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6 thoughts on “Why is My Kale Contaminated with PFAS?

  • Thomas Roles

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    Bill gates is behind Pfas it kills people
    Another way of killing people the elite are behind this FDA is corrupt and crooked.
    Thomas Roles Forest Hills, NY

  • rachel

    Thanks for sharing. When we have elected and other Government (and state) officials who have our best interests
    in mind and who have integrity, we will have safe food and water. Sadly, those who run the FDA and USDA are
    collaborating with corporate interests and Big Agriculture. Pesticides, herbicides, GMO seeds, and glyphosate are
    just a few examples of treason and contaminanting our food system. They are promoting a criminal agenda, Thats’
    their priority. Time for a big change.

  • meabandit

    How do we test our water supplies reliably? I’ve run PFAS testing which have come back clean. Was it a good test? I don’t know. Can we submit samples to this outfit?

  • walker ware

    Since when would anyone believe anything the FDA, CDC, abc or xyz has to say. The entire government from A to Z is a bunch of crooked lying murderers. Do your best to avoid saying or prefacing anything with FDA says, or reports. Who cares. ITS all lies.

  • Dr Robert R. Reeber

    I was a Democrat I look for the best candidate support scientists especially women I heard a moderate Republican today I guess he would be called a straight shooter. He was in the House and left his seat during 2020. He told it as it was. As a former CIA he respects classified documents. There are better ways to address college expenses than giving free loans. Can PFAS be washed from Kale? Kale is easy to grow. Teach people how to grow it.

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