more diabetes, more obesity, more Alzheimer’s and way more freakish auto-immune disease.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            lets see eventually we are all going to die of something. The simple fact that we are delaying long is about the best we can ever hope for.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            Some of us out here who are health professionals and environmental advocates should have the right to live on a healthy planet, without Monsanto’s blatant interference. Many of us do not want anything to do with frankenfoods or the freakish toxins and foreign matter invading the natural world. Of course, being a staunch advocate for the evil monolith, you must surely know that Michael Taylor has been swinging back and forth through the revolving door between Monsanto corporation and our government “protective” agencies for the past 25 years — CEO and top attorney for Monsanto and Chief Deputy of the FDA. If that is not in-our-face, blatant conflict of interest, I don’t know what is.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Fortunately that is why they have organic food for people like you. So you can avoid it if you wish, although Monsanto sells organic seeds as well and Bt is nothing more than an organic pesticide.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            But the chemical pesticides, herbicides and frankenseeds infect everything in surrounding areas. No one can avoid them. That’s injustice and pollution. You never addressed the blatant revolving door between Monsanto, Michael Taylor and our “protective” government agencies.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Much rather have someone in there that has a clue about what goes on in the real world then someone that doesn’t.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            WOW!!!!!! You actually said that? You obviously have a vested interest and protect all the criminals round you. Birds of a feather.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Not really. Trump is a businessman and this country is really one big business. What sense does it make to put a politician in there instead of someone with a background in business? Why don’t you list the things that he did that mr. Taylor has done that you do not agree with.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            All you are accusing the vaccines of containing, is no longer true. You are simply an anti-vaxer. You want all vaccines outlawed. If you continue to make your claims you could at least supply us with some links that prove your point.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            Not outlawed for those who want them, but not MANDATED for those who do not. The bullies are the pro, not the anti vaccination crowd. And toxic, life-threatening ingredients in vaccines are indeed TRUE. Read a package insert.

          • Merritt says:

            Except for rabies, if they are running around outside all the time where they can get bit by raccoons, coyotes, foxes, possums, or any other animal that could carry the virus. Cats need feline leukemia vaccines because the virus is extremely contagious and deadly among cats. Also dogs that stay outside too much do need heart worm prevention because mosquitoes carry the deadly critter and spread it to dogs, then the worms grow in the heart of the dog. It’s very real, I’ve met dogs who have had heart worm. Some dogs die from it, all have very compromised health and hearts.

          • vippy says:

            I put my dogs in the swimming pool which has chemicals in the water and I found out that they have no fleas and mosquitos are no problem after they were put in the pool and it lasted all season. I also found out that if you put a strong smelling essential oil on their coat, a few drops here and there that will keep the mosquitos away as well, like lemon, peppermint, etc. I tried that on me and sure enough I can wear shorts and tank tops and no mosquitos will come near me. Much better than buying those horrible chemicals to protect yourself. But you have to try it for yourself to believe it. I know they have trolls who are being paid to lie to us.

          • Carol Labue McGuinness says:

            Pets die younger with pesticides absorbed through their paws. They’re being sprayed over our heads. Use Listerine for flea and tick control. Works great and it’s cheap.

          • Carol Labue McGuinness says:

            I’ve used Listerine (with alcohol) for years on our cats and dogs. Put in a spray bottle, rub it on your hands first. I don’t put it directly on their skin.

          • Carol Labue McGuinness says:

            We used to pay over $100 a month to poison our pets. Wipe their paws when they come inside too. Pesticides absorb through the pads. Lots of pets dying young – tumors.

        • Deborah Reynolds says:

          Round up causes cancer

          • AuntieFran says:

            I know…we were lied to AGAIN!

          • Merritt says:

            Yes, Round-up DOES cause cancer. Our 5 year old once very healthy and robust dog died from chest cancer after living at a senior living village for 2 years where they heavily sprayed the grass with Round-up about every 2 weeks, all year except in February and January. It was idiotic of them to spray that often; I think the common number of times to spray is twice a year, but it is proof that it was the damn Round-up that caused the cancer in such a young, healthy dog. We fed the dog healthy foods only and took the best of care of him.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            So the senior living village didn’t have grass? Because if it did the roundup would have killed it, so you must have had only bare dirt.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            You must mean they sprayed with an insecticide?

          • Sandra Bell says:

            I’m so sorry your dog and you had to suffer. It was so unnecessary and criminal.

        • Bear Will says:

          Fran, It comes through into all products produced, beer to bread & pizza. All CAFO GMO fed animals, it is in their tissues that we consume. These filthy bastards can’t be off the planet fast enough to please me, along with all of their placating politicians too.!

        • Tom Mix says:

          Roundup is a contact herbicide not a residue !

      • Kevin Norris says:


    • Pat says:

      And cancer is increasing daily. Especially those cancers triggered by chemicals and pesticides. :/

      • Claryssa A. says:

        It’s not just them it’s also the horrible additives companies put in their processed foods like high fructose corn syrup and the dye red#40. Did you know that in at least one country across the Atlantic ocean they have banned red#40 because of what it can do to to people like one reason is cancer. And some of the over the counter medicine in a walmart or walgreens is really bad for you actually.!!

        • Pat says:

          Yea. We stay away from any additives and we never buy anything w/ HFCS in it.. We try to grow a lot of our own foods but also try to buy organic – especially the “dirty dozen.” My granddaughter had some red dye in a cookie her aunt made (not my side of the family). She reacted terribly! It totally changed her personality for the worse. My daughter said, “Never again. She will never again eat anything with red dye in it.” :/

          • Holiday says:

            Very hard now that Monsanto has soaked all our seeds in their poisonous brews. You cannot buy seeds that have not been touched by Monsanto even befor you grow them. Any suggestions? there has to be someplace out there that has some ‘clean’ seeds or seedlings, aren’t there?

          • Allison says:

            Yes you can. And when you get produce that HASN’T been touched by Monsanto, SAVE THE SEEDS!

          • Gale Williams says:

            Well, sadly most of that is true, but if you look online hard enough, there are some seed growers who have the balls to resist Monsanto. So, for a little while you still can grow real food. Sure, it’s hard work and by the time you harvest your crop you’ve paid twice what you would have paid to shop Monsanto, it’s still worth it.

          • Merritt says:

            Gale Williams, true, hard work, but it’s a GOOD thing not to be lazy. Our ancestors are probably horrified and turning in their graves to see how physically lazy humans have become on a daily basis, Lol.

          • Shakota Alvarez says:

            Yes save seeds that are not contaminated, share with others, many Natives have always practice this, hopefully bees will not have crossed pollinated with infected plants, one reason why are bees are dying out. Followed by other creations.

          • Linda Adsit says:

            Yes there are such companies. High Mowing Seeds is one. The Seed Exchange is another. Google it.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            High Mowing Seed company is a wonderful company!
            Extremely high germination rate on their seeds! They sell heirloom seeds also.

          • Linda Adsit says:

            My local grocery store (wegmans) sells some of their seeds, and I order some from their website, with free shipping.

          • disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:

            There are actually heirloom and organic seeds available-
            It’s the soil as well that is being destroyed. Boycott all that is Monsanto.
            Let your Home depot or Lowes (home/garden supply) stores know you aren’t going to frequent their business as long as they supply Monsanto products. Our $$’s speak volumes.

          • Patricia Hartzog says:

            Hemp is a proven soil cleaner. As it grows it pulls the toxins out, but then the hemp is no good & should be disposed of safely. I worry about it’s use to clean up the nuclear waste at the Fujiama (spelling?) disaster site. I don’t trust them not to sell it for use in things like CBD Oil. Bodily consumption would certainly be deadly.

          • Deborah Reynolds says:

            Good idea

          • MsPat says:

            And, growing hemp detoxes the soil. You must destroy that 1st crop, but afterwards your soil is no longer filled with the pesticides. You must, also, be cautious of even your groundwater, due to runoff & underground pipeline leakage.
            That is what the Native Americans have been protesting. They are trying to save our lands & water.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            So since Monsanto also sells organic seeds do we ban all organics then?

          • Sandra Bell says:

            No, just Monsanto. Of course they sell everything that will bring in more $$$$$$$$$$$$. I don’t sup with the devil.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Lol show me a company that doesn’t actually sell things for a profit. We all have to make a living, but you seem to think otherwise.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            I would never sell anything that harms my fellow humans, animals or the planet — not for any amount of dollars. Those who have a conscious, spiritual connection to the earth and have a shred of empathy or reverence for life would make their living doing no harm. There are plenty of real jobs.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Providing seeds to farmers? Helping to feed the world. Developing plants that produce their own organic insecticide replacing things like organophosphates that harm humans, animals and the environment? Providing seeds that are resistant to glyphosate one of the safest herbicides on the market today? Yes that’s really irresponsible.

