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Natural Health Action Alerts!

Use these in your store’s e-newsletters and on Facebook.

Drug Manufacturer Trying to Cut Off Ingredient Supply of the Cheaper, Nontoxic Version.
Would you rather take a $1,500 mass-marketed drug with toxic ingredients to prevent premature childbirth, or a ten-dollar compounded nontoxic version? You may not have a choice.
Tell Congress New FDA Legislation is Unnecessary

Keep Synthetics Out of Organic Baby Food
Please write to the National Organic Standards Board. Ask them to prohibit the use of synthetic substances in organic baby food—especially synthetic substances that are used as preservatives and have no nutritional value.

ANH-USA Retailer Focused Articles

Let’s Get the Boycott Rolling – Please Sign the Pledge (Prop 37 in California)

Turnabout: Now the Mainstream Media Reports That Vitamins Can Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Natural Health In-store Flyers

Bumper stickers, consumer flyers, and Take Action displays

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“I Support Natural Health” Bumper Sticker

Counter Display Action Alert

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