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Protecting Due Process: Physicians’ Rights in North Carolina

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AAHF Legislative Director Tami Wahl has corresponded with the sponsors of the legislation in North Carolina designed to protect the due process rights of physicians during disciplinary hearings. State Rep. Michael Wray has introduced HB1352, and State Sen. Jerry Tillman has introduced SB958.

Following the footsteps of action taken in the Texas legislature, North Carolina now has two champions working to ensure that:
• physicians are afforded the right to appeal,
• physicians are afforded full disclosure of the complainant’s identity,
• physicians are afforded a true peer review of the complaint to determine medical  competency, and
• consumers are given access to healthcare options that work best for them

As Wahl states, “Physicians must have the autonomy to practice medicine tailored to the needs of each patient. They need an environment that encourages independent thinking, one that fosters good relations with their governing agency. These rights are good for consumers.”
If you would like to communicate with Tami Wahl about protecting the due process rights of integrative physicians in your state, please contact her at [email protected].

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