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States Marching Toward Supplement Restrictions

States Marching Toward Supplement Restrictions

Will the supplements you need be placed behind store counters, or locked away in a case? State-based action alerts!

A number of states are considering bills that would restrict access to certain supplements. These bills would prohibit the sale of weight loss and muscle building supplements to those under the age of 18. A bill in California was just approved by the Assembly by a wide margin (53 in favor, 13 opposed). We need to send a strong message across the country that these bills are an ill-advised, unnecessary attack on our freedom.

The problem is we don’t know how many supplements will fall under the loosely defined categories set forth in these bills. According to these bills, the supplements that could be targeted include a broad array of products, including protein powders, hormones, like progesterone and DHEA, glandulars, and lipotropics, which may include essential nutrients like B vitamins and choline. Is it really a good idea, in the midst of a pandemic that threatens our health, to restrict access to these products?

Some proponents argue that these measures are needed to protect children from “unhealthy weight control behavior,” which are risk factors for eating disorders. This is a noble goal, but the language in these bills casts a wide net that could limit access to products that have nothing to do with weight loss. Additionally, these bills require restricting access to these products by placing them behind a counter or in a locked case, access for everyone, not just minors, is restricted. Hidden from a customer’s view, some people may never become aware of a product that would perfectly suit their health needs—or be too intimidated to ask for it.

These bills communicate to the public that supplements are a public health hazard. The simple truth is that supplements have a proven track record of safety—more so than food, not to mention FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. Our counterparts at ANH-Europe found that UK residents were about as likely to get struck by lightning as die from taking dietary supplements. Even if these bills have other stated goals, the end result is to limit access to healthy products for everyone, which is not in the interest of public health—much less during a pandemic. We must oppose these misguided policies.

The states listed below have bills introduced in the state legislature to restrict access to dietary supplements. If you live in one of these states, please click your state to send a message to your elected officials.

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New Jersey

New York

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25 thoughts on “States Marching Toward Supplement Restrictions

  • Afia Christine Menke

    We have had enough of Big Pharma and Big Agri controlling and monopolizing our food and healthcare systems. Safety is already built into our FDA system- unless this is proven flawed- which should allow for plenty of oversight.
    Leave our proven safe and effective supplement industries alone. This smacks to me of similar and historical efforts to spread false information about health issues related to Cannabis. We could more easily die from a car accident, a bolt of lightening, or even drinking beer at a Super Bowl Game than diving from a supplement! And yet, we drive, go outside in the rain and drink beer at NFL games! No one is regulating these activities proven more dangerous than ingesting supplements.
    Come on. Give it up. Enough corporate greed already!!!

  • Joseph

    To put any and all Nutritional Supplements behind counters or locked away is totally wrong.
    Big Farma must be kept away for all of this, I view them as criminals, and they must be blocked.

  • Gene

    Long before “big pharma”, what did people do to treat health conditions? Hmm. Tough one. Herbalists have been treating the sick since Old Testament Biblical times. What this is all about is CONTROL and MONEY. My cousin just retired from big pharma and I explained how I was exposed to the Wuhan-China-Virus at a dinner party. The host called me a couple days later and told me he and his wife came down with the virus. I immediately started in on my herbals and supplements and out of the dozen people at dinner, was the ONLY person who did not get sick. Vitamins A through E are immune system vitamins. Quinine is the base for Hydroxychloroquine. Other supplements I took are zinc, echinacea and mellatonin. I did this twice a day for a little over a week and remained disease free. My cousin was very condescending and ridiculed me. Big pharma wants to control everything and make themselves a whole lot wealthier. Meanwhile, when governments start down this path it is because they are literally communists/socialists pushing for total control.

    • Daniel Murphy

      I agree with much of what you see however, this is really about corporations taking control of government agencies.The truth is we’re embroiled in a fascist movement.

  • Jerry Daniel

    It is very sad that money means more to our government and Big Pharma than the lives of American citizens!

    • coco

      we need to vote with our wallet, start nationwide petitions to fire everybody at the FDA and start afresh with health minded scientists not pharma operatives.

  • As a chemist, I am appalled that you have not had these supplements tested yourself.
    Chemists know unless the supplement has tightly regulated vitamins, estrogens, whatever mineral, vitamin listed and entire ingredients are currently totally UnREGULATED by ANY government agency?
    Most have totally ungegulated dangerous, ever tested for touted ingredients, also at the whim of the manufacturers and labeled.
    The FDA has no authority over supplements and saying “this product meets FDA Standards” is absolutely a meaningless phrase. FDA has no, no control over supplements, there are no regulations by anyone for supplements for the last 60 years!
    Despite Poison Center ‘s desperate pleas, the supplement industry of pure profits has better income than big pharma!
    As I too watched young girls die from taking “abortifacient” and if no aborting, they tried more and more until a lethal dose at only 4/6 pills in a bottle of 30!
    Most girls missed that period because none were pregnant! Not one! Some now so anotexic they had no more periods, some so trrrified of parents, no period out of extreme fear or fright!
    The maker of an irresponsible supplement continue profiting, no conscious, no one could sue because no one could. Not MD’s treating dead girls, not AMA, not government, especially anyone in the FDA!
    What you intend has been skillful engineered by the profiteers still profiting from deaths of people from kids to elderly. Continuing no regulation fits the profiting murdered great. Even $100./ moth simple vitamins may not have any vitamins, just brewer’s yeast with any amount of B vitamins you could buy a month or 3 supply of for $1.50!
    Although label says exact ingredients, it’s at their good will, not law that any supplement contain anything listed on label. Not regulated, no laws.
    Your petition allows greedy murderers continue their lawless greedy killing with only their non-existent consciousness’s to police. As proven by deaths the last 50 years.

