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August 3, 2010
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We want to get to know you a little better, so we can serve you better. We’d greatly appreciate it if you would participate in a short (five-minute) survey—and enter our drawing for an ANH-USA activist gift bag, as our way of saying thanks.
It’s only eleven quick questions, and will help us a great deal. Just go here to take the survey. Rest assured that all your answers will remain completely confidential.

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32 responses to “Please Participate in Our Brief Readers’ Survey!”

  1. Ria Sedberry says:

    I was a patient of Dr. Carrow and have been following his advice. So far it has worked great for me and the rest of my family.

  2. John W. Puderbach says:

    Excellent information! You really help me to keep current with natural health and related information. Thank you for all of your exceptionally good work.

  3. John W. Puderbach says:

    Excellent information! You really help me to keep current with natural health and related information. Thank you for all of your exceptionally good work.

  4. John W. Puderbach says:

    Excellent information! You really help me to keep current with natural health and related information. Thank you for all of your exceptionally good work.

  5. John W. Puderbach says:

    Excellent information! You really help me to keep current with natural health and related information. Thank you for all of your exceptionally good work.

  6. John W. Puderbach says:

    Excellent information! You really help me to keep current with natural health and related information. Thank you for all of your exceptionally good work.

  7. John W. Puderbach says:

    Excellent information! You really help me to keep current with natural health and related information. Thank you for all of your exceptionally good work.

  8. John W. Puderbach says:

    Excellent information! You really help me to keep current with natural health and related information. Thank you for all of your exceptionally good work.

  9. Dean Bayer says:

    The FDA cannot be reformed, it must be eliminated. It is not authorized by the constitution anyway.

    • Val says:

      I absolutely agree, but I’m guessing that it may be felt that the only way is Reform. – Replaced, – may be a better compromise.

  10. Doris Steele says:

    I am so appalled at the way the bush administration dished out their propganda and the naive american people sucked it up. The chemicals on the fields, on and in our foods, are killing us, causing birth defects in human and animals life as well, causing irreversible medical ailments, all under the pretense that the stuff is good for us. Now the flu shots are pumped full of stuff that is toxic. Very discouraging indeed as we are dependent on these evil monsters in control. May God help us and somehow come up with a miracle to put them down.

    • Rosemarie says:

      Do you think that this CURRENT administration is doing any better? If you do, I urge you to submit proof.

    • Val says:

      I am also appalled. The Bush & Obama Administration-as well, are guilty. This is not the Land of Liberty, it once was. With the Freedoms we have left, it is fortunate we have Organizations-like the , to represent us, in the field of Health.
      The mainstream media is so corrupt (controlled), I no longer think we can refer to “Freedom of the Press.”
      I guess we must just do our part, by – spreading the word to others, contacting our representatives, & supporting the worthy Organizations.
      Our Freedoms, in general, are eroding. – We must – Fight the Good Fight.-

  11. Doris Steele says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t agree with you on the health care issue. I totally support the new health care bill as my family doesn’t have ANY HEALTHCARE!

    • Rosemarie says:

      I do not have any health insurance either, but I do not support the health care bill. Read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Those documents do not give a person a RIGHT for programs. If you are such a believer in God, as I am, I trust that He will continue to give me the intelligence to make proper choices in nutrition and the rest will be left up to Him. There are also Christian groups that share in taking care of their own like Christian Care Ministries’ Medi-Share program. The government is way too overreaching and has taken on responsibilities (and might I add, making blundering mistakes and misappropriating billions of dollars by giving them to organizations that are not vetted properly) that were never theirs to begin with. Look into alternative options, I urge you, before giving up your freedom (which is a God-given right for ALL people) for a bowl of pottage (remember Esau and Jacob)!

    • Tracy says:

      your family will not be GIVEN health care, your family will be forced to PURCHASE health insurance whether you can afford it or not. This will be enforced by the 16,000 newly hired IRS agents who will be armed, knocking at your door demanding proof that you have spent what little money you have left on your new health care!!! read the bill and read the constitution…if you think the government is going to GIVE you anything you are in the wrong country.

