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URGENT ACTION NEEDED IN NEW JERSEY: October Vote Threatens Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

Freedom of healthcare choice in New Jersey is facing a serious threat with the NJ Assembly Bill A2933 / Senate Bill S1941 vote scheduled for early in October. This bill and its identical counterpart in the NJ Senate would prevent any practitioner other than a dietician to teach, consult, or advise about health, nutrition, supplements, diet, food, or food materials.

With 78% of our nation’s record healthcare (or, more properly, “disease-care”) dollars going to the treatment of chronic health conditions, it is vital that medical doctors, osteopaths, clinical nutritionists, and other qualified practitioners be allowed to offer nutritional counseling. Teaching a patient about dietary and nutritional lifestyle choices is an essential factor in the patient’s health. Receiving qualified advice about nutritional supplementation to address deficiencies and imbalances that impact their health is critical.
We need to take action IMMEDIATELY against this outrageous legislation, sponsored by the American Dietetics Association, which would limit the freedom of healthcare for both practitioners and patients alike. We need your support.

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One thought on “URGENT ACTION NEEDED IN NEW JERSEY: October Vote Threatens Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

  • What New Jersey does not need is more centralized medical control of quality healthcare as seen with bills A2933 and A1987. One person Herb Conaway, Jr. M.D. assmblyman district is trying to use his political position to pursue a personal philosophical as well as other reasons to pass his agenda. He has already told parents in the state of NJ that they are not educated enough to make sound and resonable healthcare decisions in the lives of their own children with regard to vaccines by promoting a previous “agenda” bill. Now he continues the scourging by trying to umbrella Nutritionists under the tutelage of Dieticians. This is more medical centralized control of not only healthcare professionals but also the good people of NJ who stand to loose access of care due to this narcissistic venture. We must stand up to those who use politics as a vehicle for self-fulfilling personal ideologies, inspite of the ramifications that proceed as a consequence of unsound decisions . I am not against licensure for Nutritionists, but it must be under the auspices of a seperate and distinct Nutrition Board and not under the commission as set forth in bill A1987 and S2933. New Jersey residents are well educated and deserve the open access to care without more centralized guidelines inspite of the assemblyman’s perception. We must stand up ethically, morally and legally in support against opposition to the American way.

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