    • Rose B

      Yes, “buyer beware” is certainly good advice for anyone purchasing supplements. It’s possible to spend a lot of money on useless, even unhealthy products.
      But the idea that pharma drugs are “safe and effective” because a government agency regulates them is ludicrous. How many deaths and long-term diseases have been caused by FDA approved drugs (Vioxx, opioids, HRT, Fen-phen, Seldane, etc., etc.) before they were finally restricted or taken off the market? And how many similarly from various supplements?
      On top of that, which industry are we compelled to support by our taxes going toward research and development, and then government purchases of the finished products (in many cases, like the covid “vaccines,” before the clinical trials were officially finished)? Which ones are we free to chose if we want to, vs. which ones are we automatically dosed with if we happen to end up in a hospital?
      Sorry to bust your bubble, but supplements, even the not-so-good ones, have a much better track record than the official drugs.

    • Jeff

      This whole post is propaganda. There have been NO deaths reported to poison control centers that have been caused by vitamins. Check out for more info. BTW, the FDA and the FTC can regulate and remove products that cause harm.

    • Heidi Wollenweber

      I’ve been taking OTC supplements for decades & haven’t even had a cold in over 11 yrs. Taken as directed they’re safe. Overdoing w anything is harmful! NO to touching supplements for optimum health!

    • Organic Holistic Living

      For a chemist, you obviously only go by what you were taught in a Big Pharma controlled institution or didn’t go to school, which by your spelling seems more like it.

      Most people don’t realize that a lot of the major brands you find on your basic store shelf is created & owned by Big Pharma. Also most contain GMOs!

      Another thing that most people don’t know is that our soils are extremely depleted of nutrients due to mono crop farming, so eating the non organic version of “fruits, herbs & veggies” will not give you proper nutrition and most likely are sprayed with toxic chemicals if they aren’t already genetically modified.

      I’m extremely diligent in studying each ingredient in the supplements I use, which are extremely high quality and the companies show their sources of ingredients and why.

      I never get sick due to the quality & amount of different supplements I take. My hubby went to visit family for Thanksgiving and came back with most likely Omnicron, even though he tested negative for Covid. He drove, since it was only a few hours away, and a couple of the family members work in medical facilities and may have carried a “bug”, even though they didn’t get sick, and most likely are immune to everything. None of us are stupid enough to get this bioweapon jab that is meant for depopulation. Anyways, I didn’t isolate myself from him and I didn’t even get a sniffle or cough. Thanks to my supplements, I was able to keep my hubby comfortable, since his doctor gave him the wrong treatment which made certain symptoms worse!

      Anyone can call themselves a chemist if they know their ingredients, portions, etc… I can make HCQ from a couple organic ingredients in a few hours in my kitchen! Nothing toxic or flammable.

      I sure hope you don’t accidentally poison anyone while in your chemist mode!

    • Daniel

      So, you’re contending the United States healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies, are not killing people? By virtue of being legal entities? C’mon.

    • Betty Walker

      Prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer in US and Europe. Per Pubmed. Where on that scale is the number of deaths from natural vitamins and minerals? They do have US standards they have to meet and will carry (USP) on the label to signify strength, quality, & purity. I think you should stick to your poisonous chemicals for medicine and not try to shame and belittle for using the safe/natural meds that most of us were raised using them and in my case for 76 years with very good results!

    • rob j

      Troll get a grip. How many children/Adults have died as result of FDA approved pharma drugs versus unapproved over the counter supplements? Come on Chemist give me a number. Let’s make it easy for you,over the past 12mths.

  • Shaunjae

    Yes we have to be careful about these new laws that are being pushed through, that they may not violate our rights and protect our choice to use natural supplements and vitamins! We need to be very specific when passing these sort of restrictions!

  • Julia B.

    Et tu, Missouri? Thank God I’ve been able to get myself to the freest state in the Union–the Sunshine State. So very grateful. Thank you for all you do, Alliance for Natural Health USA!

  • Janet Cole-Jones

    all the government does is sit around making laws, more laws and more laws and than more laws to protect those laws already enacted/in place. i am a senior (79) and have been ingesting vitamins/tinctures (tinctures i make) for 40 yrs. take any of this away, i will be a ghost to those politicians.

  • linda dulicai

    The Food Safety Act that President Obama signed into law in the middle of the night in December 2010 endorsed codex. It gave regulators the right to make the rules. I know, I sat there and read the entire law. Hundreds of pages. The codex defeat was on the last page, like an afterthought that was meaningless. Of course, it was not. It was something health advocates had been fighting for years.

    This has been coming for a long time.

  • Daniel

    There was a time in the United States when it was illegal to profit on healthcare. Then Richard Nixon became President and it’s been downhill since. I contend the American healthcare system is among the most egregious examples of greed and inhumanity the world has ever been subjected to. Now in my sixties, I vividly recall going to a doctor’s office for a routine physical and my parents paying on the way out. Now, some insurance company’s team of actuaries determine your care and which doctor ‘you may see.’ The entire system is a grift and human beings are only chattel for these ruinous enterprises. It is only from our collective disdain for pharmaceutical companies and the insurance industry, which has caused us to rethink our own healthcare decisions and become our best advocate, toward autonomy. This is why legislation like this is popping up. To keep us under the control of corporations who are committing legalized murder.

  • Challis

    They want to take our right to take supplements because there is no money in it for them! We will get our vitamins and herbs. Just like people get their drugs if it came down to that.

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  • The irony is that sugar and HFCS (candy), which is known by all to cause harm, are pushed on children from the earliest age but the natural supplements that would help counter the effects of the sweet death are dangerous. STOP ASKING who and why, we know why and who. What’s in YOUR wallet?

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