    • T White says:

      You and your children will be in jail or fined first and foremost because they do not care a damn about you, it is a ploy to undermine you and it seems to be working very well with you. Think for yourself!! You were born with common sense do not give it to the powers that be or you will have nothing left to support, including your brain. get a clue for your own sake but mostly for your children. You got to this site somehow. Do the math. It is really easy. Open you mind.

  12. Doris Steele says:

    I’m sorry. I totally disagree with you on the health care subject. My family doesn’t ahve any health care as we can’t afford it. Without the reform bill, we wouldn’t have any. I bet all of you have good health insurance…………don’t give a crap that some of us who have none…….are kicked aside. Would you be willing to trade places with me where your family is not covered??? If you are any kind of christian people, you have to include everyone. Homeless, poor, the ones so totally kicked aside in the great rich country. I haven’t seen the rich side of it yet………..maybe you can give me answers on why the poor don’t deserve health care. I believe God will take into account the poor first as he said the first shall be last……………………..? Sincerely, Doris Steele

    • Charlee Sandell says:

      There is no way that the government can reform health care enough to make it profitable for the practitioners and the insurance companies and for the consumer. I am not certain when health insurance became popular, but as a kid, it was not even an issue. You went to the doc or the doc came to you and you paid the bill. Sometimes you had to make payments or trade, but you still got the care you needed. Health care is now BIG BUSINESS and the way it is currently structured, no one will get good medical care unless you are wealthy and can pay. So it is important for us to work on prevention rather than better insurance…actually prevention IS better insurance. So all of you people who seem to want to demand the health insurance, you need to take a good look at preventative measures. Is there ANYTHING that you could do to make your personal health better? One less bad food, more exercise, more outdoor activity, more writing to your Congressman about genetically modified foods, environment, etc., more boycotts of improper vendors or products> If we want a better world, we need to be better people. Legislating behavior and re-vamping useless systems are not the way to better health.

    • Ann Curtis says:

      No one said the poor don’t deserve healthcare–we ALL deserver healthcare. And that means, a healthcare system where EVERYONE is able to use the system. I use alternative medicine, because I don’t believe in pharma drugs and putting toxins and other manmade things in my body when God has made everything we’ll ever need to keep us healthy in nature. The passed ObamaCare bill does not cover everyone–only those people who use allopathic care and take pharma drugs and support BigPharma and BigChemical and BigCorporation through their taking of pharma drugs. If your body is healthy and your immune system is healthy, you don’t need pharma drugs.
      For me, the new proposed and passed ObamaCare system doesn’t help me. Me, my husband, and my daughter have a genetic liver mutation that prevents our bodies from detoxing and metabolizing correctly, in which we are not supposed to be taking any Pharma drugs or over-the-counter medications. Only eating organic food, drinking pure water, and eating real food that is devoid of chemicals, pesticides, insecticides, additives, perservatives, etc. The new ObamaCare has NO PROVISIONS for any one who uses alternative medicine. That means if I want to use my health insurance (which I do), I have to go to an allopathic doctor who will tell me I have a condition or a disease so that they can put me on pharma drugs.
      Um, no thanks. Been there, done that, got horribly, horribly sick and am now, FINALLY, getting better with the help of a naturopathic doctor, who I have to pay out of my own pocket. If our healthcare system actually helped people stay healthy and PREVENTED disease and conditions instead of treating them with a Band-aid (and NOT addressing the underlying problem), then I would be all for the new healthcare bill. But it doesn’t. Therefore, I cannot give my support to a healthcare system that only applies to the companies who get rich off of sick-care.
      I was on 12 pharma drugs at the age of 40. I am now 42 and still on one pharma drug for high blood pressure, which I am working on getting rid of. It can be done. If you keep your body healthy and feed it healty food and high-potency vitamins/’minerals/supplements (to get rid of deficiencies that can cause illness problems and conditions), then you are miles and miles ahead of everyone else.
      Yes, my family has medical insurance. But it is seldom used and is mostly for emergency purposes. We prevent illness by taking care of our bodies. Taking pharma drugs and getting flu shots and vaccines just put more toxins into the body than the body can’t get rid of. One of the best things anyone can do is go to an Integration Doctor or a Naturopathic Doctor and get a 24=hr urine kit. For $49.00, you can check your body to see how much heavy metal toxicity you have and where some of the major minerals stand–this test alone will help tremendously, because getting rid of toxic metals from your body will do tons to help you get better. My daughter and I went through 4 full-body detoxifications. I had my toxins checked when I was 40 years old; my daughter was 8 years old. My daughter’s body was MORE TOXIC than mine!!! That is absolutely criminal!
      What everyone needs to do is start looking out for him- or herrself. Read up on nutrition and what the body needs to stay healthy. You can borrow books from the library for free. Educate yourself on nutrition. Stay away from chemicals and preservatives and additives and MSG and aspartame/other manmade sweeteners. By organic food, plant your own garden, buy your produce at a local food market. Purify your water, especially if you live in town–the flouride and chlorine and all the other chemicals they put in the municipal water supply are NOT GOOD for your body. Educate yourself, arm yourself with the truth. The medical community doesn’t want people who are smart and know the truth.
      If you want to remain healthy, then you’re going to have to start helping yourself. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t want to take care of yourself–then take pharma drugs. I’ve been on that awful roller coster and almost got killed. I’m not going down that road again.

