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What the Next Lockdown Might Look Like – Unless We Act NOW!

What the Next Lockdown Might Look Like – Unless We Act NOW!
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A glimpse into the not-too-distant future if the World Health Organization power grab succeeds. Action Alert!

By Tara Waechter

Imagine this…

For the last year, you have not been allowed to leave your home except for “approved” things like grocery shopping.

That’s because another global pandemic has been declared.

And in many ways, it’s the same as the COVID lockdowns. Social distancing is in effect, small businesses are closed, schooling is remote, holidays can only be spent with people in your home, and more.

But some things are different this time.

For one, your state representatives do not have a say about the pandemic response.

Did you live in a state during COVID where restaurants were allowed to reopen by the summer? Where you were allowed to go outside for a walk? Or where masking was optional? Well, this time state representatives cannot make those decisions.

You also can’t move to another state to escape severe lockdown measures. That’s because every state is run the same way. The elected officials on Capitol Hill have no part in the decision-making process related to this pandemic either.

And there are other differences. If you catch the new virus, your doctor cannot treat you with any alternative methods. The only ways he can treat you is with vaccines and approved treatments. If he tries to save your life or the life of your loved ones with unapproved methods, he will lose his medical license.

Also, when the new vaccine rolls out, everyone may be mandated to receive it. Meaning, there are no exceptions—medical or religious.

If you choose to refuse the vaccine and any boosters, you may be required to stay in quarantine in your home, not even leaving for an errand. Other fallout from deciding not to vaccinate could include losing your job, refusal of medical treatment, and more.

In addition, digital vaccine passports and IDs will be required to attend events, travel, or do anything where you’re exposed to other people. If you do not get every booster, you may lose your freedom until you get caught up with the current booster schedule.

You may have no right to refuse medical examinations or any other medical intervention, including experimental drugs. You could have no say in decisions about your health or the health of your loved ones.

Don’t agree with what’s being done to you and your family? Well, you’re also not allowed to say on social media or on any other public forum anything negative or disagree with anything about these sanctions, rules, and restrictions.

If you dare to say or write anything that isn’t “acceptable” it could be labeled misinformation, disinformation, or malinformation. The Department for Homeland Security calls these types of communications “acts of terrorism.” As a terrorist, you could be punished by our penal system to the fullest extent, facing lifelong imprisonment and other penalties.

Social media companies will be fully empowered to censor any information that is not approved. So even if you don’t get charged with terrorism, there would be no free speech.

Sounds scary, right?

It also sounds familiar—after all, we all went through the COVID-19 lockdowns.

But those lockdowns were just a warm-up. And they could have lasted many more years if the WHO was fully in charge.

You see, the WHO has declared six Public Health Emergencies of International Concern (PHEIC) since 2014. All of them overlapped, including COVID-19. In fact, monkeypox was declared a PHEIC in 2022 and this global “emergency” didn’t end until 2023.

Proposals contained in the WHO’s new Pandemic Accord as well as over 300 amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), stipulate that when the WHO declares a PHEIC, all member states must adopt their recommendations.

With this new power, the WHO can mandate any intervention like vaccines, block unapproved, alternative forms of care for infected people, require lockdowns and business/school closures, and more. All of the extreme measures listed above – including censorship, digital vaccine passports, and more – are in the new WHO documents.

This is one of the biggest power grabs in history. If this Pandemic Accord and these amendments to the IHR go through, for the first time there will be a totalitarian rule of the entire planet by a small group of unaccountable and unelected global elites.

Now, you may have heard that this is a conspiracy theory. That it’s “tin foil hat” stuff.

That’s because they don’t want to look at what’s really happening. In actual fact, it’s laid out for all to see. Lawyers and experts who have examined these documents have concluded that this is a truly binding agreement. Meaning, if allowed to go through, these amendments and treaty will become law during public health emergencies, and our new rulers in matters of health and freedom will be the WHO. With politicians having ceded this power to the WHO, the United States will no longer be self-governing. American independence and your medical freedom will cease to exist.

And if you think this could never happen in the United States, think again. It’s already happening right now. Thirty two states have already listed the WHO as an authority in almost 300 new state bill proposals. This gives the WHO enormous power right here in the U.S. These changes could also go through without the approval of Congress.

Here’s the good news.

There’s a simple way you can help stop the WHO’s power grab. It takes less than a minute. Please take action now and send a message to your elected representatives. That’s because there is a strong possibility that Senate will bypassed and the US decision will be carried undemocratically at the 77th meeting of the World Health Assembly meeting between May 27 and June 1. It could mean that you and your loved ones will hold on to all the freedoms entitled to Americans. It could also mean a bright future instead of a dark one.

This can’t wait. The US government needs to hear your view as soon as possible so that the American public’s concerns are taken into account when the US votes on the WHO’s Pandemic Accord and the IHR amendments in late May. Given the tight timeline you can’t delay—please send your message now.

Action Alert! Write to Congress and tell them to stop the WHO power grab. Please send your message immediately.

2 thoughts on “What the Next Lockdown Might Look Like – Unless We Act NOW!

  • Chilling , frightening and we NEED more spotlight on this . There must be a way to develop alyernative media sources that share inf information across partisan political lines ! Perhaps it can begin here with all this vital communication! I think it is going to be poaaible to reacch out to ALL Americans via unconventional and political prejudice busting proactivity. Please try to do so __ this is the real emergency thes power grabs and a growing majority of silent Americans can find consensus on this! We need to connect!

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