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Vitamin D — An Evolutionary Tale for Application

Vitamin D — An Evolutionary Tale for Application
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November 2nd was ‘World Vitamin D Day’ – we say every day should be a vitamin D day!

From ANH-International.

If there was one vitamin that was, in fairly equal measure, controversialmaligneddisputed and yet completely essential for the proper function of nearly every cell and tissue in our bodies, it would be vitamin D – ‘the sunshine vitamin’. The fact that Nature has seen fit to ensure that we can make vitamin D in our skins (if we’re exposed to sunlight and have sufficient cholesterol, itself another hugely controversial subject riddled with misinformation!), is a signpost, one we ignore at our peril, as to the significance of vitamin D for our health and wellbeing.

Yet, health authorities and regulatory bodies still see fit to restrict the amounts we can take as supplements, as well as try to convince us that the amounts we need are minuscule through the imposition of arbitrary daily intakes which represent a mere fraction of what our bodies can, and do make, on a sunny day. When we take the amounts orally that deliver optimal circulating amounts of 25-hydroxyvitamin D, conventional medicine insists these are excessive and potentially dangerous ‘high’ doses.

Why? Well, this article isn’t about politics or agendas, but if you’re interested, here’s a clue…

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