          • Michael A Schmelzer says:


          • ruth ferguson says:

            No, not Burpee.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            There are organic farmers out there who have saved seeds. Seed Savers of America.

          • Kevin Norris says:

            I am one of them

          • Patricia Hartzog says:

            God bless you!

          • Jake Blake says:

            Holiday – buy organic seeds, only!

          • t Meehan says:

            organic seeds

          • vippy says:

            Import them

          • Bill Porteners says:

            —————————heirloom seeds

          • Christal Keel says:

            Seed Savers Exchange sells non-GMO and heirloom seeds. It’s their mission to protect the integrity of our seed supply.

          • vicky says:

            Heirloom seeds are non gmo

          • Kevin Norris says:

            There are still places on the internet to buy real heirloom seeds

          • Teresa English says:

            There are, search for heirloom seed catalogs. There are several companies that still sell organic seeds.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Including Monsanto.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Really? Why would I believe Monsanto?

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            It’s up to you, they sell organic seeds as well.

          • Patricia Hartzog says:

            And Monsanto is behind making seed trading illegal. You will have to personally interact with someone. An organic grower would my suggestion.

          • ZHelene says:

            There are a few companies out there. Have you googled “GMO-free seeds”?

          • MsPat says:

            There’re still some companies that sell “heritage seeds”.
            But the best is to swap or buy with/from organic growers.
            You know, in some parts of the USA it is illegal to even save rainwater???? And Monsanto has made it illegal for commercial farmers to use any but their GMO seeds?
            Sadly our votes & voices come after the $$$$ in Washington.
            And, we give those crooks lifetime benefits & retirements, better than any of ours, after only 1 year in office!!!!!
            They made these things into law, for themselves.

          • Merritt says:

            Holiday, yes there are some organic seed companies. They sell them in stores where they sell other seeds, just look for “organic” on the package. When your plants produce vegetables and fruits, be sure to save all the seeds from your organic plants!! Plant them again the next growing season, then save seeds from those plants to plant, and so on. If we all do this with ORGANIC seeds, we will have organic vegetables and fruits again, for a long time. I have so many cantaloupe and tomato seeds, they’re practically coming out my ears, Lol

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Saved seeds will remain viable for like 20 years if they are stored correctly. In envelopes, in a cool bedroom drawer is a great place. Not in a kitchen drawer where temperatures from cooking, oven heat, steam, can downgrade the viability of seeds.

          • Merritt says:

            Also, remember to use ORGANIC SOIL, fertilizers, and other soil amendments! If you grow plants from organic seeds, you defeat the purpose if you put synthetic (toxic?) fertilizers on the plants, which the plants absorb and you eat it in the vegetable.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Very untrue. While the majority of corn seed does touch Monsanto in some way, not all of it does. The same can be said for soybeans and other crops as well.

          • Bear Will says:

            Holiday, I use Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, they test for GMO crap too.

        • Linda Adsit says:

          Red #40 was pulled off the market in the 70s because it was killing hummingbirds in those feeders with the red liquid. So why is it still in human food?

          • Jake Blake says:

            Please, everyone, do NOT buy hummingbird feed with red coloring! Make your own, with filtered water and sugar. Briefly boil 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Let cool and pour into hummingbird feeder. So simple to prepare! Then the birds will live to make more little ones. Save the hummingbirds

          • Linda Adsit says:

            Yes, I’ve been doing that for a long time now. It’s so easy, and economical, not to mention that the Hummers love it made with organic sugar.

          • t Meehan says:

            if sugar is toxic to humans,why is it good for hummingbirds?

        • Adam Jackson says:

          2 wrongs don’t make a right. Stop supporting all poison in our food.

      • Anne says:

        It seems so obvious that cancer centers are going up all over the place and yet the general public doesn’t equate why!!!!!

        • Michael S. Casey says:

          GOP plan for population control!!

          • Teresa Thomas Hackett says:

            It’s not gop, its all of them. Lobbying should be illegal.

          • Linda Adsit says:

            I agree with you 100%. Lobbying is legalized corruption.

          • t Meehan says:

            lobbying is necessary. Lobbying as we allow it to be performed is often corrupt. Not always, it needs to be controlled.

          • t Meehan says:

            I disagree. Some lobbying is for good causes. I believe lobbying should be controlled. Only in private rooms in congress with video equipment and unbiased stenographers. No off site dinners, parties, trips, perks, etc.

          • Steven says:

            Hillary is a big supporter of Monsanto and has actually worked for them!

          • Gay Boutte says:

            When did HRC work for, and in what capacity, Monsanto. How exactly did she support Monsanto. Or is this all GOP troll bull. GOP is who always supports biggies like Monsanto.

          • Janice says:

            She didn’t work for them. The other comment was wrong about that. She did hire their lobbyist, Jerry Crawford, to work on her campaign for last year’s election. She has also been vocal in her support of GMOs, for years. She even spoke out in favor of GMOs at a the Biotech Conference in 2014.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            I am not a Republican, but it is true that HRC is an avid supporter of GMOs and Monsanto in particular. Both she and her husband, for the past thirty years, have allowed and acquiesced the same man to go round and round through the revolving door from being Chief Deputy of the FDA to being top lawyer and CEO of Monsanto. Bush/Cheney and Obama are no different. If the Monsanto connection is not the most blatant and outrageous crime against humanity, I don’t know what is. They are ALL criminals or they would never be installed as President of the USA. Look up the name Michael Taylor of the FDA and Monsanto

          • Johnnie Covey says:

            wrong agian dude

          • disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:


          • Linda McDonald says:

            Well, hate to say it, but in a way it makes sense, they are killing off the ignorant people arent they? Knowledge is power.

          • ladybug says:

            You sound really stupid!

          • Linda McDonald says:

            Only to an ignorant person such as yourself.

          • Sandra Bell says:

            Not nice! Linda probably meant to say “unaware” people. Lots of folks in our population are busy working long hours a day and come home to sit and watch the mainstream media, where they won’t be told anything ever about all the toxins being foisted upon us by our own “protective” government agencies. There are still multitudes who labor under the delusion that Big Brother is out to protect the people.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Sounds like you just proved her point.

          • AuntieFran says:

            Make that NWO and I’ll agree with you.

        • t Meehan says:

          also, infertility is rampant. Sperm counts are way too low, many men can no longer reproduce.

          • vippy says:

            Due to SOY in the food. SOY gives you breast cancer, it interferes with the female hormone and in men it diminishes the sperm count.

          • FarmersSon63 says:

            No it doesn’t Vippy.
            Please share peerr reviewed science thaat confirmed this.

      • vippy says:

        It is all by design.

      • Margaret Thompson says:

        Little children are eating the cereals that contain this poison…this has to stop…….so many children coming down with cancer !!!!

        • vippy says:

          and autism, which has increased tremendously and people surely need to pay attention. When I grew up I never seen or met a child that had autism, now working for the school district in this small town of 30,000 we have 13 busses loaded with such children.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            You didn’t meet autistic children because they were kept at home, more likely put in institutions, because no one understood them. They usually were non-verbal, so why would they be allowed to attend school? Only after laws were changed requiring ALL children deserve an education, even if it’s a social education, things changed.

    • ineedair says:

      All part of the plan.

      • Tootee says:

        You’re an idiot my dear.

        • Linda Adsit says:

          Name calling is not nice. You have your opinion, and others have theirs. It’s called conversation.

        • disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:

          Apparently you are highly toxic yourself, thank you Monsanto.
          Calling a person an “idiot” when you don’t understand the big picture makes you look like the exact thing you are labeling someone else. Do your homework before casting stones and verbal abuse.

        • Sandra Bell says:

          In civilized conversation, intelligent people do not call others names who have a different view. It’s what most young people learn in 5th grade.

        • vippy says:

          Never use such language. It is a discussion forum, you don’t have to agree. Unless you are a paid troll!

      • ruth ferguson says:

        You’re disgusting.

    • Effie L. Young says:

      I definitely want them gone! It’s hard to make food choices when you don’t know what’s GMO!

      • Kelly Gillen says:

        I think you have to go organic which also means NGMO.
        Don’t trust organic from China. News has come out that they are mislabeling their products.

    • vippy says:

      Politicians never listen to thei constituents

    • Peter D. Heidgerd says:


    • Robert Qualls says:

      Been doing it for a long time

    • D Martin Miller says:

      Can you say “depopulation”? I knew you could. : P

    • AuntieFran says:

      Part of the NWOI effort to reduce the world’s population.

  2. Marina Taboada says:


  3. allistoops says:

    It is Poison

  4. Patrick says:

    USDA has acted as a pesticide marketing agent for chemical companies since long before Rachel Carson wrote ‘Silent Spring’. The entire agency needs an overhaul, reform, and direct coordination with F&WS and EPA.

