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Supplement SOS

Supplement SOS

Your action is needed to prevent a terrible supplement policy from being slipped into an unrelated bill so it can pass without anyone noticing. Make no mistake: this is the beginning of the end of our ability to use supplements to stay healthy, but you can help us stop it before it gets off the ground. 

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and his allies are working to increase restrictions on the supplements you care about. They are trying to sneak it into the FDA’s user fee reauthorization bill, which must pass by the beginning of October. This maneuver is used when proponents of a policy don’t think it can pass on its own merits.

It’s all hands on deck. We need you to reach out to Congress and urge them NOT to include supplement registration in this bill.

Send your message now! There isn’t any time to lose!

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3 thoughts on “Supplement SOS

  • Harriet Thomas

    Do not include supplement registration in the PDUFA. This should be our choice not yours. What else are the democrats up to, going t analyze
    everytime we blow our nose, that is ecactly what you are doing. I hope the democrats are voted out in the up coming election. Get bills passed
    that will help this country not destroy it. Did you know that taking supplements make people healthy a lot of illness away. Is someone being
    paid by BIG PHARMA to do this. Thank you-God Help Us All.

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