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PFAS Report puts FDA in Cross-Hairs

PFAS Report puts FDA in Cross-Hairs

Our report showing supermarket kale to be contaminated with toxic chemicals is getting picked up far and wide. Help us maintain the momentum and call for a ban on toxic PFAS “forever chemicals.” Action Alert!

Last week, we launched a national campaign on the back of our pilot study showing 7 of 8 supermarket kale samples to be contaminated with PFAS “forever chemicals,” suggesting much wider contamination of our food supply with these chemicals than the FDA wants to acknowledge. We know PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl substances, are already being found in alarming amounts in drinking water, in the air, and in thousands of consumer products. We also know that they persist in the environment, accumulate in the human body, and are linked to a host of negative health outcomes. That’s why we’ve used our pilot study as a springboard to launch a campaign calling for the federal government to issue a ban on the over 12,000 chemicals that fall under the “PFAS” category.

Our study has already started making waves. It has been picked up by news outlets around the world, including major outlets like The Guardian, The New York Post, and HealthNews. Rob Verkerk, PhD—founder of the Alliance for Natural Health and ANH-USA’s Executive and Scientific Director who has headed up the work—was also on Ron Hoffman, MD’s Intelligent Medicine podcast to discuss the report. You can find a comprehensive list of media outlets which have covered and discussed our report below.

U.S. regulatory agencies have proven themselves incapable or unwilling to meaningfully address the extensive PFAS contamination. We need to create a groundswell of grassroots support for a ban on PFAS chemicals as soon as possible. Visit the report’s landing page to send a message to your state and federal lawmakers urging an immediate ban on these dangerous chemicals.

Check out some of the U.S. press coverage of ANH’s PFAS campaign:

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International coverage:

The EU Times
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Les Actualités
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La Lettre de la Tribu
The Aegis Alliance
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5 thoughts on “PFAS Report puts FDA in Cross-Hairs

  • Paula Morgan

    Forever chemicals are everywhere! We drink them as they are in all water supplies. We the everyday people have no choice but it’s been shown our government officials take in a great amount of money to protect the industries making these forever chemicals. So what if so many people die? It’s not their problem. Yet they are elected officials. I guess it is we who are stupid to elect them in the first place. Once in they play the system to their advantage but there is no more ethics in government than in the Supreme Court. By the way the Court is corrupted too. With government like this America doesn’t have long to be the country she has always been. How horrible to kill a great nation due to greed with dollar bills instead of scruples.

  • Timothy Spong

    PFAS have too many useful, almost vital, uses (e.g., nonstick cookware, fabric waterproofing and, if I remember correctly, firefighting foam) to be banned. Instead, there must be tighter regulation of their production, use and disposal to minimize PFAS getting into the general environment.

  • Mark A. Steiner

    If PFAS chemicals weren’t bad enough, also found out recently that Drumsticks (frozen ice cream cones) also have propylene glycol in its product. I makes the ice cream ingredient smoother and “easier to lick”. We don’t need anti-freeze in our ice cream desserts either. Did FDA also approve anti-freeze additives to ice cream? Thanks.

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