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Last-Minute Washington Back-Room Dealing on Food Safety

Last-Minute Washington Back-Room Dealing on Food Safety

We may have only one more chance to keep the dreadful so-called “food safety” language from becoming law through a legislative subterfuge. We have (quite literally!) up-to-the-minute information for you.

In the wake of the constitutional snafu over the Senate Food Bill, the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution (CR) that was supposed to fund the government temporarily but which contained a sneak insert of the Senate food safety bill. It now appears that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring up the CR on Tuesday or Wednesday, because the CR expires on Friday the 17th.
One of the first amendments to the CR to be considered will be Sen. Dan Inouye’s omnibus spending legislation—and there is a good possibility that this amendment will be substituted in full for the House’s CR language. We originally heard that Sen. Inouye would not include the food safety language in the omnibus bill, but this is not the case. We have just learned that the food safety language is now included in the amendment.
An earlier version of this article noted that things can change very quickly on Capitol Hill, and that is doubly the case today! Sen. Inouye has earmarks in his amendment that he wants to protect, and we know that he was being pressured very strongly to add food safety to his omnibus bill, so some kind of deal has been struck to include “food safety” in a bill that is supposed to be about temporary government funding.
Unfortunately, this means that the Senate will now either consider the CR, which contains the food safety language, or will accept the substitution of the omnibus bill, which also contains the food safety language. This is one more example of the corrupt way Congress works. Legislation that could ruin small food producers—organic farms, small farms, mom-and-pop roadside stands, etc.— is just tacked onto a bill that must pass in order to keep the government running.
So we need to redouble our efforts and let senators know how this corrupt back-room dealing looks to average Americans. Please phone your senators TODAY, write them (or write them again!) with your concerns, and do everything you can to keep this “food safety” language from becoming law. It will completely transform the food and farming industries for the worse.
Our Action Alert—and especially the letter on that page, which we hope you’ll send to your senators—has all the technical bits spelled out in what we hope is a clear and concise manner. Please keep up the pressure in these last extraordinarily important moments! Please take action now!

Click THIS LINK to go to the Action Alert page. Once there, fill out the form with your name and address, etc.  We’d also love to hear your comments about this article—just add your thoughts below—but remember that the messages below are only seen by our ANH-USA readers and not Congress, etc.

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38 thoughts on “Last-Minute Washington Back-Room Dealing on Food Safety

  • Michael J Dorning

    This so-called food safety bill would be a financial apocalypse to small business. It would be a boon to the large corporations who are the true sponsors of this bill. It would give them control
    over our food supply and allow them to charge what they will and do whatever they want with no government interference.


    I wrote to the career criminals in my state that supposedly represent “the will of the people”. I recieved a form email back from Barbara Boxer stating how proud she was to sponsor this corrupt legislation. It is very discouraging to see how conniving our public servants are.

  • Roscoe Rossi

    Thanks for the fight, and for the continuing updates. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that most of these people up there in Washington, who think of themselves as moderate… or smart, because they can get by (for now) without really believing (knowing) anything but their careers are just the type of duped buffoons that the destructive forces (enemies of liberty) can so easily manipulate, or put it by these gropers without them ever understanding (or caring to understand) what it is that their actually voting for. Amazing! Just Amazing. Such gross ignorance! I would rather they take a principled stand for liberty, with burning in the streets as a consequential wake-up call, than to compromise with these bolshevik pigs who are making such noises as what you would hear from a demon-possessed individual.

  • Susan Hornbach

    Well,I wrote yet another letter for the food safety language nonscense. What is the matter with these political nitwits? If this food safety bill passes, the names of everyone who had anything to do with this bill’s language, and passing, should be made public in a huge way. It time to teach these politicians a lesson on what Americans want, is what they better give us, since they wouldn’t be in office in the first place with out us.. Politicians need to know if they are corrupt, they are out, and the FDA should take a hike right along with them. I know the people of this country are capable of much better than Fhe FDA to protect us. An organiszation that OKs medicines inflicted with side effects over natural cure medicines with no side effects, certainly leaves a great deal to be desired..

  • alfiya

    the agenda of all these few corporation is to control the population through food. why we are millions should depend on one persons signature that will put freedom of choices from public. who gave them right to control public what to eat or drink, why i cannot have normal healthy milk which i so hard to find today already. fight to not accept any of their laws let them keep it for themselves put in jale and feed with GMO only food and diet pepci. till when they will do what is wrong anfd harmful, why not you taking people of america to the street?

  • Jane Alexander

    S510 will not run small farms and roadside stands and farmers markets out of business. The Tester-Hagen Amendment and others will protect them.
    This bill is about food safety. It deals with food processing plants.
    I have read more misinformation and alarmist nonsense on this bill than I care to go through again. Please, read the bill and stop imposing your views on it before you understand what is needed for food safety and what this bill offers.

