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Mass. Alert: Bad “Pandemic Bill”

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Mike Adams at Natural News first brought this to our attention. The Massachusetts Senate has passed a bill that violates the very rights that Massachusetts residents fought and died for during the Revolutionary War. The action now moves to the Massachusetts house. We hope our Massachusetts readers will take action to prevent this very bad legislation from becoming law.

The Senate bill (Pandemic…Response Act) says that during a declared public health emergency police may arrest you without warrant if they have “probable” cause to think you are not complying with orders, including verbal orders, from the public health commissioner or local public health authority. You can then be imprisoned for not less than 30 days or fined $1,000 a day. Any order is considered valid if issued “in good faith”. You may also be detained for as long as necessary for the public authorities to “convey information to you regarding the disease”. You must also furnish whatever identifying information about yourself is requested.
The bill further states that public authorities have the right to enter your home without your consent, to “investigate” your home,  to “decontaminate” it, to close it, and to require your evacuation  from it.  You may also be ordered to submit to a physical examination, treatment, or vaccination. You may refuse the examination, treatment, or vaccination while the authorities obtain a judge’s order. Meanwhile you will be quarantined. Quarantine (for an indefinite period of time) might be in your home, but the state has the right to move you from your home and “confine” you in “other private or public premises”. Even if confined to your home, it may of course be impossible to obtain food without violating the quarantine.
The state is authorized to demand your personal medical records. Such information shall be kept confidential “except” when the public authority deems it “necessary” not to keep it confidential.
The state may require all licensed health practitioners and even social workers to carry out assigned orders. They may be forced to administer vaccines. Anyone not complying will lose their license. None of these personnel if volunteering will be liable for any of their actions.
The state may also “restrict or prohibit assemblages of persons”. No one of course objects to sensible measures such as dropping mandatory attendance at school during a pandemic, but an unlimited right to prohibit assembly clearly violates the first amendment of the constitution. Our founding fathers from Massachusetts would be astonished beyond measure to read this Orwellian legislation from the cradle of our liberties.

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