New Heights of Medical Censorship

September 9, 2021
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Now doctors are being threatened with the loss of their license if they fail to toe the line of mainstream medicine on how to prevent and treat COVID.

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) recently announced that doctors who “spread COVID-19 vaccine misinformation” risk disciplinary action by state medical boards, including the revocation of their medical license. The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) issued a similar warning, stating that physicians who publicly spread misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic risk losing their board certification. What exactly constitutes “misinformation” is not defined in either case and likely includes anything that doesn’t adhere to what government health authorities dictate. This gagging of free speech about alternative treatments violates patients’ rights and the legal requirements of informed consent.

Who decides what counts as “misinformation”? One thing we’ve learned from the pandemic is that available information can change, often quite rapidly. The CDC’s masking guidelines changed multiple times. Initially we were told that the virus could be spread on surfaces before subsequent investigations revealed that the virus mostly spreads when aerosols and droplets containing the virus are inhaled. As we’ve said before, the Wuhan lab leak theory was first dismissed as a conspiracy theory, but is now acknowledged as a legitimate, even likely, explanation of the virus’ origin. Often the “misinformation” of today becomes the established facts of tomorrow.

Take ivermectin, for example. Informed consent legally requires your doctor to discuss the risks and benefits of alternatives to vaccines to address COVID-19. Would it be misinformation to talk about the successes of ivermectin and the impressive body of evidence that recommends its use to prevent and treat COVID-19? Is a doctor risking their license if they talk about the drop in COVID case counts in South American cities that instituted massive, prophylactic ivermectin distribution campaigns compared to cities that didn’t? Despite this compelling evidence, the FDA stubbornly recommends against using ivermectin for COVID, likely because Big Pharma and their government cronies want mandatory vaccines, not ivermectin, as the answer to COVID because vaccines will make the most money.

The ABEM’s edict against spreading “misinformation” may be in response to the MATH+ protocol developed by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance for hospitalized COVID patients. Their protocol includes proven natural medicines like vitamin C, zinc, melatonin, and vitamin D (in addition to ivermectin and other medicines). Supplements like these are generally not patentable and thus unable to become FDA approved for the treatment of COVID, which requires expensive clinical trials. This is why the FDA and FTC launched a massive censorship campaign to silence discussion of how these “unapproved” medicines can help with COVID. It is shameful that doctors may risk their medical license by discussing these plausible alternatives for addressing COVID.

The vaccination issue has become a highly controversial topic with strong feelings on all sides. The government is recommending COVID vaccination for almost everyone above the age of 12. Informed consent legally requires doctors to discuss the risks and benefits of any medical procedure. Is it spreading “misinformation” to discuss with patients the 488,318 adverse events, including close to 5,000 deaths, reported in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS)?

This isn’t hyperbole. We saw one “fact-checker” call out a post citing VAERS data as false because, the fact-checker claimed, VAERS is unreliable and doesn’t establish causation. That is true, but it’s also true that a major limitation of VAERS is that adverse events are severely underreported, perhaps even less than 1 percent. This would mean that VAERS arguably understates the dangers and side effects caused by vaccines. Is it “misinformation” if your doctor informs you of these facts?

Is it “misinformation” if you have an autoimmune condition and your doctor warns that you may be at increased risk of serious adverse events like blood clots, as we discussed in our Right to kNOw campaign? To us, this seems to be legally required by informed consent for vaccination—a complete picture of the benefits but also the risks of vaccination.

It’s easy to see this as a slippery slope, making it a license-threatening offense to discuss ways to boost immune resilience with supplements and other natural medicines.

As we argued with the federal bill that attempts to attack medical “misinformation,” attempts to control the information we are given hands power over to Big Pharma and the one-size-fits-all paradigm.  Natural medicine is predicated on the idea that each patient has individual needs based on unique biology and genetics. If doctors aren’t allowed to discuss alternatives to the mainstream medical approach, not only are the legal requirements of informed consent not being satisfied, but integrative doctors’ ability to treat individual patients will suffer.

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17 responses to “New Heights of Medical Censorship”

  1. Heather says:

    Great article! But… what can we do? I for one will wait as long as possible to take the vaccine, hoping it will never be mandated for me or my children. But what can I do to stand up to the FDA and Big Pharma and the media who play a part in this? It isn’t just access to information about COVID but about natural health in general that is at risk.

  2. Chris He says:

    With the unbelievable power and equally unbelievably dark, if not criminal, record of Big Pharma, like Pfizer, over many years before Covid, I can’t get past my inner voice loudly saying ‘wait, watch for signs and developments’! I take care for decades with healthy food, and hardly ever take pharma products. The latter is likely the reason I live like a 40 year old at 74. I believe in organic, homeopathic, and exercise. Still healthy, I suffer much abuse for being unvaxxed. Not fair! Now the threat of becoming 2nd class citizen, due to ’Good People Passports’! Outraged!

  3. Charles Bandy says:

    I am a massage therapist and consequently, appreciate alternative medicine. However, I think you are doing the cause a great disservice with an article like this.This article is a perfect example of “misinformation.”

