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Privacy and Federal Scofflaws

Privacy? What Privacy?
We’ve made no secret of our concern over the proposed national electronic records system. We agree with the Institute for Health Freedom that the proposed system will invade your privacy by allowing hundreds of thousands of parties to access your records. Here is a case in point:

According to news reports this week, North Carolina sheriffs want access to state computer records that identify people with prescriptions for powerful painkillers and other controlled substances, an idea that patient advocates oppose. “We can better go after those who are abusing the system,” said Lee County Sheriff Tracy Carter.
As things stand now, under the federal HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) privacy rule, your personal health information—including electronic health records (EHRs) and genetic information—can be disclosed without your consent to many third parties such as the following:

  • Public health workers
  • Data-processing companies
  • Researchers (in some instances)
  • Law enforcement officials
  • Federal government
  • Doctors (even those not treating you)

Under the HIPAA privacy rule all of the above are legally permitted to access your personal health and genetic information without your permission. Individuals do not have the final say in whether their personally identifiable health information is shared with more than 600,000 health-related organizations for purposes related to treatment, payment, and health-care operations without individuals’ consent.
The news reports went on to say that 30% of all North Carolinians had at least one prescription for a controlled substance in the first six months of 2010. Conventional medicine seems to be turning many of us into drug addicts.
USDA Thumbs Its Nose at the Law
Last month we told you that a US district judge in California ruled that the USDA cannot wave through approval for Monsanto’s new genetically modified sugar beets without a review of what they would do to the environment. Well, it seems that the USDA just went ahead and approved planting, despite the court decision!
So this week, groups opposed to genetically modified foods announced a lawsuit against the USDA over the agency’s recent decision to allow limited plantings of altered sugar beets.
The plaintiffs, which include the Center for Food Safety, argue in their lawsuit that these plantings could still contaminate neighboring crops. The suit asks the judge to forbid the planting of any genetically modified sugar beet plants.

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14 thoughts on “Privacy and Federal Scofflaws

  • D. Nelson

    I think it is time if the FDA again refuses to protect our children then we must take control. If they go ahead and break the law and plant the seeds then we need to go in and dig them up so they cannot grow. Enough is enough this company has been stopped in nearly all countries why are we still having to deal with them???? If the coujrts will not help, the FDA of course will not help then we must take care of it ourselfs. When Taylor senior advisor to FDA, Vilsack sect. of ag old monsanto buddies are in charge of our food supply what other choice do we have. Now perhaps we will get Wolff for under sec. Talk about the wolf in the hen house. As I said our children deserve better and we need to clean this mess up before more dsamage is done. Lets show them our children will be protected and they need to stop now. No one shoud buy anything that is related to Monsanto when it hits the pocket they will come up with some other way to feed their greed.

    • Denise Porter

      While I share your frustration, I cannot endorse your methods. Lawlessness is not the solution to lawlessness (stepping out of the protection of Truth –and embracing & excusing such ideas & the actions that spring from them is how we got to the place in which we find ourselves). I know I’m preaching to the choir –but if there’s no Truth then there’s no Law, no right, no wrong, no meaning —–it’s all up for grabs & power is the only determinant. Anyone can tear down —it’s building up what SHOULD be built up that we need to focus on.
      We must pray, then act in Truth according to the Word of the Creator, as exemplified by our wise Founders who incorporated it into our Founding documents, & according to conscience & the self-evident Law we see witnessed in nature –without which science is not possible. We must use our liberties to know & to share information & to back true freedom of religion & freedom of knowledge/press FIRST. We must work to take back parental & local control of education to this end & for open & free content & scientific discussion with an emphasis on source documents & logic—not ungrounded opinion or ‘just believe’ what you’re told & all will be well…
      We need to work tirelessly on a variety of fronts to drag gov/bus back to their lawful limits —-& cry out for the enforcement of the laws that we already have —and the repeal of those that are unjust. We must give $ if we can, but even if we can’t we should shoulder the responsibilities commensurate with our position & circumstances: Home school your own if you can —-that they will know of these things & carry it on. Speak of it with them even if you can’t. We must keep educating ourselves, work to understand & to broadcast the underlying science, the news of flagrant lawlessness, & post pictures of the act of defiance constantly & widely. (It will take diligence: we have just witnessed the nomination of a Supreme Court Justice who despises the Constitution, who has openly endorsed ‘disappearing’ information not to her personal liking, & who is under investigation by the Bar for knowingly & willfully altering evidence submitted to trial! We have a President & Congress who largely spit on the rule of Law & who seek to circumvent it to impose their agenda —just like Monsanto, and most likely in collusion with Monsanto. The corruption & organized propaganda machine is deeply entrenched.) Support whistle blowers —hold your legislators accountable & know their campaign funding sources. Be in regular contact with them. Speak out in your church, family & community. Alone we can accomplish nothing of meaning, but with God all things are possible.
      I know it’s platitudinous — but there’s a reason such expressions have lasting value & keep cropping back up: The tide is turning —and it’s always darkest just before the dawn.

