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Risks to Kids?

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As AAHF reported last month, “Our Children as Guinea Pigs” – we shared concerns with the American Academy of Pediatrics position on giving statins to children to tackle high cholesterol.

Childhood obesity is a huge problem in America and is growing around the world.
The British Medical Journal has published a study that suggests that poor physical control and coordination in childhood are linked to an increased risk of obesity in later life.  The findings are based on 11,042 individuals, who are part of the ongoing National Child Development Study in Great Britain, which began in 1958.
Kids are starting to get involved.  A group of teenagers looking to address childhood obesity in Watsonville are meeting with the City Council Tuesday.  The group of 30 teenagers are interested in creating a healthier community. (Click here to read the story.)
Some groups are trying to raise awareness with controversy.  The Center for Closing the Health Gap says it’s sharply worded billboard, “Are we feeding our kids to death” will get families — and especially minority families — to start thinking about their children’s weight and health.  Some opponents worry that the billboards will subject overweight children to ridicule.
There are more and more articles and studies published every day on childhood obesity. Putting our children on drugs is not the answer.  It’s a classic example of short-sighted healthcare at work.
The U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Children and Families have been holding hearings on this issue entitled: “Childhood Obesity: The Declining Health of America’s Next Generation”. Part I was on July 16 (click here to read more information).  Part II was on July 23 (click here for more information).

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