  5. nebraskahusker says:

    If we can all agree on one thing, just one thing, it’s getting rid of this life killer of a company. I live in Nebraska and as much as I want to raise organic corn, I can’t without getting my crop cross pollinated by monsantos crop. How is that food freedom?! Plus I can’t help but have my kids exposed to all the B’s either, it’s in our ground water and no one is running a study on the effects to the ogallala aquafer! Can’t wait till hemp is legalized here, I’m gonna push Monsanto out of my county, mark my freaking words!

    • Winter Madison Kennedy says:

      Can you explain how freaking Monsanto can stop you from growing anything. I’ve read about this but it’s so hard to fathom someone telling you you can’t grow something? That is so WRONG!

      • Annish says:

        Aside from their endless harassment and law suits against any grower that refuses to buy their toxic seed, their crops pollute any others via pollination, and/or wind, and/or water.

      • Christine Baker says:

        “as I want to raise organic corn, I can’t without getting my crop cross pollinated by monsantos crop.”

        • Winter Madison Kennedy says:

          Almost all three countries off three world have banned Monsanto, I know they have some big lawsuits against them. I wish they’d crash and burn, they’re murderers.

      • nebraskahusker says:

        Everything about GMO seed and the whole entire plant, including the pollen is thus owned by the uspto patent holder monsatan. So if there is a field of GMO corn right across the gravel road from where I have my organic corn, the pollen from the GMO corn will pollinate my organic corn, thus making my entire crop of organic corn now owned by Monsanto because of pollen. No food freedom!

        • cranialdoc says:

          This certainly HAS been true but now it’s time for the organic farmer across the road to sue monstinko for ruining his/her crop….contaminating the organic crop. If a gas truck tips and spills it’s contents on the freeway you don’t sue the transportation industry….and your spilling company has to clean up the mess. not that we can so easily……..pancreatic cancer epidemic, osteoporosis, cancer increase, neurologic issues from gut flora disturbance, ground water all directly or indirectly from Monsanto. And stop saying “someone should do something about it” (meaning your representative). They line their offshore panama accounts with monsanto $$$

          • Holiday says:

            Has this been done yet, I mean has any farmer’ union or whatever they call themselves, tried to sue Monsanto and partially the Gov’t for contaminating our crops?

        • Holiday says:

          you are correct. So everyone who thinks they are buying organic, can be just buying the Monsanto strain

      • Alisa Battaglia says:

        Not only can they tell you what you can grow, they bought the Farmers Almanac and will change the annual growing cycles to the cycles for their GMO crops or something that moves against lifes natural rhythm. Also, when GMO food stuffs are consumed Monsantan own you because the GMO DNA stays in the human gut turning it into a pestide factory,so because the toxic DNA remains in your gut and is patented, they own YOU!

      • Holiday says:

        what about tobacco, not that I woulod grow it, but didn’t the tobacco companies forbid ordinary citizens from growing their own tobacco, using loss of taxes as an excuse?

    • Nashwa Rizkallah says:


    • Alisa Battaglia says:

      Do it! They’ve been collecting hemp and marijuana seeds to introduce GMO medical marijuana.

    • Alisa Battaglia says:

      Agreed! Its ECOCIDAL!

    • Fabian Da Ace Sheppard says:


      • nebraskahusker says:

        Baby steps, this state has too much propaganda against what can prop up the economy and bring down the drinking problem that this state is known for. We can’t spit words and convince the masses, we have to take it slowly and let them see the numbers. Once that happens I am confident that myself and others can work with your representatives to form a honest plan.

    • Betty Brockwell McClure says:

      Good luck to you, my friend!

    • vippy says:

      They will never legalize hemp. Image, it would save this planet and create jobs and we would be healthier but that is not what they have on their agenda. I read a budget for 2025 which calls for 65 million people in the USA compared to the 330 million of today!

  6. Kathy Zelinsky Cimbala says:

    Why are they being allowed to do what they do??? Think about that for a moment….

    • nebraskahusker says:

      Money greed….disguised as “feeding the people” or “making yields greater”. Also they argue that it is easier on the farmer since monsatan plants can be drought and disease resistant. It’s an Industries dream in any any type of government or private sector in the world. Perfect control and price regulation with the help of the free market.

  7. Karina Callirgos says:


  8. Diane Bonviso says:

    Screw. Monsanto & Bayer 2 monster killer’s killing the pollinators

  9. KesterEd1967 says:

    Ban GMO’s

  10. Keith Anderle says:

    I pray that the greedy and the ignorant turn their faces to God, for they shall be without excuse as to who created all things.

  11. Craig Carney says:


  12. Carolyn Mayle says:

    Glyphosate was found in my water well. It came from my neighbor’s soybean field & it caused me neurological problems. I felt like I was dying & I made out my will. Since I quit drinking the water I feel better. People need to be made aware.

    • Winter Madison Kennedy says:

      That’s horrible! Were you Able tho fix the water supply? This nonsense is killing us all, off they want to kill is its rather be killed all at once and have a healthier existence !

      • nebraskahusker says:

        The problem will get worse and has been worse for some as the EPA is making farmers make waterways that they alone think is the best way to allow runoff to flow. There was a farmer in Nebraska that was fined 1.3 million dollars for making a waterway for runoff. The farmers plan was to keep it away from a local Creek that had fish in it. The epas plan is to allow the flow to get to the creek in areas where it is dry and where they think it will not get into the ogallala aquafer. It’s already there in Mass.

    • nebraskahusker says:

      One of the best choices you will ever make for your health. Now it is time to detox it out of you. See a naturopath immediately.

  13. Ace Williams says:

    My protest song covers Monsanto’s crimes. Find it on YouTube. The Story by Ace Williams

  14. Michael S says:

    I lived near a Monsanto plant in MA.
    Lots of tanker trucks with hazmat placards. How can they make us eat that crap.

  15. John Carlson says:

    Unnatural. Genetics destroyer.

  16. Deborah Reynolds says:

    Get rid of them,Monsanto and big pharma they are legally committing genocide and getting away with

  17. Nivia Selenia Sosa says:

    That is why we have to vote all republicans out on November 2018

    • Alisa Battaglia says:

      How silly, obama did nothing for 8 years. He ran on labeling GMOs instead he put in an organic garden at the WH and fast tracked Monsanto gmo apples, papayas, oranges, tomatoes, etc. Has nothing to do with party, but of special interests.

      • klang100 says:

        True about Obama, but I know of NOT ONE REPUBLICAN that will stand up against Monsanto. There are some Democrats. Bernie certainly does.

        • Fabian Da Ace Sheppard says:


          • Betty Brockwell McClure says:

            No doubt!

          • Anne says:

            Bernie is so dangerous

          • klang100 says:

            How do you consider Bernie to be dangerous? He is the most popular politician in America. He fights for the very same issues he has always fought for and he is not for sale. He will not even take the oligarchs money for his campaigns.

          • Linda Adsit says:

            Small donations from people like us are what Bernie works with. We need to support him, and other democrats that show their cards and vote FOR their constituents.

          • disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:

            OR you guys could get out and vote

          • disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:

            Have you seen Argentina recently? If Bernie were the most “popular politician in America” how is it that even crooked Hillary beat him out?
            Oh, yeah, she stole it from him- (which i believe) but then why wouldn’t Bernie or his followers stand up to that type of abuse/cheating??
            If Bernie and his followers wouldn’t even stand up to Hillarys (or the dnc’s) cheating how would he be equipped to stand up to all the other nations in this country??

          • vippy says:

            crooked hillary threatened him and you know she has over 180 people once in her employ that committed suicide!

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Oh my God, lady, you are totally paranoid– about everything!

          • vippy says:

            I would have voted for Bernie. He reminded me of Germany, a socialist government though no government today is of a pure form, they are mixed, because we bailed out the banks, which was a socialist form. But Bernie has the right ideas copied from overseas and the most successful countries all 16 of them are all socialist but our leaders only refer to Venezuela as being socialist to scare us away from ever becoming socialists.

          • ruth ferguson says:

            Ahahahahahahahahaha Bernie is dangerous?!!! That’s funny!

        • Steven Fultz says:

          Are you sure no republicans will stand up, what’s your sourse?

          • klang100 says:

            Check out who voted how on each bill. It’s public information.

          • Linda Adsit says:

            Megavote dot com is an excellent source for voting records. The site is weol organized, and you can subscribe to emails after every vote.

          • Linda Adsit says:

            There are a few. McCain was certainly a surprise.

        • Martha says:

          You just insulted any Republican that signed this petition. Be part of the solution instead of part of the problem, please! Or am I just talking to some young kid that knows no better than to blame rather than to try to create solutions..

        • disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:

          I am constantly standing up for Monsanto- as well as completely boycotting all their products. Vote w/ your $$$$ and stop blaming “republicans”

        • t Meehan says:

          There are republicans who are opposed to companies like Monsanto, Bayer, Nestles, etc They are in the minority and have little chance of getting to the upper echelons, On the other side of the same coin are the Dems who profess to be opposed but when they get into office, guess what? Money talks and ideals walk.

