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Poison: How Little is Too Much?

toxicFor generations, physicians were taught that “the dose makes the poison,” a “fact” first espoused by the Swiss alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541).Indeed, many current physicians insist that this holds true for modern pharmaceutical drugs: i.e., the dosage determines whether a medicine is toxic or a cure.
Now Dr. Pete Myers — founder, CEO and chief scientist at Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), a Charlottesville, Va., public-health advocacy group — is arguing that Paracelsus’ determination is all wrong when it comes to hormone disrupters, such as bisphenol A (BPA).
These endocrine disrupters are unbelievably widespread (90 percent of Americans carry traces of BPA in their body). Myers believes that even tiny doses of these chemicals “may well explain the mysterious rash of modern ailments — attention-deficit disorders, thyroid problems, obesity, precocious puberty in girls, hormonally influenced cancers that have gone from rare to commonplace”.
In recent decades, testosterone levels have declined and estrogen levels increased in men. Why? Research published in the British journal New Scientist has shown that two plastic softeners called phthalates, also in our bodies, said to be inconsequential when used separately, can effectively decrease the production of testosterone when combined.
FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg has announced that over the next 18-24 months, $30 million of stimulus money will be spent to study BPA’s effects on human health. In the meantime, Hamburg’s agency has failed to act on ANH-USA’s petition to consider the effects on children of dental sealants and composite fillings containing BPA . The FDA remains silent about this subject.

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17 thoughts on “Poison: How Little is Too Much?

  • I have MCS.
    The letters refer to “Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.”
    And I am one of many.
    Should you google “MCS Support Groups” you will find out that ALL of us get sick from chemical exposures at concentrations that are supposed to be “safe;” but which are thoroughly UNsafe for people like me…and we number multiple millions.

  • Karen

    How concerned about chronic poisons is the FDA? It is my understanding that chronic poisons generally cannot be traced back to an offending substance, i.e. Monsanto’s GMOs, artificial sweeteners, etc. Consequently, the FDA seizes the opportunity to look the other way, instead turning their attention to acute toxins.
    I guess I’m saying that i is no surprise that the FDA isn’t following up on dental sealants and composite fillings. Sad, but not surprising.

    • June Higgins

      I was poisoned by a series of hepatitis vaccines at the hospital I worked for. My hands immediately went numb. It went away within 24 hours after each of the 3 injections. As a nurse, I should have put two and two together. My health started failing after that. A year later, I had a bridge placed in my mouth. I immediately lost vision in my left eye, my ability to walk without assistance, my hands went numb, and all sorts of other symptoms. I now have MS, I am disabled and living off of social security. I was a nurse, and I really enjoyed it. My life is over due to mercury poisoning. Does the government care about it’s people. No. There are over 200 new cases of MS,reported every week. That is an epidemic. There are over 500,000 cases of MS in the US. That is just one autoimmune disorder. Look at the 400% growth in cancer rates, and I’m not sure of the actual statistics of diabetes, but it is huge. A little poison won’t hurt you? It has ruined my life and the lives of many others.

  • Anita Knight

    It seems little is known that the American Water Association publishes standards for the utilities departments.
    One that notes presence of lead in chemicals added to drinking water is:
    AWWA Standard for Fluorosilicic Acid B703-06. This liquid form is used in around 90% of drinking water systems as it is easier to apply to the water systems.
    The forward page ix notes: “The transfer of contaminants from chemicals to processed water or the residual solids is becoming a problem of greater concern.”
    Then page 13 is an entire page of contaminants/heavy metals as: Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Beryllium, Cadmium,Copper, Lead, Mercury, Selenium, Thallium, Radionuclides, Beta and Alpha particles, Uranium, and Radium 226-228.

  • While I find this article clearly compelling and well reasoned, I note that there is a group of children and adults for which the “little poison” has, in the face of this reproted general decline in testosterone and related andrigens and a general increase in estrogens, has significantly increased the androgens in both the males and the females that it has affected. That little poison is Thimerosal (49.55% by weight mercury) injected into pregnant women, developing children and adults woth almost no regard for its long-term low-level effects. That is is the primary causal factor has been established by the absence of the regressive form of the neurodevelopmental disorder, “autism”, in populations that have NOT been vaccinated and its presence in more than 1 % of US children who have been directly vaccinated or indirectly exposed via their mothers’ being inoculated with Thimerosal-preserved vaccines and serums. With no proof of safety and studies which indicate toxicity at levels of Thimerosal below 0.0086 microgram of Thimerosal per kg of body mass per day in developing children — not only is toxicity denied but, unlike BPA, no stimulus funds have vbeen allocated to determine the NOAEL (no observed adverse-effect level) for injected Thimerosal in developing children from conception onwards. Moreover, any unbiased reading of the tox literature would clearly implicate Thimerosal more than BPA is the major cause of chemicals “…the mysterious rash of modern ailments — attention-deficit disorders, thyroid problems, obesity, precocious puberty in girls, hormonally influenced cancers that have gone from rare to commonplace” as well as child diabetes (both types), childhood MS, food allergies, a variety of other autoimmune diseases, childhood leukemias, etc. [See: http://www.mercury-freedrugs.org for more on this reality.]

  • Mollie

    Recently I discovered that our touted Vitamin D often has a “3” attached, signifying that a “little bit” of rat poison is in it. While I realize it isn’t enough to kill me, it may cause other problems since every body is different. When I have concluded this container of D3, I will be certain to always observe the content of every vitamin I purchase in the future. I suppose asking the manufacturer why they would knowingly place poison in anything taken regularly would be a moot point.

  • I seem to be very sensitive to the Bt-toxin in some GMOs. I believe that any food or pharmaceutical containing more then 50 mcg / kg [or liter] of: mercury, lead, uranium, arsenic, fluorine, cyanide, methanol [wood alchol], formaldehyde, Red dye #40, Bt-toxin, nicotine, viral DNA, etc. should have that toxin and its amount on the label in a font greater then 9. Also note that a large amounts of fructose is also toxic.

  • Lynda

    The FDA will NEVER be held *Accountable* for their collusion with Big Pharma. They will continue to approve *Death* drugs and get away with it, killing millions of unassuming people who TRUST their doctor who tells them it’s *OK* to take this, that & the other drug (afterall…the FDA *Approved* it) while the drug whore reps promise the docs trips & perks to push the drugs.
    Margaret Hamburg……just another pharma whore.

  • There are people in european countries who don’t want to breed with Americans because they are also privy to this info. What’s the best way to detox BPA?

  • I believe Margaret Hamburg is not interested in the wellfare of children, but her own pocket. She had shown this with the vaccine issue. She, and everyone working in her position, should not be allowed to consult or get jobs with Pharma for at least ten years after working for the FDA. She also should make her personal and first degree relative investments open to the public. I believe the FDA chief should go through a more rigurous appointment process than the Supreme Court justices. After all, there are millions of lives and quality of lives at stake here.
    Elena N. Marcus

  • Jo

    I want to know how to change all this… where do you go to ave your voice heard? or have things changed? or sign petitions? I always find writting and complaints and rarely ever see a solution…. Just Talking about it amongst people who already know the problems at hand and not moving forward isn’t going to help any of us.. So if anyone have any ideas please let me know [email protected] I am really interested in how to save and improve the life of my children and yours. I don’t want to leave my kids in a pil of trash for the rest of their lives.

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