  4. Marian Jacobs says:

    I used to be a regular reader of your website and I agree with a lot of your info on vitamins and supplements. However, I think you are TOTALLY wrong on vaccine and Covid treatment. I am over 65, got my Pfizer vaccine in Jan, got diagnosed with breast cancer in May and am now in treatment. My immune system is compromised by the chemo- my husband and I got the Pfizer booster vaccine about a month ago as well as my 96 yr old mother in law and NONE of us have had an issue with it.
    Your info has caused a split in my family and I can no longer see my daughter and grandkids b/c she and her husband have refused the vaccine. Their kids are too young to get it. Because of YOUR advice (and members of my extended family who follow YOUR advice HAVE gotten covid and been very sick) , I just cannot take the chance of getting covid. It breaks my heart not to see them. The pandemic is now being driven by the UNVACCINATED!!! To me that is selfish and irresponsible because they are listening to you and others who set up doubt about the vaccine.

    Hospitals are being slammed. Covid is worse than it was a year ago. Don’t tell me everybody is doing fine. You lost me as a reader and support and I hold you partially responsible for where we are now! Donald Trump shares the blame with you.

  5. Marian Jacobs says:

    It is well and good with your ideas of integrative therapies for individuals but a worldwide pandemic is NOT the place to seek this out. Many integrative doctors do NOT take insurance, are hard to find have treatments that may not hurt but don’t have a fairly guaranteed outcome. Is Integrative therapy readily available to the poor, low income in rural areas or inner city? I don’t think so…

  6. Howard says:

    Where is the study that shows that a treatment meant as a de wormer for livestock can prevent Covid, can stop the Delta Variant? How many people was it tested on? Was there a randomized double blind study that shows that Ivermectin can prevent Covid. I’m not a fan of vaccines, and when getting a touch of Covid back in March cured myself using an herbal, vitamin mix. This strain of Covid is lethal especially to people with co-morbities like obesity, cancer, heart disease, which millions of Americans have. Self medicating with Ivermectin in the wrong dose can cause liver failure, and lower your immune system making you more susceptible to infection. I have taken the vaccine with no side effects and think that you advocating a drug that has never been tested to treat Covid is dangerous .

  7. Janet L Windz says:

    Blessed be. This is so critical. As providers who prescribes Ivermectin and utilizes Frontline’s protocol extensively we face backlash and potential disciplinary action. It is critical that we get the truth out. The denial of these relatively safe and inexpensive preventions and treatments is criminal. It is costing hundreds if not thousands of lives.

  8. Pamela Thompson says:

    Thank you for continuing to share such information. We need to hear all sides in order to make informed decisions. Threatening doctors with loss oof license for sharing both benefits and concerns, alternative choices, and side effects does not engender a sense of trust in those who are censoring.

  9. The push for the vaccine is nothing more than control. Follow the money (who gets rich from the big pharmas) and you will get your answers.

  10. Sheri says:

    I think this freedom of speech is gone a little too far—GQP has gone too far also– I’m sick of it all “Shut the BULLSHIT “out of my inbox-!!!

  11. James Stellick says:

    I am in complete agreement with your article. I have listened to all the info put out by the FLCCC, the, the CHD organization and others and I am convinced that there is another agenda behind the push to get all of us vaccinated. I have had covid and took no medications to recover. I have natural immunity which much research has determined to be the best protection from covid and all its variants. Thank you for your email. Jim

  12. Julie says:

    How is Ivermectin a natural remedy? Why would a newsletter called Alliance for Natural Health be touting a un-naturally based horse dewormer? Smells like propaganda to me.

  13. Susan Eltonhead says:

    I commend you for speaking out about the government’s involvement with our health, a matter that should be left to the individual and their doctor who should give ALL known information to the patient so that the patient can make nninformed decision. Today the pharmacical companies , the media, and several governmental health organizations appear to trying to keep much information from reaching the public and forcing doctors to adhere to the governmental line when it comes to health care. I believe that this is WRONG!

  14. Sharon says:

    It’s quite simple. None of the effective remedies in curing or alleviating the seriousness of Covid 19 or the Delta variant
    is under patent at this time. Big Pharma/Big Med refuses to give up its billions in profits. The CDC, under Big Pharma’s
    umbrella, will not defy its wealthy sponsors. The CDC must be disbanded or sued. Ditto for Fauchi: insist he be fired, sued or indicted. Perhaps a petition to accomplish that can be begun right here.

  15. Diane Drummond says:

    Right on, especially as some of the CDC information is not precisely correct, either.

  16. Theresa Sheridan says:

    Scary times we live in. No freedom of speech, jobs treated if we do not comply.

  17. Tara says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the above information and have been following the FLCCC since its inception and prior.

    I also have a friend whose cardiologist ( second best in the state ) has advised against taking the vaccine due to severe heart and autoimmune conditions. She has served this country at the risk of her life and now that she is retired and suffering physically from her dedication in service, her country is asking her to risk her life by going against her doctor’s recommendations.

    I personally am vaccinated – but I have family & friends who have chosen not to. This is not about being pro or con regarding vaccination. Many of the doctors who support the use of Ivermectin & IMas are also vaccinated. It is about the freedom to choose – to make an informed decision, as well as having other proven and highly successful treatment protocols – even if one should contract the virus once vaccinated.

    I have relatives – in this country and overseas – who have taken this medication and have seen excellent results. The published reports on its efficacy are peer reviewed and from highly reputable sources – some from the WHO itself. These reports are published by seasoned doctors with many years of experience under their belts. They have already saved countless number of lives that would have lost had they followed some of the protocols hospitals are using. Hospitals in the know are treating with Ivermectin – the success rates are impressive. I, along with a large number of family and friends are deeply concerned about the political overtones that this movement to suppress medically proven information is taking. FDA approval is meaning less and less to me as I watch this kind of suppression going on under the guise of ‘medicine’.

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