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Mosquitos Modified to ‘Vaccinate’ Against Malaria

Mosquitos Modified to ‘Vaccinate’ Against Malaria
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From ANH International

Mosquitoes have been genetically modified to ‘vaccinate’ humans against malaria. Volunteers were infected with genetically modified Plasmodium parasites designed to create antibodies, but not make people sick. Despite the hype around the research, it appears results have been mixed. Seven out of the 14 participants contracted malaria, while the antibodies produced by the remaining seven lasted only a couple of months. In the the study, published in Science Translational Medicine, the researchers proclaimed the trial was a success and the ‘vaccine’ was deemed to be safe. The researchers have said, however, that such a system would not be used in humans. The study doesn’t take into account the impact on the surrounding environment should the mosquitoes escape or be released or any undetected off target effects in the modified mosquitoes that could potentially be passed on to future generations.

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