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“Pesticides OK, Despite Risks,” Says EPA

“Pesticides OK, Despite Risks,” Says EPA
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Apparently, diminished brain function and reduction of children’s IQs is insufficient cause for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to overturn the approval of a chemical manufactured by one of the largest producers on the planet.
The EPA recently rejected a petition to ban the use of insecticides known as chlorpyrifos on food crops—despite the agency’s own evidence showing the harm they can cause.
These chemicals are used on citrus trees, strawberries, broccoli, and cauliflower. The EPA previously banned the spraying of chlorpyrifos indoors to get rid of household bugs.
EPA officials are, in fact, aware of evidence that found exposure to chlorpyrifos caused measurable differences in children’s brain function, on average dropping their IQs a few points. Some research has linked the pesticides to autism and other brain disorders. There’s also evidence to suggest that some children are more vulnerable to the chemicals than others due to their genetic makeup.
The problem? Chlorpyrifos are products of Dow Agrosciences, one of the largest chemical manufacturers on the planet. But this has nothing to do with the EPA’s decision to keep these chemicals on the market, right?
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