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Victory! More Transparent Food Labels

Victory! More Transparent Food Labels
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A USDA loophole that ANH-USA fought against has been closed!

Recently, the USDA issued a final rule closing a gaping loophole in the law that allowed foreign meat to carry the “Product of USA” label.

Outrageously, meat that came from animals born, raised, and slaughtered in another country could previously be labeled “Product of USA” if it passed through a US processing plant. The USDA’s final rule closes this loophole, requiring meat that carries the “Product of USA” label to come from animals that were born, raised, slaughtered, and processed in the US.

Polls consistently demonstrate that consumers value transparency of food supply chains, they want to know where their food comes from, and they place a higher premium on meat that is locally produced; domestic ranchers also deserve to compete in a fair and transparent marketplace. This loophole undermined both of these key principles, so this reform is an important step forward. We want to thank our advocates who took action on this issue when we raised it in 2018. As we’ve been detailing in our newsletter, our next challenge will be to ensure transparency and safety when it comes to the next generation of genetically engineered (GE) foods, so stay tuned for more updates as we escalate this campaign!

5 thoughts on “Victory! More Transparent Food Labels

  • This is a GIANT victory! TY so very much for your brilliant advocacy. Now if we can only get the corporations to stop killing polluting the food supply with their nasty frankenfood, highlighting the few qualities that will attract buyers and hiding the actual nasty genetically and chemically lab-engineered additives and somehow being able to call it natural or in some cases even organic!

    Recently labels have become so misleading that, for example, one recent purchase of “simply frozen fruit” advertises that using frozen it is ” free of over 127 preservatives”. There is no mention whatever that it is preservative free. And this is key because the instructions say it is best used frozen. I discovered this because i thawed the berries to use in pancakes and discovered that they taste like a chemical soup. Recently, in addition to making Fruit Loops a top nutritious choice for children, and “superior to meat and dairy”– there was a meme cicrculated that compared Fruit Loops in USA to Kellog’s Fruit Loops in Germany. The ingredients in Germany were simple, few, and classic. (for example corn starch instead of cellulose derived indigestible non nutritive filler or lab altered and genetically “modified food starch)–but notably the ingredients on the American box were also a toxic swamp of food colorings, preservatives, and chemical ingredients a half paragraph long. These are our nation’s children being used as lab rats while companies profit by harming our environment with factory farm sourced cruelly derived and unnaturally altered experimental artificial food.

  • Marly

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU…for all your hard work & commitment to informing the public on these critical issues! I’m almost 73 years old & have seen RADICAL changes in the (so-called) “healthcare” in America. What use to be a wonderful mix of natural, common sense approach to health…and how to stay healthy, and honest medical information (including how important good foods are) has turned into something that I, myself as well as generations before me DO NOT recognize. What’s happening now in this “high-tech” world is beyond all reason & rational thought. Common sense has turned into UNCOMMON sense…thru a steady genocide of people or ideas that go against the “professionals, the powerful, privileged politicians” or anyone else that wants to CONTROL OTHERS. That’s called tyranny, and it is detrimental to human beings, on every level, in every class, religion or race. A “Nanny-State” will eventually turn into a “Police-State”, where people no longer have freedom, while believing they do. Wake up America, Please!

  • Kimberly

    So – When will we be Banning Human Meat and Human body parts/blood from our food supply? We KNOW they are using the DNA of aborted fetuses as “flavoring” in many foods now being sold in the US and WE have a RIGHT to know if they are in our products. When you introduce someone else’s DNA into your body you are effectively changing your own DNA. Between hiding Human Meat in our foods they also load them up with chemicals that cause Disease. There are very Few products available in the US grocery stores that do Not contain substances or chemicals that cause or promote diseases.

    ALL our food sources need to be cleaned of the nasty, harmful substances they allow or directly put in about every product available. This is Criminal and needs to be stopped!

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