3 responses to “Why Other Countries Don’t Want American Food”

  1. Zzzoney64 says:

    Probably because they found out that Donald Rumsfeld is a CEO board member of MONSANTO, the GMO corp that makes Herbicide “Round-Up” in same facilities as Aspartame and Nutra-Sweet, the pink and blue packets of sweeteners that is NOTHING SHORT OF RAT POISON! THE NEO-CON RUMSFELD ALSO belongs to P.N.A.C. Progress For The New American Century…. you will be mad when you find out what that group was all about during the Bush years. ūüôĀ

    • Pro-Israeal says:

      Pink packets are “sweetnlow”, has been around for 100 years, is saccharin. Blue and yellow packets are the poisons, aspartame and sucralose, Nutra-sweet and Splenda, respectively.

  2. Doglady says:

    The EPA should do its job They are paid by the taxpayers to PROTECT us which they do NOT do

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