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Why Do Prescription Drugs Cost So Much?

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4 thoughts on “Why Do Prescription Drugs Cost So Much?

  • Elaine Biggerstaff

    Let’s not forget that U.S. taxpayer’s fund a lot of drug and medical research through both federal government agencies and grants these agencies give to university research centers. Yet, taxpayer’s are neither compensated when a drug or some other medical breakthrough is released to the public while the pharmaceutical companies (and Bill Gates) reap huge profits.

  • Jerome from Layton

    This is really a three legged stool. First, the drug needs to be developed [find a need & fill it]. Then, to get it to market, it has to be approved at the Temple of the FDA. This process multiplies the R&D cycles and all those reports. There may also be Politics involved [see what happened to Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine]. Then, to recoup the costs of the first two steps, it has to be marketed, usually as a Prescription drug. A huge factor in all of this is the unholy nexus of Big Medicine [the folks who coined “Ethical Medicine”] and the FDA [power to approve, deny, or mandate use]. Want to know how Fascism works? Look at AMA and the FDA.

  • DJ

    Greed would seem to be one cause. One of my medications, in less than 30 days, went from $1.00 per tablet to $5.00 per tablet CO-PAY. I take it twice per day. Could greed be the cause?

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