      • smkymtngal says:

        Thank goodness for alternative medicine!! Like your family, I have health insurance but rarely use it. Most of my medical is out of my pocket, not the insurance company. Western medicine doctors are clueless what can make you healthier WITHOUT a prescription drug. I travel more than 70 miles one way to an alternative practitioner.
        After all, those western medicine doctors are the ones who get wined and dined and everything else in between by drug reps who make frequent visits to their offices. I know, my friend works for a doctor. Doctors write prescriptions based on the drug reps under the table bonuses. I take NO prescription drugs; only supplements and alternative means, plus exercise, eating healthy and passing up fast food joints.

    • MaryAnn Armbruster says:

      Dear Dorothy,
      I, like you, have no health insurance. I have experienced excellent, government provided healthcare in other countries. I am also watching what my husband goes through with the VA. It’s basically a one size fits all brand of medicine that is completely tied to big pharma. They do not acknowledge that lifestyle, diet or supplements can have any effect on your health. Their idea of preventative care is vaccines. And, worst of all, the bureaucracy is so incompetent that they waste more money than they spend on care in duplication of effort and unnecessary forms, employee time wasted taking information that he’s already given five times before, when they are supposed to have the best electronic medical record available.
      Even with no insurance, I fear the healthcare plan because I expect it to be worse than the VA. I happen to suffer because my body does not respond ‘as usual’ to treatments. I’m sure that the plan will do nothing for me because I fall outside the norm – bureaucratic medicine is written for the norm, but none of us is ‘normal’.

  13. Martha Helgeson says:

    I liked your report on calcium. It is so important to get correct data. LIke in the calcium story you put out today. Big Pharma would love to see all the vits gone and everyone using drugs or worthless supplements created by them. Keep on keeping us informed about the real truth about nutritional supplements and exposing the lies created by those with vested interest elsewhere. Thanks for reporting. Marty Helgeson

    • Skye says:

      For info on correct use of calcium (if needed) as a supplement go to Calcium without proper form of Magnesium Chloride can be toxic and result in much of what was dicussed in article. Magnesium that is not in form of Magnesium Chloride will often result in diahhrea. Get the researched facts in The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND. This is a classic that should be read by everyone living in a human body. One person that is willing to take on Big Pharma and educate all. Mahalo!

  14. Jan Warfel says:

    I am a warrior in trying to stop CODEX & the FDA from destroying our food and supplements.
    Send me anything you have.
    I have just gotten rid of Freedom Health aka Dr. Rima Laibow as I feel she has taken a
    wrong turn in the fight to preserve our right to have vitamins, supplements and organic foods.

