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Oppose Vote to Make COVID Vax Routine for Kids

Oppose Vote to Make COVID Vax Routine for Kids

Yesterday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted 15-0 to add COVID-19 vaccines to the federal Vaccines for Children Program. Today, they may vote to recommend COVID-19 shots be added to the routine childhood vaccination schedule. Action Alert!

If COVID vaccines are added to the childhood immunization schedule, it means billions in sales for vaccine manufacturers and complete liability protection when children or adults are harmed by the vaccines. Although this vote alone does not mean the vaccines are mandated for children, this could pave the way for vaccine mandates to attend school, as states and other entities look to the CDC recommendations in determining which vaccines should be mandated.

We’ve been anticipating this move since the beginning of the pandemic. We alerted you to the fact that the drive to vaccinate children against COVID was fueled by a desire to eventually get an annual COVID shot approved as part of the CDC’s recommended childhood schedule. If COVID vaccines are added to the childhood immunization schedule, it means billions in sales for vaccine manufacturers and complete liability protection when children or adults are harmed by the vaccines. Liability protection for COVID vaccines disappears when the Health Department determines there is no longer a public health emergency, but vaccines on the CDC’s schedule are permanently protected from liability.

Required COVID shots for young children would be a tremendous boon for Big Pharma. It is crony medicine at its finest: special interests using the power and clout of the federal government to guarantee massive vaccine sales, all while being shielded from the responsibility of paying for the damage their products cause. It’s a crony win-win.

Action Alert! Write to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, with a copy to Congress, and tell them we cannot sacrifice children’s health for vaccine manufacturer profits. Please send your message immediately.

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18 thoughts on “Oppose Vote to Make COVID Vax Routine for Kids

  • Cici

    Allow children to develop natural immunity. Childhood illnesses are necessary to the development of healthy immune systems (antibodies). Forcing artificial short term immunity via vaccines inhibits development of natural, lifelong immunity (antibodies), which is far more effective in preventing serious life threatening illnesses later in life.

    • BChristine

      Excellent comment. I totally agree. The vaccine schedule for children is already insane and has caused many health issues!

    • Tana Stoiberg

      Forcing children to have a vaccine that has not been sufficiently tested in trials for a number of years is only for huge profits of the Pharmaceutical industry. Studies by epidemiologists and virologists have issued grave warnings about mortality rates when the Spike Protein has entered the vascular system, which results in blood clots, myocarditis, and death. With case studies being withheld to the public, many preventable deaths could have been averted had we took the advice of scientists.

  • Greg Hoffman

    CDC is corrupt useless non-scientific fraudulent tax payer funded out of control Facist government institution doing the bidding for the New Global “Liberal” World Order, World Economic Forum’s and Chinese Communist Party!

    Bought and paid for by BIG PHARMA!!!!

    Save OUR children you sick bastards!

  • CAWS

    My doctor asked me the other day if I had all the childhood vaccines [apparently he was upset that I did not take the experimental jab even though it has been 3 years and I have not had CV19]. I just laughed and told him ” I am 70 years old. I had all those diseases and have natural immunity.” The only shots they had when I was a kid was polio, small pox & tetanus. I also told him I would not be taking another tetanus shot as the last one [21 years ago]COMPLETELY PARALYZED MY VOCAL CHORDS FOR 7 WEEKS! Turns out that side effect was in the small print that they never show you. Never had flu shot either and don’t get flu. Also have my mental faculties as I have avoided all that Hg and aluminum every year.

  • SandyDC

    I fully agree with both of you, France Carpenter and Cece.
    But the ones who MUST stand up for their children en masse are the parents. If corrupt government agencies and big pharma try to pull this one, then the time is overripe for massive protests, on and off the streets. It’s now or never, people!

  • joepug

    Liability: Not responsibly. If these so called vaccines ( which are experimental ) are so beneficial to humanity why these protections applied ?
    The FDA, CDC and the politicians are they in bed with big Pharma ( campaign contributions and payments to the aforementioned agencies ) ?
    And now they want to destroy the immune systems of children, what the hell is wrong with these people are they psychopaths ( no conscience ) ?

  • Robin Blake

    These vaccines (Covid-19) do not have enough of a history (or long enough clinical trials) to merit approving them for routine vaccination for children. Our children should not be unprotected guinea pigs.

  • KS

    I feel that any outrage we display will not have any impact on the greed that controls these organizations. If they are willing to jeopardize the lives of children, they do not care what the American people think. With that being said, states still have the final say as to why vaccines they list on their requirement list and they must allow the reason of conscious and philosophical exemptions, aside from medical. For states that may not be lenient with exemptions, that is where our fight will end up. We need to make sure our state legislators make sure to slow for broader range of exemptions and also to remove the freedom from liability for the pharmaceutical companies. Period.

  • Fran

    There is very little testing of this particular vaccine to mandate its use in children. After looking at the Pfizer info I am appalled that responsible officials would be willing to routinely give this shot, especially in light of the fact that Covid doesn’t affect very many children and young people in a serious way- that being the case why not let their immune systems fight this off using their innate natural immune system?

  • Kelcey

    This is unbelievable. How can an experimental “vaccine” that does not protect children (who are not in danger of severe illness from COVID) be required to take this when there are so many negative and serious side effects???? They can’t attend public school???

  • Madpatriot

    Flood the phones of all the reps in DC…course they cut off the lines at will too! If they do not want to hear they don;t and ignore us.
    We really don’t have much of a way to be heard in this country short of a rally and you know how that goes!! Some of the fools that
    think they are somebody and not true patriots or Americans either for that matter love to push the crap they are and ruining our great
    nation but we have the right per the Declaration of Independence to stand up and take those that harm us or the nation out fo office…
    Let’s kick the Dems and Rhinos out and start over!! It is all insanity anymore and someone..name;y us have GOT to get with it or there
    will not be a nation or life left o live in or through– if they have their way!

  • Tina

    Our children got covid and get well without Vaccines, let the body do it’s job and the so many cases show the Covid Vaccine is not safe, strongly disagree to put into the schedule!

  • Lauren Thibeault

    I am a Nana of 5 and I have studied universal/ proven info about the vaccine, anyone who has access to internet can do the same. This vaccine contains; Graphine oxide, Spike protein, Nano -particals, among others that can kill or cause severe side affects. 70% pediatric hospitals as of now are full of children who got CVD19 vac or have been exposed to relatives/friends or teachers, diagnosed with a unknown Respiratory infection, please don’t ? for your child’s sake, we are created with strong immune system

  • Lisa

    Too early for long term COVID “vaccine” side effects / damage in our youth to appear. Short term “vaccine” results have been frightening for adults.

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