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Guacamole Extinction: We Have Had ENOUGH

We’ve had ENOUGH of destructive agricultural practices!

Together we really are ENOUGH. We just need to come together to connect, collaborate and create unity. Our numbers are far greater than the forces that wish to divide us. The best antidote to isolation and aloneness is community, shared purpose and unity.

Join the #EnoughMovement.

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17 thoughts on “Guacamole Extinction: We Have Had ENOUGH

  • Robert Cassidy

    Time for some second amendment action? I have really had it with all these idiots trying to destroy our democracy!!!

    • Hi Ellen,
      From FL. I have found a wonderful group of women amd we started a support group. If you like we are also having some join on Zoom.

      You can message me [email protected].
      We gather to share knowledge and keep each other in our faith and true to what we believe. Also to keep our vibration high during. These stressful times.
      I hope to hear from you. Peace love and light!

  • Alita DeMarco


  • Jusith Hodges

    I do not agree with this supposition that our crops are becoming extinct with global warming. Pesticides are killing the soil and creating havoc with human health and environmental health.
    Global Warming is a creation of the Globalists. Yes there are areas that are badly managed regarding population. More education on composting building soil and growing our own food on 2.5 acres, Encouraging families to spread out more instead of crowding. Have you ever noticed that poverty areas are almost always afflicted by crowding. Something to look at and awaken to. I do object to the main idea of this article with respect to Global Warming. That is a fabrication.

    • Rose B

      Thank you for this comment. I’m still unconvinced one way or another about global warming, but I think your point is indisputable, that killing the soil is far more the crux of the problem than is any variation in the climate. I find lots of common ground with honest climate activists, insofar as they target industrial pollution of all kinds, but I diverge from seeing the heating effects of that pollution as the main effect to worry about.

  • Marcia Greenshields

    Are you working to give us the freedom (and health bank accounts) to see the doctors we choose, not the drug-pushing MD’s forced upon us? I’ve had enough of this medical system that too few are trying to change. I have no money, thanks to this feckless system that left me with a number of problems, no money, and, with what little I get from Social Security, I have to pay out of pocket for supplements and decent medical practices. I’m working to do what little I can to change that. I’d like to know what you are doing.
    Thank you,
    Marcia Greenshields, former ombudsman

  • Marjorie Mock

    When I was young, farming our food was raised organically. Not the case now. Also, get rig of glyphosate !!

  • Sinikka Pember-Coulter

    I fully agree that global climate change and the use of pesticides are causing some of the problems in our food supply chain. We all can play a small part in trying to reverse this trend by opting for organics, reducing unnecessary purchases, reducing our energy foot print, and recycling and reusing materials to their maximum capacity. We must rid ourselves of the false notions of success in our capitalistic economic system, and find our satisfaction in providing ourselves and future generations a livable and sustainable planet.

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