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Sit Down and Eat Your GMOs

Sit Down and Eat Your GMOs
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Consumers are targeted by the FDA’s newest GMO propaganda campaign.
From the FDA:
The U.S Food and Drug Administration is announcing public meetings to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, and San Francisco, California, regarding its Agricultural Biotechnology Education and Outreach Initiative. Congress appropriated $3 million to fund this initiative, which calls upon the FDA to work with USDA to provide education and outreach to the public on agricultural biotechnology and food and animal feed ingredients derived from biotechnology.
The purpose of the public meetings is to provide the public with an opportunity to share information, experiences, and suggestions to help inform the development of this education and outreach initiative.
Comment: From the same Congress that gave you the sham GMO “labeling” bill comes a taxpayer-funded propaganda campaign on behalf of the biotech industry to convince you that GMOs are perfectly safe. Now, the FDA wants your advice on how they can best “educate” US citizens on the many virtues of GMO food.
Check out our GMO Fact Check page for a much more accurate education about GMO foods.

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