  • Jade

    I have been unable to access your link to send a protest letter for the Food Safety Bill for several days now. I tried to get a new password, but was told that there was no such email address. I’ve been receiving you news alerts and signing your letters for sometime using [email protected]. I applaud your efforts and would like to support you. Please check this out and let me know what I should do.
    Thank you,
    C.J. Johnson

  • Please, NO MORE sneaky secret deals when it comes to my welfare. I want organic foods that are grown locally. I want organic medicinal herbs that are grown locally. These mega farms are disgusting and cruel. Cancer is caused from fooling with our food. NO MORE SNEAKY DEALS. WE SEE YOU!

  • Carol Maleki

    This bill has nothing to do with food safety and everything to do with controlling what we want to eat. We need to enforce the food and safety laws already on the books. The FDA needs to stop taking bribes from these Mega Corporations and start shutting these corporations down when they have major safety violations until they get it cleaned up. Stop this bill

  • Michael Nissen

    This all about the new world order. It is amazing how many of Idiots in congress and bereaucrats are for this isane system. It is for total control of the population of the world. The worst part is the people first to fall will be from the most industrial nations and the 3rd world will remain the same.

    • Shirley

      I like your comment because it is so very true. Also, if you can view TruTV (dishnet work TV), a whole lotta mysteries will be answered. This is actuality TV at its best. By the way, this is part of the new world order of things, especially with America. Don’t be surprised if the President isn’t in on part of the action.

  • Sofia Byrne

    Get out of my food! If I wanted to be poisoned by chemicals I’d drink bleach.
    You will destroy the future with greedy people who only care to make money and only use people for gain.
    NO NO No to S510 and any other bill attached to it.

  • lowell watson

    I remember when our country was for Freedom and Justice. Now it is GREED! Froud, and Prostitution to serve themsellfs not the people that elected them in good trust. Just to think that all the americans who died for this country’s freedom and justice in vain. All for the sake of a few phycotic scumm bags with no guts to stand up for what this countrly once stood for, we are going to do ourselfs in , without the help of our so-called enemies. Lowell Watson

  • Alan Greenberg

    Adding this so-called food safety bill to this legislation to fund the government is sneaky, dishonest and unethical.. We need you to do what is right, not what is contrary to the interests of your constituency.

  • Rosemary Fritz

    Please do not include any legislation regarding food and/or supplements in the CR that is to be voted on shortly!

  • Janice Golly

    Please stop the Senate food bill – we do not want genetically engineered food here or anywhere in the world, and we want the freedom to use seeds of our choice. We don’t want small farmers punished, their paperwork exploding, and their goods kept from consumers.

  • Jerry Burge

    I just sent a message to my Rep. Bill Owens. I guess I’m a day late and been short charged. First thing in the AM I’ll call the Senate. We have to keep after this . JBurge.

  • Patricia Machiorlete

    Thanks for all your efforts! They are so appreciated. Most Americans haven’t a clue about how their food safety can be jeopardized. Keep up the good work!

  • Jenna

    This article is a wordy history lesson … but I really don’t know what to tell my senator once I contact them. The call to action is clear … but not what to say. This is key because there have been modifications to the bill and I honestly don’t know the current issues. I know it’s corrupt… but in plain language what does all of this really mean. Can you put it in one clear concise paragraph? – PLEASE.

  • No wonder people are sick and weary of our government with all of its back room dealings to appease the big moneyed corporations. I’m not surprised any more that only 50% of the people vote. They don’t believe that there are represented anyway!!.

  • Gena Bouquet

    How corrupt can our government get? To control our food supply is one of the most hideous way of controlling the public I can think of. And we are supposedly a free nation. I am aghast at the insidious way this so called Food Safety regulation is being inserted in a government bill.

  • Donna Braendel

    Please do not consider passing any bill with the food safety language included until such language specifically protects small local farms and farmers from undue duress. This bill is far too vague, poorly written and subject to variable interpretation. Local producers are crucial to Alaska, which is so far away from the food sources that we take for granted. Our local farmers and gardeners should be encouraged not hampered.
    Thank you

  • This corruption is overwhelming! We have a country full of politicians that are paid by corporations. This greed is overwhelming! Why would citizens try to put more of this corruption back in office? This ignorance is overwhelming!

  • Cheryl

    Thank you so much for keeping us abreast of what’s going on regarding food safety and other natural health news.
    Bless you and yours.

  • Gilda Stern

    Please stop this bill from going thru it will destroy some of the better food we eat and the family life of so many people. I will remember this when I vote again. Thank You

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