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More News from the Women’s Health Initiative—Synthetic, Prescription HRT Shrinks the Brain

In the December 23, 2008, issue of Pulse of Health Freedom, we reported on new data from the government-funded Women’s Health Initiative. Now, two studies from the arm of the WHI Study that favors using synthetic hormone replacement therapy by prescription have been published in the January 13 issue of Neurology. The studies sought to understand what is behind the increased risk of stroke, cerebrovascular disease, dementia, and memory problems in women over 65 who use synthetic HRT.

The studies analyzed brain scans of about 1400 women who had taken synthetic prescription hormones for 4-6 years. According to Dr. Miriam Weber, of the University of Rochester’s Department of Neurology, the hormones had a degenerative effect on the brain, shrinking it, rather than affecting the brain lesions that cause “silent strokes.” The areas involved with memory and cognitive function shrank as did the total brain volume.
The conclusion once again was that “these findings don’t impact the current recommendations which are to use hormone therapy for treatment of menopausal symptoms for the shortest time at the lowest possible dose.”
This analysis of the Women’s Health Initiative brings to mind once again one of the most important AAHF campaigns, protecting individualized medicine. Support individualized medicine and access to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy by supporting the work of AAHF. If you have not yet read “Shame on You, Wyeth” at the AAHF website, please take a moment to do so now.

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2 thoughts on “More News from the Women’s Health Initiative—Synthetic, Prescription HRT Shrinks the Brain

  • Carolyn Eroh

    please forgive me for my ignorance but I seem to be having difficulty navigating these sights for integrative medicine. Could you send me some information in regard to natural hormone replacement for a postmenopausal woman, age 58. I am presently taking prescription hormones and would very much like to discontinue that type of therapy. I have been reading Natural Hormone Replacement by Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. & John Morgenthaler. I would like to find a doctor who has this mindset instead of prescribing more drugs or creams. Any information you could send in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Thank you…………Carolyn Eroh, [email protected]

  • lisa padilla

    No wonder why my grandmother died of a blood clot in her lungs and had Alzheimer’s before she died. Thanks to Wyeth now my beloved grandmother is dead.

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