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Increasing Concerns About Flying

Increasing Concerns About Flying
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The risk you may not have considered when booking a flight.

From Moms Across America

I was invited to travel recently and fly cross-country for two work events. I used to love to travel, but the idea of being stuck in a metal container with intense Wifi bouncing around for hours, with hundreds of people, many of them potentially sick, has me very selective regarding my agreements. An additional concern was then added from a conversation at a dinner party. The subject of flying came up with the President of the US Freedom Flyers. An American Airlines pilot, 37-year-old Josh Yoder, informed me that the rates of disability in pilots at American Airlines increased 300% during the first six months of 2022.

These vaccinated pilots, many of them young adults, are experiencing blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and neurologic disorders (suddenly not knowing what they are doing) at alarming rates. Many vaccinated pilots have died both in flight and off duty from a heart attack, stroke, and other unknown causes.

I was extremely concerned. While I knew the statistics would show that my chances of being on a flight that may go down were small, as a person with many other concerns already on my mind, I was not happy about an added risk. What was clear, is that statistically, and tragically, it is likely that eventually, a pilot will likely have a fatal reaction to the vaccine in flight, and the co-pilot may not recover the plane in time if the adverse reaction occurs during a critical phase of flight on take off or landing. Yoder described how, if the reaction time close to a landing or take-off is delayed, the proximity to the ground could result in a fatal crash for hundreds of people. I realized that the airline industry was sitting on a ticking time bomb and simply trying to ignore it.

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