Vermont “Vitamin Tax” on Dietary Supplements Defeated

April 27, 2010
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vermontThe proposed “Vitamin Tax” failed in the Vermont legislature last week. This is a significant victory for consumers and natural health advocates. Many thanks to the large numbers of our Vermont supporters who responded to our action alert.

Not only did the residents of Vermont defeat this foolish tax on supplements. They also sent a message to legislatures around the country that dietary supplements are not a good place to look for new revenue. It is a well established principle that what we tax we get less of.
We need more preventive healthcare, not less. Dietary supplements are a critical part of preventive healthcare and are already extremely expensive for most people. Taxing what is good for us will just lead to vastly greater state and federal spending in the long run.

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5 responses to “Vermont “Vitamin Tax” on Dietary Supplements Defeated”

  1. I am in shock !!!
    Hands off my right to supplementing !!!!
    How dare know nothings like Waxman step into a field he knows nothing about.
    Pure pharmaceytical ass- kissing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. […] Posted April 28, 2010 Our Vermont supporters and others defeated the “Vitamin Tax” in Vermont last week–a significant victory for consumers of dietary supplements. Read full article. […]

    • deb fish says:

      It’s bad enough that vitamins/supplements are not covered by Medicare nor private insurance. I spend $2,000+/year on vitamins. I lowered my cholesterol 80 points without taking the statin drugs that a Dr. recommeneded! The FDA approves, and Medicare covers dangerous drugs with horrific side effects. It’s time they stopped making big Pharma the beneficiary of our health care dollars!

  3. Helen Allard says:

    If these people are going to tax us to death then why not put a tax on something that everyone uses like toilet paper. This is crazy….Alot of people don’t even use supplements so it would only hurt those who do.

  4. Alfiya Aleeva says:

    Dont you think we end up in totally criminal world, whereas those who made huge some of money on cheating and lying on public today uses their money again to kill us completely. Where is simply democracy, why few people getting what they want to get; they live far above our standard life and consider public as if pigs, ships who silently eat what they put on supermarkets shelf(cheap poison under food cover) and nobody complain even they know enough to stand and oppose.
    Scientists all over the world need to be united and oppose to those few employed by lobbies telling us that mothers milk not better than baby food from factory, gosh shameless scientist-empty brained criminals. WHEN WE WILL SUE THEM PUBLICLY?

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