      • Vicky King says:

        Republicans tied Obamas hands

      • cranialdoc says:

        Exactly. Both sides have blood on their hands.

      • ZHelene says:

        Money and greed run both parties…the President does not make those decisions by himself. That was Obama’s statement for what he believes: he could not control the greed – he at least sent that statement to us when they put in an organic garden for themselves. I don’t know why (you) our citizens think, that in our Democratic style of gov, that one person can sway the majority!

      • thepiffler says:

        The Duopoly is deadly, owned and operated by the corprat personhoods, as defined by the ‘supreme’court decision, “Citizens United”- against us!

      • t Meehan says:

        that is correct. It is not a party issue. Corruption is a two sided coin. Both parties are essentially the same with different rhetoric to make us think we have choices, and to create division and confusion. The politicians are only talking heads that are controlled by big money.

    • Linda Adsit says:


    • vippy says:

      Both parties are complicit with it. Just check how long Monsanto has been around.

  18. klang100 says:

    I have heard people say and read articles reporting that there is no difference in the nutrition that you receive from GMO and non-GMO foods. It’s NOT ABOUT NUTRITION. It is about POISON going way back even to Viet Nam and Agent Orange. Other countries have banned it. What is wrong with our country? Is the Pay for Play from them just too great to give up?

    • nebraskahusker says:

      Money greed….disguised as “feeding the people” or “making yields greater”. Also they argue that it is easier on the farmer since monsatan plants can be drought and disease resistant. It’s an Industries dream in any any type of government or private sector in the world. Perfect control and price regulation with the help of the masses

  19. klang100 says:

    I have researched this and I have been furious about it for so long. If you have not watched a you tube by Abby Martin, find it and watch it. There is more there than I have heard of before. There are so few in our government that will stand up against this horrible corporation. I am becoming even more furious with them than I am Monsanto. To them I say “So you like their generous PAY TO PLAY so much that it is more important to you than our health or our lives or the life of our planet.”

  20. Denise hiknee says:

    i’ll pay more for food, get rid of round up

  21. klang100 says:

    It is way past time to do away with Monsanto. They have been around since 1901 according to Abby Martin. Watch her you tube on Monsanto. It is very detailed and interesting. Our Senators and Representatives need to watch it and it may help them understand why their approval ratings are so low. To realize that the money from Monsanto and their poisons are more important to them than our health and our existence.

    • nebraskahusker says:

      Further into the history of Monsanto…look into what they were up too in the 30s…40s…and 50s… We were so blind

  22. Christina Eberhardt says:

    They will always return be it under one of the other company names or other entities that exist with or because of them. Until we are depleted completely or everything and everybody are so desperately oppressed and beat down that it can get no worse that a true fight may ignite a real rebellion but by that time it will be to late the system is real and almost perfect in formula. Sad that we go down so quietly and blindly. Hello welcome to the new world order.

  23. thehawk says:

    It is not only food that is poisoned by pesticides, gmos, fungicides and chemical fertilizers. Toxic chemicals are in every common brand of cleaners, laundry products, body care, hair care, cosmetics and air fresheners, especially scented ones, also pharmaceuticals, furniture, building and decorating materials, plastics, toys, medical equipment, the list goes on. Do not buy or use any of these things, choose natural alternatives.

  24. Rho says:


  25. Stachofsky Orsolya says:

    What about Bayer? They just bought off Monsanto didn’t they?

  26. Vicky King says:

    Cancer was rare in the 1950s. Now it is common, half of us will get it in our lifetimes. I’ve had four different kinds in five years. Babies are being born with it and entire families being wiped out all so a few people can get stinking rich! It has got to stop. If fox news had told the truth about Monsanto instead of suing the whistleblowers, they could have saved millions of lives. Instead they sued saying they didn’t have to tell the truth because they’re entertainment, not news. Monsanto bought them.

  27. Buck Rogers says:

    Together we can make a difference .

  28. nebraskahusker says:

    Money greed….disguised as “feeding the people” or “making yields greater”. Also they argue that it is easier on the farmer since monsatan plants can be drought and disease resistant. It’s an Industries dream in any any type of government or private sector in the world. Perfect control and price regulation with the help of the free market

  29. Randy Reese says:

    Organic gardening and herbal medications should always be tried FIRST bring them back for a healthier life and get the poisons out of our lives and our bodies, and for that matter out of our country ! signed a bee keeper

  30. Al Brown says:

    Their modified foods are killing us and the bees, why do you think the bees are disappearing ?????

  31. Jim720 says:

    They poisoned me with agent orange.

  32. Craig Carney says:

    Our problem lies with in hidden agendas that do not have our well being in mind. MONSANTO produces poison for us to injest as food. You can get more nutritional value eating the package it came in. They want you unhealthy and sick. Then their partner Bayer comes along with meds that make you even sicker. Drain your pockets and your life and move onto their next patient with no remorse. Pretty sick individuals that need to be put in check.

  33. medicals says:

    Get the corruption out of our lives forevermore. Jail the corrupt judges & officials that are enabling Monsanto and the companies like them.

  34. Sean Wagers says:

    Close down Monsanto…Their poisoning everything and must be stopped and prosecuted to the full extent of the law)s).

  35. grn1 says:

    On a recent visit to Van Wert, Ohio friends and relatives expressed that many have cancer regardless of age, and many children The airport for crop spraying is there and it is surrounded by agriculture. This did not happen 30 years ago, someone having cancer was rare

  36. above god says:

    The UN & the International Court could only state that glyphosphate is a “possible”carcinogen. They could also say that the sun will possibly rise tomorrow & be correct.

  37. Jean Bess says:

    Prosecute the decision makers of Monsanto!

  38. Audrey Schwartz says:

    wait for the square tomatos!

  39. Tim Koerber says:

    I pledge to buy nothing that company produces or helps others produce! And I will encourage every one i come in contact with to do the same! They can’t stay in business if they can’t sell product!

  40. James Sheppard says:

    Do they eat the food they poison or do they eat organic? Anything for a buck.

  41. Martha says:

    Auto immune diseases, cancers, seizures….All have increased, even in our animals. Monsanto is slowly killing off our unknowing population. The rest of the world has spoken, loud and clear, by not accepting imports from our country.. They do not want to poison their people. Our government apparently would rather rake in the bucks in those back pockets, than to protect the people who pay their salaries. Way much more money to make by the turn of a blind eye!

  42. Allison says:

    They have a plant in Louisiana that I’d love to see get blown ff of the face of the earth.

  43. Gary Smith says:

    #Solid: Time for them to be shut down.

  44. klang100 says:

    What a crime. Monsanto has been found guilty in international courts for crimes against humanity and the planet. Now it is time for our USDA, FDA, Congressmen and Senators to be found guilty of pushing this poison on us. Obviously, they pay very well and fit right into our corrupt Pay to Play system of government. And to any Democrats who support Monsanto, tell us again how Progressives are the problem.

  45. John Brzostoski says:

    Outlaws in power who work with and for Monsanto and other greedy dangerous corporations and Banks make this all possible. You CAN THANK OUR GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVES FOR THIS OUTRAGEOUS ABUSE.

  46. Christy Graves Stanley says:

    Monsanto, is responsible for many deaths. They are also the makers of ASPERTAME. IT’S TRUE that our foods are poisoned by them. They’re murderers and it seems to be fine with alot of folks.

  47. cdmagda says:

    Stop Agenda 21 NOW!

  48. klang100 says:

    So many other countries have banned Monsanto and their GMOs. Why not the USA? Our Presidents and Congressional Delegation must be enjoying Monsanto’s generosity too much to go against them.

  49. Lorrie Benton Carter says:

    Monsanto isn’t going anywhere and our so called legislatures and government will do NOTHING about them. They are ALL tied to Monsanto financially. We all say we hate Monsanto, there’s Dow and Bayer also, doing the same. How many of ya’ll put your money where your mouth is? How many of you Boycott and refuse products that they are tied to or called your financial planner to dump that stock? None of you I bet!!

  50. Grace Clark says:

    GMO’s are mutagenic…The gene splicing that takes place to alter the genetic makeup of plants or animals, is an unknown science…Once the foreign gene is introduced it may wander anywhere on the DNA helix…Hence the unsafe, untested, unknown effects of gene splicing…which is why eating anything that is genetically modified, is unhealthy. GMO’s cause all sorts of diseases. Animals if given the chance will not eat genetically modified food. Instinctually, they know it is not good. To my way of thinking, the Crimes against Humanity, or is it Ecology? is justified. To alter seeds and plants that become sterile, and cross pollinate with healthy plants, rendering them altered, is criminal. Monsanto’s goal was and probably still is, to own, yes own, the food supply of the planet….What a monstrous idea….

  51. klang100 says:

    The politicians need to top being grateful for Monsanto’s generosity and start prosecuting them instead.