  15. Mary Bainter says:

    My comment is directed to Doris. I understand your comments as my family is low income. We live in Indiana and have access to the Healthy Indiana Plan which has given us decent insurance for a reasonable low price. I wish you had something like that available to you as well, wherever you may live. However, the new health care bill will eliminate our health plan and we will be kicked into Medicaid instead. Or if our income should increase somewhat we might be forced to purchase insurance that we cannot afford.
    I personally would rather have no insurance at all than that type of situation. I consider health insurance as a backup plan in case of accidental injury. As far as I am concerned that is all it is good for.
    We have barely used our insurance at all in three years. We take vitamins and supplements to keep well. For example, my husband no longer has high blood pressure thanks to CoQ10, magnesium, etc. And we eat healthy whole foods. It costs more to stay healthy this way and we eliminate other expenses that others take for granted such as cable TV, entertainment, etc.
    The type of health “reform” that will be forced on us will only result in more drugs, more poisonous vaccines and unwanted types of procedures that will leave people anything but healthy. It is questionable whether many people who now do so will be able to afford the supplements, vitamins and alternative healthcare that they desire. I honestly would rather have no insurance whatsover than be forced into such a situation.

  16. Mona Hughes says:

    I had polio in 1946. I was a research subject at the age of 3 1/2 yrs, using penicillin (only caused problems for me later), and a surgical research subject for years. Over the years I was giving so many drugs for a variety of problems I finally reached a point thta most drugs made me sicker. I finally began to read all I could about supliments and finally homeopathic treatments. I have stayed physically healthy since there for the most part. Of course aging and post polio syndrom has resulted in progressive paralysis, which I live iwth, and use pain meds to make living possible. But I have also use suppliments for the past 40 years and homeopathics for the last 15 years. I have gotten more help from those then I ever received from perscription medications, and without getting sick from the treatments. I finally found a osteopathic physician who has helped me greatly using ‘hands on treatments’, which I can’t describe except to say she is always able to find just the right place to touch and adjust (not as a chiropractor) and has kept me going for the past 6-7 years. Every time I read that some ignorant elected official wants to ban this or that natural substance, while allowing pharmeceuticals that are killing people to be sold, I write another letter or e-mail to try to find out what their heritage is, human or worm. We have to watch them closely and try to educate those who invest in those companies, while at the same time taking dozens of those same drugs that make them sicker, that they should invest in natural things and live longer and better, and forget about dying rich. However, there are those who will not listen. I have found that rich people have no clue about living well, as opposed to living rich, and never will. I am just so tired of Americans who can’t seem to find the time to educate themselves, prefering to live as sheep, and take another medicaton that wlll kill them. Oh well, their children wll enjoy the money they will get to spend before they die.

  17. Carol Maghakian says:

    I am a strongly support natural supplements and practices. I encourage using only organic products and am a healthy cancer-free woman because of this life style and the advice of holistic doctors and diaticians incorporated along with main-stream physicians.
    It irratates me when I read or hear statements that put fear into people about the harm from using natural supplements. The only harm is when they are used improperly. That is true of any medication or substances.
    Thank you for all you do to promote natural health and preventative medicine.

  18. Rix Mohay says:

    This is getting out of control. Is there anything they don’t use the this stuff or other known poisionous chemicals on. I become more convinced that satan is actively working to KILL us all. Thank you for your work as it is good to obtain truthful knowledge; Hosea 4:6. May God bless us all!!!

  19. georgecailide says:

    PREVENTION is THE BEST INSURANCE! thank you for all of your exceptionally GOOD WORK!

  20. toodles says:

    I got my father onto a natural, organic health regimen (no flouride, low toxins, filtered water), plus regular exercise with his new pet & a free gym membership for seniors… He’s now 80-(served in the Korean War, no less!)-and he is in perfect health!!! He doesn’t depend on medications, surgeries, or even need a walker. He’s outlived many younger peers. He also remains sharp mentally & is always cracking jokes! Is it all good genes or prevention at work? Well, I just wanted to say it’s great to see him enjoy life in old age, as he should–under the philosophy put forth by ANH-USA! Thanks for your work.

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