      • Joana VanEck

        This is a tricky one…Even though I absolutely believe that lawlessness does not correct lawlessness, what would happen after the seeds of these LAWLESSLY planted beets take to the air currents ?
        Since Law said these beets should absolutley NOT be planted, law is really on the side of those protecting their immediate neighborhood – pulling out these UNDESIRABLE INVASIVE WEEDS of beets, since they have been declared as such – by the court…and by the law . The court determined the beets to be dangerous, and undesirable to spread. A Government Agency – USDA acted unlawfully – and OK’ed planting. These beets would now be a threat to world beet supply -what are the people to do ? Wait untill it happens ?
        Cleaning weeds is something every good gardener does, even when it sometimes means crossing over to a lot that belongs to a neighbor (in my case real) who has not responded to legal demand for removing their invasive weeds, that could soon take over MY PRIVATE PROPERTY.
        The beets polen/seeds would unlawfully crossing over/invading others property…So taking an action on it is in my view a necessary act.

    • Please add a third word.
      Collusion and greed are only techniques being used to implement eugenics. GMO “foods” are clearly a eugenic tool. Animals will NOT eat GMOs, some to the point of choosing starvation over the consumption of GMO “food”. The FDA KNOWS this. HHS KNOWS this. David Rockefeller KNOWS this.
      It is past time we know this.


    Why do i feel like we are going to die just trying to fight back these murderers????? It’s all so Orwellian and blatently criminal. I guess Harriet Myers and Karl Rove set the example for government entities. Just blow off the subpeonas and orders, give us all the finger, then rub it in our faces while you appear on TV like nothing happened (because nothing DID)!!!!!.

  • If they do allow plantings, please, please, please require anything containing Bt-sugar beets to be labeled as such since I am very allergic to the Bt-toxin and glyphosate that is used with it. I also have to absolutely avoid Bt-corn, including HFCS & maltodextrin, Bt-soy, Bt-cotton-seed and Bt-canola for the same reason. I do not have any reaction to non-GMO corn, soy or cotton-seed. Canola, a variation of rape seed, has its own set of problems.

    • Well the simple answer with sugar beets is to totally STOP eating ALL sugar. Yes it is somewhat difficult to do but believe me the benefits will vastly exceed the effort. Sugar in ALL its forms is one of the WORST things you can ingest.
      To totally stop eating sugar you will have to near totally stop eating processed food. Again not easy; again totally salubrious.

  • Ogre

    The problem is not the fact that they are computerized but who or whom can access them. Remember that Vioxx problem was discovered because the VA has computerized records.
    Medical records seem to be a joke anyway. I always present a detailed list of what I take (chemical names or if an herb the Latin name), because of potential interactions with some drugs. If its not there when I request a copy of my records, the physician is dismissed for cause.
    I also point out that there is no penalty for lying on these forms. for instance, I often add an apartment number to my address so that I can track who is accessing and using my personal information.

  • Chuck Potter

    Hit them where it hurts the most-the pocket book. BOYCOTT GMO based foods and buy organic. Nothing stems the greed better than supply and demand. They won’t plant what they can not sell. We do not have to play the game they present, but it takes our time and investment to seek alternate food choices. It’s not easy, but what battle is? Oh yeah, remember to vote!

  • Melissa Nunes

    One problem I have experienced is knowing what is GMO and what is not. I ate Boca Burgers for years but only this year found out they were made with GMO soy. I would love a way to identify these foods .

    • Avoid, as most are GMO
      “Since Junk, Fast and Processed Food is made mostly with SOY and CORN if you are eating junk, fast or processed food you are eating GMO.”
      Soybeans 95% is GMO
      Commercial Meat and Poultry made with GMO Soy and Corn
      Corn 85% is GMO
      Cotton Seed used in processed food, toxic before it became GMO
      Canola 85% is GMO, organic canola has been contaminated by GMO
      Fast Food made with GMO Soy and Corn
      HFCS made from GMO corn, 25% of our calories are from sugar
      Hawaiian Papaya 65% is GMO
      Junk Food made with GMO Soy and Corn
      Processed Food made with GMO Soy and Corn
      Sugar Beets soon 25% of our calories are from sugar
      Crookneck squash
      Some varieties of zucchini
      Our real problem with GMO is that there over 800 applications pending for GMO “foods”. Clearly they intend to make it IMPOSSIBLE NOT to eat GMO. This is in your face eugenics and deliberate indirect murder..

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