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Nano-Sized Food Additives May Be Harming Your Gut

Nano-Sized Food Additives May Be Harming Your Gut

From ANH-International

If anyone tried to convince you size isn’t important, let them know that sometimes it is.

Especially when it comes to the size of things we consume or inject into our bodies. Remember the lipid nanoparticles used to carry mRNA ‘vaccine’ cargo into our cells? Well, it turns out that some metal compounds, like zinc or iron oxide that are used as sources of zinc and iron in cheap food supplements, may damage the mucosal lining, increase the permeability of our guts and disrupt gut microbial communities when delivered as nanoparticles. Worse than that, nanoparticles of titanium and silicon dioxide, especially the former, could be more harmful still.

study out of Cornell University published in the journal Antioxidants in February 2023 has provided more evidence that titanium, silicon, zinc and iron nanoparticles present in many foods and supplements have the potential to cause serious disturbances to intestinal health and function, as well as to microbial populations within the gut (microbiome).

What’s particularly interesting is that three out of four of the forms of metals (iron and zinc) or metalloids (silicon) studied, these excluding titanium, are widely recognized as nutritionally essential trace elements for human health. Yet there is an emerging picture that shows the combination of the chemical form (all forms in the latest Cornell study were oxides) – and the size and distribution of particles of these metallic or metalloid compounds (all of which were dispersed nanoparticles, being between one and 100 nanometres in size i.e. one to 100 billionth of a meter in size), can create profoundly different biological effects.

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One thought on “Nano-Sized Food Additives May Be Harming Your Gut

  • paula thompson

    I’ve had undiagnosed gut issues since my 30’s. I once did a metals study via fecal testing and tungsten came back off the charts. But I’ve never seen anything of note about tungsten.
    I’m curious how all the metals get into our foods- is it just canned foods?

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