  52. Anna Abbruzzese Shipley says:

    I’m so scared for my children and grandchildren, why we the people of America, do not get our voices heard on all the evil Monsanto gets away with. They have corrupted all phases of our government and all phases of the medical community. Monsanto is as evil as ISIS, yet they continue to control our lives.

  53. Dday04 says:

    Oh but everyone is so worried about climate change. People are dying NOW with their poison. How about banning plastics, foam trays, diapers etc. before there is so much of it in the oceans the water is going to rise for real.

  54. John Carlson says:

    Monsanto, poster child of fake science !

  55. Paula Faye Jorgensen says:

    tax dollars to justify their poisoning of us. pure Evil !

  56. Ellen A Eisenberg says:

    I am signing up to try to get Roundup out of our food and water. I have become gluten free and try to eat organic. I try to drink water from underground springs away from the Roundup runoff. I drink organic kefir instead of milk whenever possible. These efforts cure my irritable bowel. It isn’t easy to do when you want to go to restaurants and social gatherings. Why does our food supply have to have a dose of poison in i? When I was a kid you could wash off the pesticide spray. Now you can’t!

  57. Paul Johnson says:

    What get me is that they perpetrate their evil right out in the open as if they know because of greed and money there’s no way to stop them. Hopefully Trump will drain the swamp and stop the USDA from allowing all the chemical poison and industrial toxic waste from being dumped into out food.
    The USDA is supposed to protect us from these toxics and poisons that companies like Monsanto want to put into our foods but instead the USDA has been bought out with Monsanto’s evil blood money. If you follow the money you’ll find that Big Pharma is also involved because these toxics in our food are causing illnesses that Big Pharma can then sale thier poisonous drugs that only cover up the symptoms and make the illnesses worse and they sale more drugs to deal with the side effects.
    This madness has to STOP!!!!!

  58. klang100 says:

    For many years I was all for buying American. Now, especially when it comes to our food supply, almost any other country is safer.

  59. Adam Jackson says:

    People must make a stand just as the European countries did when the GMO crops were planted. Thousands of citizens set the crops ablaze. GMO’S were finish because Europeans were not going to allow it. That’s the kind of thing you have to do sometimes to protect whats important, the whole reason for farming to begin with….to sustain LIFE, not kill it with roundup, poison, and GMO trash!

  60. Patricia Akers says:

    For years Monsanto has treated their soy farmers despicably not allowing them to share in the crops as Monsanto wants to own the soy crop worldwide. Big corporations like theirs don’t care about little people at all. They want it all for themselves the greedy bunch of money grabbers!

  61. klang100 says:

    Wonder how many people still believe that it will be safe to buy food labeled USDA APPROVED or FDA APPROVED. Know why it isn’t? Because Monsanto pays well to these people who defend their lies. Other countries have banned Monsanto and their GMOs, but they are still going strong here.

  62. Eric Gatehouse says:

    Sue them for $100 billion in damages to the environment and the detrimental effect on everyone’s health through the contamination of the our entire food system.

  63. John D. Tubb says:

    Monsanto is part of the massive overall globalist led world wide human eugenics / depopulation program. Its why Africa never gets media coverage yet millions die there all the time. Africa is their test bed for most viral, bacterial and other pathogens. Vaccines, the epicyte gene that’s in GMO’s rendered both sexes of mice and rats 100% sterile in 2-3 generations. Chemtrails? Aluminum, Alzhimers mostly and Autism, both heavy metals poisoning. Start taking tumeric in capsule form daily along with garlic capsules, ginger, cayenne, these help metals out of the body. Google “The Georgia Guidestones” their human population goal is there in granite.

  64. Jon Vought says:

    They need to be stopped. Reckless endangerment. Revoke charter!

  65. Shakota Alvarez says:

    Not just poising, but cancer, sterilization, birth defects are all running wild even for our children, and those still born deaths. They need to be stopped and accounted for their crimes against the population, put our tax money back.

  66. Anne L. Sherwood says:

    That’s not the worst they do…..and have been doing this for years: They create seeds that do not reproduce. That means that when farms are forced (and they have been) to use monsanto seeds, they have no seeds produced by the crops naturally to use for the next year. Which means, again, buying monsanto seeds. You see, farmers used to save the seeds from their crops each year to use the following year. There were even special people who ‘winnowed’ the seeds (sifted them) to get out all of the bits and pieces of stuff that were the seeds. But since that helped the farmer have his OWN seeds year after year, monsanto made sure that laws were made that outlawed these people who farmers went to, to get their seeds winnowed. That started at least 10 or 15 years ago. And NO ONE stepped up to stop them.

  67. Anne L. Sherwood says:


  68. Jeanne Jacob says:

    Years ago you never heard much about the food being contaminated but all the sprays have increased they kill bugs and kill us as well. maybe with any luck Donald Trump will stop this insanity and look into the damage it does to everything, and maybe nature will be saved and all of us who are still here.

  69. Linda Hicks says:

    How do we file a class action suite against Monsanto and our Government for knowingly poisoning human beings?

  70. Lisa K Kralosky says:

    No more crimes against humanity and this planet ever.

  71. Steven says:

    99% of americas soybeans are genetically modified. Try buying anything in the grocery that doesn’t have soybean oil in the ingredients! Damn near impossible! There goes your intestinal tract and immunity.

  72. tomblakeslee says:

    Monsanto is the evil empire. They have taken over regulators worldwide!

  73. Rob says:

    summer 2017, don’t have to worry about been stung by bees there’s none around here right on Monsanto. Good luck getting rid of that disgusting organization there in the business of changing the natural order of life by manipulating dna and dispensing there toxic poisons on the world, for profit

  74. John Bowers says:

    The poisons do not stop in the fields. They travel into our waters. They kill our fish. they kill beneficial insects, like bees and butterflies, our pollinators. They wind up in our grocery stores and on YOUR tables.
    Ultimately they will kill you, but not before you SUFFER!! >:(

  75. Sara Kane says:

    Stop poisoning our food!

  76. willynilly says:

    we need a petition to not get poisoned? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT STATEMENT? ask your congressman…better yet vote them out

  77. John Montgomery says:

    I love bees. Monsanto kills bees and humans. What is their goal?

  78. Linda Barkman Wasson says:

    They need to be shut down for good, they have damaged and killed many

  79. Linda Adsit says:

    Right along side DT on the gallows. Impeach.

  80. Mary Teresa Goudy Porter says:

    I am so allergic to GMO, I have to take epinephrine shots so I can breathe, and I could die in less than 1 minute after ingesting this poison. Their practice of poisoning the world HAS to STOP.

  81. Steven says:

    99% of Soybeans grown in the U.S. are GMO. Try to find something in your grocery that doesn’t have soybean oil added to the ingredients!!!!!!!

  82. Steven says:

    Soybean oil is in about every product now!

  83. Love Jones says:

    I want them out of here!!! A disgrace to the human race! Government don’t respect nature or people! That’s who Monsanto teamed up with …they must be stopped!!

  84. Tim Koerber says:

    Shut down Monsanto. They have been caught red handed too many times! And jail the people in public office who have been giving them a pass at the expense of the American peoples health and safety,…for pay offs and camping contributions. Another reason we need to out law all Lobbyist!

  85. Rick Bruno says:

    Monsanto has been destroying the food since the eighties it is now and every bit of the food that is causing illnesses and deaths at record rates if nothing else you end up with Death by poison.In 1976 1 out of 28 woman got cancer 2016 1 out of 3 women get cancer, figure it out don’t buy the garbage, they won’t make it grow your own buy local .

  86. Linda McDonald says:

    Our current system of Capitalism rewards bad behavior with more money, we need MAJOR CHANGES NOW!!! Our government is supposed to work for US, the PEOPLE, NOT the Corporations, we deserve and DEMAND better!~!!

  87. Christine AnneMarie Infuso says:

    I wish, at some point, our government cared enough about it’s people

  88. Jayme Hunt says:

    When do we learn that it’s the Living Things that we should be taking care of; not money and things? Monsanto exists because we forgot that basic premise.

  89. Ken says:

    I will not allow any of their products near my home, never, stop buying roundup, stop using all their products, they will not be able to support any more of these things if they don’t sell.

  90. John D. Tubb says:

    More to the heart of the anti human eugenics its globalists pushing all of the depopulation agenda, crimes against humanity. Monsanto is just another Bilderberg corporation complicit with deliberate globalist, central banker poisoning of us all.

  91. Annette Howell says:

    I’ve heard ‘government’ wants to thin out our population. They are working on it. One way or the other they may win. Wouldn’t be over populated if the libs would stop allowing people to come here just to vote.

  92. Matt VanCamp says:

    Monsanto is a Monopoly of the worst kind!

  93. Meri Coury says:

    Why are they even allowed to continue poisoning us? They need to close up shop, now!

