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Checked Your Vitamin D Level Recently? It Might Just Save Your Life

Checked Your Vitamin D Level Recently? It Might Just Save Your Life
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New numbers from the CDC show us who is unnecessarily dying from COVID-19. Action Alert!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have released new estimates on how deadly the COVID-19 virus is by age-group. In what the agency considers the current best estimate, the virus is considerably more deadly than the seasonal flu for people over the age of 50; for those below the age of 20, the fatality rate is well below that of the seasonal flu.

Specifically, the infection fatality ratio (The number of individuals who die of the disease among all infected individuals) is as follows:

0-19 years: 0.00003
20-49 years: 0.0002
50-69 years: 0.005
70+ years: 0.054

Why is this the case? Depleted vitamin D levels are a potential cause. Yet recall that the FDA and FTC attacked a nutritionist who talked about the results of a recent study showing a connection between COVID-19 and vitamin D. The nutritionist’s post concluded, “The bottom line? In order to give yourself the best defense against the coronavirus, begin with optimizing your vitamin D status to at least 30 ng/ml starting today.” 30ng/ml is just the minimum safe level of D on standard tests used by almost all doctors. But this nutritionist could face fines or even jail for sharing this basic, universally accepted information. Similar, basic information about COVID critical nutrients such as zinc, quercetin, or potassium are also censored.

Older Americans are at greatest risk of death from COVID-19, yet the government is blocking all of us from learning about how natural medicine can help prevent or treat COVID-19. At the very least, public health agencies should be telling people to have their vitamin D levels checked, but they are doing the very opposite, gagging those who disseminate basic information on D.

This is murderous bureaucratic indifference to what is happening to people, especially older Americans who are most at risk. There is solid scientific evidence that supports the use of a variety of nutrients to help prevent or treat COVID. But because these nutrients aren’t FDA-approved, they can’t claim to prevent or treat any disease. This is a racket designed to protect big pharmaceutical companies from competition, and it has to stop.

Action Alert! Sign our petition that seeks to reform a healthcare system that blocks access to natural treatments that generally cannot go through FDA approval. Please send your message immediately.

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