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The Narrative Around the Safety of COVID Shots is Cracking

The Narrative Around the Safety of COVID Shots is Cracking

From ANH-International.

It’s becoming ever more clear that the major, most influential health authorities around the world are now blatantly lying to the public, given the current status of scientific and medical information.

Why do I say this?

The answer is simple: because the most influential health authorities are communicating to the public, both in words and in actions, the view that covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are “safe and effective”when the totality of available evidence suggests otherwise.

Let me explain. 

Shouting from the webpage of what is the world’s largest ‘health system’, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), is the following statement, in bold text, declaring the safety and effectiveness of covid-19 ‘vaccines’.

It is widely acknowledged that the proportion of proven cases of injury from covid-19 vaccines is currently very small compared with the total number of doses administered. But this metric is not sufficient to declare a product as safe. After all, society seems quite happy to deem a children’s toy unsafe even if there is just a theoretical risk of injury – let alone a demonstrated one that has led to death or permanent injury.

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One thought on “The Narrative Around the Safety of COVID Shots is Cracking

  • Maha

    The article on Adverse effects following Anti-Covid-19 vaccination by Ayesa Syenina, et al, begins with something that does not suggest the authors are up on recent data at all. Instead, it appears to be an apologist”s discussion.
    “Ensuring high vaccination and even booster vaccination coverage is critical in preventing severe Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Among the various COVID-19 vaccines currently in use, the mRNA vaccines have shown remarkable effectiveness.”
    Perhaps this group of authors is performing for Pharma, or the journal requires such scientific dishonesty.

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