  94. John Underwood says:

    I want them charged for the murders they have committed. For the farmers whose crops they contaminated and stole their farms for using seeds with their ingredient. For the destruction of the bees that help keep our world alive. I want Monsanto to answer for everything they have done.

  95. disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:

    Why is Monsanto, along with other companies and institutions who pollute the earth, allowed to continue ruining the quality of our planet?? We have ONE earth- THIS IS where we live- they are destroying nature as we know it.

  96. disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:

    Monsanto AND the pharmaceutical companies- along with companies who only consider profits – not the ramifications of what they are doing to our water and soil. Are you aware of how many pharmaceutical and chemicals are found in our water sources and soils? We can’t escape them- it’s killing this planet.

  97. disqus_g7VMcXYmfs says:

    that’s interesting, because this Monsanto thing has been going on for some time now- I didn’t see Obama changing anything when he was in office- so how is this all about “Republican”??

  98. Al Brown says:

    Monsanto, is the reason the bees are disappearing, they are a hazard to our health, our children, grand children, and so on, get them off the planet !!!!!

  99. Michelle Ps says:

    If people want Monsanto to end quit voting for the people who are bought by George Soros, Bill Gates or any of the billionaire club…don’t know anything about them..then you don’t know about Monsanto, how it was protected by Obummer…please look at what they plan and what is the truth

  100. John Brzostoski says:


  101. Deo Tauro Venturio says:

    And Mosanto sued and financially devastated Percy Schmiser in Canada, because Mosanto’s gmo rape seed contaminated Percy’s heirloom rape seed on his own farm that he had grown from his own seeds for generations.

  102. AuntieFran says:

    There was a time in my life when I was very proud to have been a Monsanto employee. I was “just” a secretary in the Plastics and Resins division (MP&R) and had no idea what was going on “out there” in the Research facility. I’m surprised that I’m willing to admit that today, 30 years later, even with the anonymity of the ‘net.

  103. Kathy Gray says:

    Our world cannot wait for the next election we have to take our world back by force.

  104. Eric Daley says:

    Enough toxic crap!! Way past enough. Stop it please!

  105. Robert Boeninger says:

    Anyone want to sue DOW, I am supposed to be the United States worst surviving victim of cloropyrifos used in Dursban TC which had poisoned 99.9% of school children nationwide with a permanent and continuous neurotoxin that continually degenerates the nervous system and attacks the liver by replacing and inhibiting acetylcholinesterase. I was documented when Economy pest control in Bloomington Indiana sprayed my home with me inside and sprayed the chemical directly into the heater intake where it was superheated as I slept for two hours with the duct blowing in my face. I bled from all orfices, ate a hole thru my nose in two weeks, skin changed to carp scales and I could peel it off in 6 to 8 inch sections, vomiting, heaving muscle seizures, ears began to separate from head at the lobes and multiple debilitating problems. When initianting the discovery Indiana University refused to give me ablood test in the emergency room. The pesticide company was masonic owned. No doubt as a video documentary was made but all attorney firms were just theat Masonic firms who protect all masonic crimes. I was also twice fell ill to a unidentified streptococcus that I was forced twice to take experimental medications. Indiana University with a potentially deadly strep epidemic possible that can kill in two weeks DID NOT WARN ANY OF THE STUDENTS. This leads me to believe that these illnesses and exposures are NOT typical but used as illegal tests on unsuspecting students. Later in my life as this was in the early 90s I learned many masonic connections to mass kidnapping and stem cell harvesting and organ harvesting committed by associates of Alumni connected to drug cartels and illegal medical research. yes it is a mouthful when you discover Shriners are involved

  106. Adam Jackson says:

    Stop the poison funding, European countries don’t grow GMO’s. Suing small farmers out of business and poisoning our entire food chain with Roundup is not legal or constitutional.

  107. Diana says:

    These people need to go, they are killing off everything and causing danger to all of us, in the name of money, put them away for good.

  108. chris love says:

    What is a company, who developed Agent Orange, doing with our food?????
    This company, IMHO, should NOT have patents on food seeds!
    Monsanto should be as a corporation…..and a criminal investigation should begin.

  109. Jake Blake says:

    Monsanto is DISGUSTING !! Criminals.

  110. issyco says:

    None of this will matter if we don’t take immediate action from the melting of the Arctic ice. Google “Arctic News, the Climate Plan!”

  111. Alan Trenary says:

    Monsanto is SATAN!

  112. 1Finngal says:

    Take down this criminal entity known as Monsanto!

  113. Keona Fradono says:

    Monsanto has put all our organic farmers out of business time to put them out of business!

  114. Diana says:

    They need to be shut down and put in prison for 50 years!!!!! So sick of them

  115. Carole Ess says:

    Buy only organic non-gmo. This limits one to a pretty healthy diet and will send a message to the mfrs of poison food. Sounds simple? Most ppl LOVE their junk food and do not actually care enough to go through a transition to get away from it. There’s a big market for garbage food I don’t blame the manufacturers for providing it.

  116. Deborah Bielins-Gregory says:

    I’ll sign every petition to make this evil company go away and accountable for all the destruction they have made.

  117. Debi Scott says:

    Please get rid of Monsanto before they get rid of us!

  118. D Martin Miller says:

    They serve organic food in their corporate cafeteria- (they know exactly what they’re doing to the world).

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      They offer it along with a lot of non organic food. Of course you are smart enough to consider the fact they maybe they want their emoployees to have choices.

  119. Tex Irvin says:

    I worked for Mich. D.E.Q. for 25 yrs and had to clean up some of the toxic messes left by monsanto

  120. Butcher Bill says:

    My OTR job sent me there in E.St.Louis twenty years ago! Didn’t know what I know now! Might have turned it down, if I knew!

  121. Maria Horton Miller says:

    I am digusted with Monsanto and FDA for allowing this to happen to the American People. WE THE PEOPLE PAY YOU YOUR CHECKS! YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO PROTECT US! NOT KILL US!

  122. Diana Grob says:

    Monsanto – those wonderful people who kill everything! Birds with DDT; plants and especially soldiers with Agent Orange; plants, farmers and home gardeners with Roundup and last but not least GMO soybeans which have infected every other soybean field in America. And Monsanto sues these farmers to ensure they get royalties from infecting their fields. Farmers can’t fight them, they can’t keep any seed, they can’t keep paying them, so they quit and voila, another factory farm is born!

  123. Matt VanCamp says:

    If people would read labels, insist on organic food, not purchase junk food, not purchase GMO’s, and Demand transparency instead of being lazy and simply accepting bad food practices we’d be rid of Monsanto, GMO’s, Big Pharma controlling our health industry, and the FDA would be returned to its original purpose, Instead of working for industry..

  124. vippy says:

    Our government, never chosen by people, does what is being dictated to them. I don’t think we need to vote anymore. They buy the politicians and then direct them.

  125. Bill Porteners says:

    — Monsanto is a corporation set out to make $BILLIONS$ while at the same time poisoning the people. Monsanto is a major player causing people to pay more money to eat healthy to buy ORGANIC foods instead of their poisoned GMO foods.

  126. Carol Singleton says:

    They are killing the earth simply for the love of money. I’m happy being poor and alive.

  127. Linda says:

    Monsanto is more of the Democrat controlled government. Petition Trump. Liberal and Globalists want 2/3 of the world population dead. They have been planning this since the 1920’s. Unfortunately for them too many people are too smart. We will win.

  128. Bayer is buying Monsanto and creating a new GMO pesticide called liberty link. Will be just as bad as round up. Wtf is wrong with these money grubbing freaks?

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      Wtf is wrong with you? Get an education. Liberty link has been around for decades. Bayer invented it and is required to sell off the crop protection herbicide Liberty if the merger goes through. Ignorance like yours is the real danger.

  129. kasuebohn says:

    I want real food & real medicine that only Mother Nature can provide. I want to see people getting healthier & cured from the foods the FDA approved as nutritional value at our expense. I am sick of it….,

  130. nancy says:


  131. Brandon Hallberg says:

    I had a runin with plastic rice i consumed recently, my digestive tract has been all sorts of messed up for days now since.

  132. Lynn B says:

    When is our GOVERNMENT going to get off there Azzes and do what is right for the AMERICAN People ?? and our Environment !!!!!

  133. Linda Armstrong says:

    I’ve known about Monsanto a long time! Nothing good!

  134. Al Brown says:

    Monsanto needs to go, no more genetically modified foods !!!!!

  135. Matt VanCamp says:

    Because the Obama administration appointed Monsanto’s Vice President to a chair on the FDA there’s blatantly obvious and criminally serious lack of oversight within the FDA as far as anything that Monsanto puts out. There’ll Never be a chemical they produce which won’t be approved as ‘safe’ for human consumption…

  136. David Arthur Vichi says:

    It is the chemicals in the food and water and the cloud seeding! We must put a stop to all of it at once!

