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Project Inundate the EPA

Project Inundate the EPA

From Moms Across America

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We are down to the wire with the EPA and glyphosate. This past week the EPA appealed to the Supreme Court to extend the deadline for their decision on whether or not to renew or revoke the license glyphosate. Preposterous. They have had 13 years to review glyphosate.

In the meantime, people are getting sick and dying. Our pets, pollinators, babies, and neighbors are dying. Our health care costs are skyrocketing.

Professor Emeritus at Perdue University, a sixty-year plant pathologist Don Huber PhD. Said, “Glyphosate herbicides make DDT look like mouthwash.” 

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One thought on “Project Inundate the EPA

  • Barbara Foley

    There is NO more time to review glyphosate, I literally don’t know a single family unaffected. Childhood diseases are through the roof, all the young families I know have at LEAST one child that is injured and needs special foods, or special treatments, or special education, or worse cancer, sometimes if they only have two children both of them are affected, and the parents struggle to make ends meet paying for all of the necessary adjustments to treat their children, and I am not just talking about the poor, I am talking about the middle and upper middle classes. Enough is Enough, DO SOMETHING!!

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