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Speaking Naturally with Dr. Leo Pruimboom

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Dr. Leo Pruimboom is the latest guest on Speaking Naturally, a podcast in which Rob Verkerk, PhD, ANH’s founder and Executive and Scientific Director, has uncensored conversations with some of the world’s leading researchers, scientists, and thinkers.

Dr. Pruimboom is the founder of clinical psychoneuroimmunology – CPNI for short, or KPNI if you’re in Europe — and the Intermittent Living concept. Please note the distinction between psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), which was a concept advanced by Robert Ader and Nicholas Cohen back in 1975, and clinical psychoneuroimmunology, the practical and clinical application of PNI principles, Dr. Pruimboom’s brainchild.

He describes clinical psychoneuroimmunology as an advanced and complete medicine that provides an integrative overview of patients’ health. It examines interconnected body systems and their relationship with psychological, social and ecological aspects of the patient’s life. Thus, it would be closer to the mark to say that CPNI is the application of ‘clinical psycho-neuro–socio-endo-metabolo-immunology’ in the pursuit of the multiple risk factors which activate disease mechanisms. Hard science, anchored by a core of epistemology, delivered with softer skills.

Dr. Pruimboom admits he’s been criticized at times for being too hypothesis-led, but the world has been built on those willing to follow a hunch and take a risk. Undeterred by any detractors, Dr. Pruimboom has spent over 3 decades pioneering the field of clinical PNI and developing and directing educational programs. His master’s courses have been hosted by four different universities and he regularly runs external CPNI courses and webinars for medical professionals.

This year sees CPNI celebrating 35 successful years as a translational medical discipline. In October 2024 the International CPNI Masters will be launched in the UK and we are also pleased to be able to announce that you will have a rare opportunity to spend a day with Dr. Pruimboom in November 2023 – see below for more details!

Save the date: a day with Dr. Pruimboom

Email your interest to join Dr. Leo Pruimboom for a unique, one-off, CPNI Masterclass (prior knowledge of CPNI not required), hosted by Dr. Rob Verkerk and supported by the ANH Health Creation Faculty team. We are also hoping to livestream this event for those that can’t join us in person.

>>> Click here to download a linked PDF with more details. Email [email protected] to receive full details of this one of a kind event.

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