  137. alumette says:

    sign the petition. Don’t worry about your ID, the NSA knows everyone of us….anyway. They know who we are, so, have balls and put them out there, for the benefit of all. Balls are figurative ! don’t have those…….

  138. Janet Kemp says:

    And if the merger goes thru It will get worse!

  139. rawsomechef says:

    Agent Orange/Vietnam War – dirty buggers have been around since forever. Buy$$$ into it – perpetuation is allowed. Don’t! Not on any single, loving, conscious, critically-thinking level! Katherine Marion – 100% Raw, Vegan for over 17 yrs whom raised my amazing Son as same

  140. Tamie Jacobs says:


  141. Voiceinthewind says:

    Monsanto needs to go.

  142. Roosevelt Franklin says:

    Roundup works by weakening the cell walls until the weed collapses n itself. It’s an insidious poison that has no half life and is ending up in the ocean where it kills kelp that is the primary producer of oxygen.

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      The half-life of glyphosate in soil ranges between 2 and 197 days; a typical field half-life of 47 days has been suggested. Soil and climate conditions affect glyphosate’s persistence in soil. The median half-life of glyphosate in water varies from a few to 91 days.

  143. John Quinn says:

    Personally I would rather see our (U.S.A.) FDA and USDA (and Congress) held accountable for being so influenced big corporations (especially big Foods and big Pharma), but this is a good start!

  144. Ginny8 says:

    Other countries have banned Monsanto. Why haven’t we ? I thought we were supposed to be the leaders.

  145. Arthur Spinner says:


  146. milfordmarine says:

    Let’s not forget Agent Orange. Why are we footing the bill for all the Vets that were sickened by this terrible defoliant.

  147. Darren Exendine says:

    #Trump We need to really look at Monsanto. Modified seeds that do not reproduce are going to be the death of the human race should stark tragedy strike. God made plants to reproduce for a reason and many has exploited it for personal gain and Government has gotten in bed through wall street. The result is something that the Constitution never intended and is in fact unconstitutional in our original text thereof. Free market cannot work as it should if government protects certain businesses for its personal gain. Additionally it becomes a danger to Gods people in that men create wars and men create atrocities that induce famine. American FAMINE will one day dwarf us if seeds are not available to the growers of home food. There is NO REASON except greed that a seed should not create a plant that can produce a seed that will grow and reproduce. Gods way is the right way. Monsanto MUST STOP AND RELEASE SEEDS THAT WILL REPRODUCE!!!

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      Are you serious? Where do you get such fantasies? While the so called terminator gene does exist it has never been released. If it had then how do you explain the lawsuits against farmers who illegally save the crop for planting the next year?

      • Darren Exendine says:

        You really aren’t well connected to growing things are you.

        • Gmo Roberts says:

          Obviously more then you are if you really do believe that our current gmos don’t reproduce viable seed.

          • Darren Exendine says:

            Doubtful. Seeing is believing.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            How many have you seen? I service around fifty thousand acres of crops with my business. I know farmers that have illegally saved seed and I know farmers that have been sued for doing so as well. All you have is your conspiracy theories and zero proof since there isn’t any.

          • Darren Exendine says:

            There is another point of corruption. The seeds are free grown and farmers should be able to save and plant them freely. God created plants to reproduce and Monsanto is monopolizing by stealing nature as God intended. That is a violation of free market principal and unconstitutional! Yes Monsanto is corrupt and yes they do modify seeds that stop reproducing.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            LOL, do you ever think things through? Obviously not. What since does it make for Monsanto to make it illegal for farmers to save seeds if they don’t regrow? Secondly, your whining about God creating plants is very funny. What did he create? You need to do just a little bit of research here and you will find that man has created almost everything we grow today by changing it drastically from the original. You are also wrong yet again to think that Monsanto was the first to patent seeds. This has been going on by seed companies for a long time. Monsanto was just the first to ask that the law actually be enforced. The other thing you do not seem intelligent enough to realize is that patents expire so the time for them to charge for them is limited, after which they can be saved and replanted by all. Try to get a least a little of an education, unless of course you are going for the village idiot look.

          • Darren Exendine says:

            You can keep up the garbage all you want, you likely work for monsanto. They are a conglomerate that is hurting the country and the individual sovereignty of our Constitution.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Again you are very funny. You are losing so badly that you can now only accuse without any knowledge. I personally am not even a huge Monsanto fan, but I’m also smart enough to know that in reality they are a fairly small company only coming in 204th on the fortune 500 list. They are also about to be non existent as they are in the middle of a buyout. Once again you have no real facts to stand on and continue to show your ignorance.

          • Darren Exendine says:

            You are badly mistaken if you think I am in a competition with you. So losing is in opinion only. What ever your statistics the principal of their operation is fundamentally UN Constitutional! UN Righteous.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            Please to continue to humor us all and tell us what part of the company is unconstitutional. Please also tell us how helping farmers produce food to feed the world is unrighteous?

          • Darren Exendine says:

            monopolies are unrighteous and a competitive market violation that drives poor decisions such as modification to inhibit seeds from development. This is a critical life resource that should not be altered in that way. Additionally it allows price fixing and basically control of the entire market hence no competition.

          • Gmo Roberts says:

            And what do they have a monopoly on? Seed? Monsanto only has about a third of the market share on seed, they are not even the largest anymore so they hardly have a monopoly. Chemicals? They are actually very small in that regard as well. Their most popular herbicide, Glyphosate, is mainly sold through generic companies. As for their other products? Bayer, Dow, BASF, and Syngenta all dwarf them in comparison. So again there is no monopoly there. It is your ignorance on the subject of agriculture that seems to be holding you back. It is obvious that you know very little on the subject.

          • Darren Exendine says:

            OR you are making statements not providing facts with any proof.

  148. Alma Moreno says:

    All these garden pesticides and over medicated becomes are what are causing Autism, Cancer, Dementia, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, etc. Lets go back to tbe natural ways of killing weeds with vinegar, peroxide, and baking soda, sprayed on weeds.
    Then spread vaccines in children farther apart. Too much, too soon!

  149. Al Brown says:

    Monsanto is part of the new world order, eat what they say, do what they say, think what they want you to think, NO THANX !!!!!

  150. disqus_V8X3ou4BDl says:

    Time to end the collusion and conflict of interest with the Pharmaceutical companies in charge of studies and research at the Federal Death Agency and the Center for Disease Control. Unethical, corrupt, without morals or integrity and lying with a straight face. Distorting findings and destroying evidence. A Congress that cares more for the profits instead of the health of individuals in their society that are supposed to represent them.

  151. Dan Welchhance says:

    They poison Us. They make huge money. I am NOT okay with that. ACCOUNTABLE. WE SUE!

  152. skeeterbox says:

    It’s completely ridiculous that our representatives have let this get to this point. They quite obviously are bought and paid for puppets for cash, instead of representatives for the people. This needs to stop.

  153. Elaine Williams says:

    We’re all going to die anyway, maybe the sooner the better. I’m in favor of nuclear war just wiping out this whole damn human race all at once,

  154. Al Phillips says:

    Hang these bastards and the lose the corporations supporting them like Walmart and every freaking food store chain in America…. its all overpriced junk food. It is really pathetic our government allows this…FDA your worthless trash just like the EPA…Trump, clean up this swamp!!!

  155. Bonni Bailey says:

    They get rich and their families get damaged! Don’t they know it affects them too?

  156. Cindy Hulse says:


  157. william blakeslee says:

    Last week for the first time in decades I seen a flurry of Lightening Bugs and a host of other insects not known to be around for ever ! I’m in Florida ,so I thought that maybe the insecticides washed away during the hurricanes allowed this to happen ! Not sure ,but it were the grandest display of them I ever seen ! Hope they stick around ,I moved here when I seen Bees of many types and Butterflies everywhere I figured I had a decent shot of surviving for a few years ,sure hope so !

  158. Your1Friend says:

    Fake science, fake food, fake promises.

  159. Billy "The WiZaRd" Angus says:

    I want all the Monsanto infidels and their political associates DEAD!!!
    And USDA, if you refuse to do your job in protecting the American people
    from the corporate polluters, I will personally haunt you to the ends of the Earth!!
    You might not believe in ghosts, witches, and poltergeists now,
    but you will when you see my apparition and your office chairs flying
    across the room, smashing your paper shredders and computer screens
    to bits and pieces!

  160. Lawrence Pearson says:

    The agencies that allow Monsanto’s march to the sea . All need brought up on charges . If not they need to be in a Monsanto Roundup room , showing not telling us it’s safe . Drink the juice you try to push down our throats . Do it or prove you been lying about it , because you were paid to lie .

  161. Joanne Kaufmann says:


  162. John Montgomery says:

    From the very beginning, Monsanto has created poisons for Americans to consume.

