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PFAS: Beyond Forever


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8 thoughts on “PFAS: Beyond Forever

  • Mercedes

    Yup! Rid PFAs as soon as possibile. Preserving ourselves before we dead makes us dead before we desire to be so…

  • dejure

    I’d sign in, but you failed to really give a good, solid background on that for which we need to be on the look out.

  • Roy Gibbon

    Let’s make our world cleaner and safer for ourselves and our children. PFAS need to be eliminated from our food products and manufactured goods.

  • Janet Latham

    We, our pets, wildlife and plants, everything is being sickened by terribly irresponsible pollution of our environment by chemical companies. These pollutants, PFAS’s being among the worst of them, sicken us. Then the same companies that create these chemicals produce the drugs with which we’re treated for those sicknesses in a for profit “health care” system nearly completely dominated by the drug companies; Bayer, Monsanto, Purdue, and many others. They really have a wrap on it. The hideous conflict in for-profit “health care” is that we’re not profitable when we are well.

  • Mary M Matychowiak

    About time that some companies are changing their packaging to eliminate plastic that has harmful to people and our environment.

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