  163. Merritt says:

    Bees are dying off because of GMO, Monsanto produced plants everywhere. Bees love flowers and many of the flowers they come across are genetically modified to resist insects. All those long blooming annual flowers resist and poison insects….including bees. Poor bees don’t know they’re being poisoned when they gather the pollen from abundantly flowering plants that Monsanto touched. Grow more untouched PERENNIALS! We should think about what we are doing and stop thinking only humans matter…..we plant gmo annuals because WE think they are so pretty, but without bees, we wouldn’t have fruit trees, berries, vegetables, and other flowering, organic plants.

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      Why don’t you humor us all and please tell us which flowers are gmo? Especially the insect resistant ones please.

  164. Merritt says:

    Often, let the flowering wild WEEDS grow in your back yard….they’re good for butterflies, bees, and other insects. Perhaps have a special space for wild flowering weeds to grow, I do, and my back yard is FULL of butterflies, birds, and singing crickets. It’s my own little wildlife habitat

  165. Carol Labue McGuinness says:

    you want to really hurt any big corporation? Stop buying their products. You can print up list after list of all the products you should never buy. Bring them with you when you shop. Old fashioned boycotting is the only thing that will work. Keep Nestle in mind – Lean Cuisine, animal food and treats…don’t just look at the ingredients, look at who makes them

  166. Butch Mann says:

    No business will be held accountable for any wrong doing while D.T. boys run this country

  167. SB Condon says:

    An act purposely to endanger, harm, destroy people should be imprisoned and forced to eat what they’ve created as they feel the slow torturous results of they’re products….

  168. D Martin Miller says:

    They must have the best lobbyists in Congress, because nothing’s being done to hold them accountable for poisoning the population.

  169. Melanie van Minnen says:

    It is a total disgrace when the uneducated-President signs a bill approving USDA’s corruption and research, and to continue to promote Monsanto who has ruined our food! Arrest these crooks! Who are these people?!! They refuse to listen to the majority!!!

  170. Tony McMillan says:

    It’s pretty disturbing that you barely hear about this in the states. Where are all the major news networks???

  171. Sandy Helman says:

    EVERY AMERICAN NEEDS TO SIGN. They buy politicians and the FDA and have their people working in the FDA. Obama ate organic on our dollar. He accepted money to poison us. Other countries ban GMO and Roundup. Hillary let it slip that we are an experiment. This is what people need to protest. If that doesn’t work,destroy them before they kill us.. Tired of their Frakinscience. I am chemically hyper-sensitive. I can pass out just touching their poison..People have worse health now than ever. We only have one body.

  172. GreedRulesUS says:

    Monsanto is not only UnAmerican, it is inHumane. They hire legal trolls who fight their causes for nothing more than profit. Shut this Greedy poison laden company down IMMEDIATELY! It is a disgusting skid mark on the skivvies of our nation.

  173. Brenda Adams says:

    Monsanto is poison. Causing cancer and other diseases in our bodies. They must not allowed to spray our food with these deadly insecticide poisons.

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      Sorry, but the only thing you did with your comment was to prove you don’t have a clue. As Monsanto has no insecticides that are sprayed on crops of any kind. Why don’t you actually try and learn something and get back with us.

  174. 492koa says:

    May I see the text of the petition?

  175. Matt VanCamp says:

    Monsanto is pushing “Roundup Ready” GMO crops, and the herbicides in Roundup are known Carcinogens.
    The FDA is seriously complacent and implicit in allowing these crops, using specifically the herbicide Roundup to be sprayed on them, to continue to be used on the food supply network of America’s population! The active ingredients in Roundup Must Be discontinued until it is thoroughly tested and found safe!
    It is ridiculous, and wantonly dangerous to do otherwise. The FDA Must Function As A Protective Agency for the American People! Not to protect the food industry itself…

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      They are not known carcinogens. One organization that admitted they didn’t review all of the available data listed them as a probable carcinogen. That is the same rating they give working third shift or eating meat. Even at that rating they clarified the ruling and stated that the only ones at risk are those of us that deal with large amounts on a daily basis (agricultural workers) NOT the general public.

  176. WeGotta says:

    The USDA is behind those advertisements like
    Meat, it’s whats for dinner
    Pork, the other white meat
    The incredible edible egg
    Milk mustaches
    Which is literally pushing those products that have been implicated in our worst diseases and the number one cause of death in the US (heart disease).
    How is the FDA protecting our heath when most of the causes of death in the US are preventable and diet related?
    Why are we spending billions on war when one American dies every second from heart disease? What exactly are we protecting?

  177. Diana says:

    I hate these people, they are all about the money and are happy just killing people, they need to pay.

  178. ineedair says:

    From the research I’ve done I am strongly suspecting Monsanto is even more nefarious than any of us can imagine.If we don’t get rid of them now we will face a most unimaginable future on this planet. We must pull out all the stops immediately!

  179. Angela says:

    They are the Devil …. We must STOP THEM !

  180. Mary Beninato says:

    GMO is also killing bees. Without the bees to pollinate, what will farmers do? If the poisons will kill insects when the plant is bitten into, what does it do to humans when eaten?

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      You really don’t have a clue do you? Bee populations are rising for one thing. Bees also do not pollinate corn or soybeans which are our 2 major crops. Secondly, your “poisons” is called Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt). It is actually an organic insecticide. It is kills insects because their simple digestive systems cannot digest it. It cause zero damage to mammals with their advanced digestive tracts.

  181. Elaine Culver says:

    Monsanto has run rampant for years with no admission of toxicity in their products. They. Don’t. Care.

  182. Julie Hansen says:

    These chemicals they sell are killing us. Higher cancer rates in rural states from ag. use of Roundup;ect.

  183. Carol Ann Berkeley says:

    I want Monsanto gone they are killing us with there poson

  184. Gina Gundry says:

    I have to agree bigmurr

  185. Clint Brothers says:

    Glyphosates are the biggest cause of cancer!

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      Or it could be from stupidity such as yours.

      • I bet you believe that CO is harmless to us and our environment. If so then go sit in a running car parked in your closed garage for 15 minutes then come back and tell me how good you feel. Looks like you need to do some more studying and use some common sense. Glyphosates kill weeds, and bees how would that be harmless to us. I have had emergency room visits for asthma attacks after eating glyphosate filled doritos, it only took 2 times for me to realize it was the doritos (gmo on the label). I haven’t had an emergency room visit for asthma since I buy only certified organic (gmo free).

        • Gmo Roberts says:

          Yes you certainly could use some more studying I agree. First off glyphosate is a herbicide it does kill weeds correct. It is not an insecticide. It does not kill bees. Next if you really care anything about your health why are you eating junk food like Doritos? Obviously you don’t.

  186. Tommy Davis says:

    It’s the DenocRATS that has cause this problem because MONSANTO have them in there back pocket.

  187. Sally Stephens says:

    How much are we gonna take and let them destroy before we all stand together and stop them?! I have been signing petition after petition after petition and I educate others whenever the opportunity to do so arises. However, this is clearly not enough. Time to get tougher.

  188. Pam Malone Temple says:

    Monsanto needs to be stopped for the poisons and what they are doing to plant seeds. Monsanto is creating a monopoly that needs to end.

  189. Terry Brown says:

    we need more information on this topic

  190. Cheryl Karr says:

    Why would poisonous companies be so protected? Do your JOB FDA

  191. Mary Louise says:

    Monsanto needs to go. And our government needs to stop allowing them to kill us.

  192. joyce haines says:

    Agree 100%

  193. kal98 says:

    Demand write your president, senators all representatives who r your servants! They lobby with your tax dollars!

  194. George Grund says:

    I’ve ever heard any good news from this company plus I was surprised ONE company had so much power over our food . That’s way out of hand and there should be a law with third party inspection of what is ok to eat. A lot of it is feeding not us but the pharmaceutical companies. When the doctors prescribe you a pill. It’s easy to do the math on this and difficult to see how and why it got so bad.

  195. Lori Dingley Northrup says:

    As long as Pruitt is head of the EPA, I unfortunately don’t see a way to stop these horrors! He must be removed along with his underling cronies!

  196. Sindy Smith says:

    End Monsanto and their poisonous reign/control on our country, our government, and us!

  197. Sylvia Rose Boronski says:

    Once the bees are all gone and crops can’t be pollunated just HOW do they plan on feeding everyone? All the GMO’s will be killing us off then, too.

  198. Sylvia Rose Boronski says:

    Round up was used on a kid’s play area in Sinking Spring,PA. Our dog club was adjacent to the area by about 35 yards. My dog was being trained the “long down” position and the rash he developed on his belly proves it leaches hrough tge ground. . Rep at the company said it was impossible! Yet when I kept him to the other side of the area where the ball field was; well GEE, no rash.!

  199. Joel Blumert says:

    A monstrous corporate criminal, ecocide=genocide.

  200. Carol Ann Berkeley says:

    I want Monsanto gone the are killing bee and butterfly also stop it now you are evil,

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