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Will The EPA Take Action to Prevent the Human Race from Becoming an Endangered Species?

Will The EPA Take Action to Prevent the Human Race from Becoming an Endangered Species?

From Moms Across America.

On March 3, 2022, Moms Across America and a team of highly reputable scientists and experts met with the Pesticide Review Board of the US Environmental Protection Agency regarding the EPA’s review of glyphosate. The presenters intended to provide new evidence to support the revocation of glyphosate’s license. 

The Moms Across America presenters were: 

  • Dr. Shanna Swan, author of Countdown and numerous papers on glyphosate
  • Dr. Don Huber, Professor Emeritus of Perdue University, 50-year plant pathologist and glyphosate expert, and US Defense Military Consultant
  • Dr. Zach Bush, Triple Board-certified physician and founder of Farmers Footprint
  • Robin Mesnage Ph.D. Consultant to Kings College University
  • Mary Lou McDonald LL.B. and President of Safe Food Matters
  • Kelly Ryerson, board member of Moms Across America and reporter (aka Glyphosate Girl)
  • Zen Honeycutt, Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America and author of Unstoppable.

Spanning three administrations, Moms Across America has met with the EPA four times. The meeting request was granted after Moms Across America mothers and supporters emailed the EPA regarding new studies implicating glyphosate as a causal factor in cancer and endocrine disruption.

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4 thoughts on “Will The EPA Take Action to Prevent the Human Race from Becoming an Endangered Species?

  • Outraged Love

    The human species SHOULD become endangered–it must in fact become extinct. This prideful imbecile called mankind is not kind–the intellect and creativity that we have been offered by our creator is wasted on greed and lust. We polluted a garden and made it a desert. Humans began a process that is resulting in mass extinction. Humans are the only species that DESERVES AND HAS EARNED EXTINCTION.
    Stop breeding–it is a sin to generate another being called man.

  • Paula Morgan

    [email protected]
    The EPA needs to step up to protect Americans. An MIT professor stated that by 2025 half our kids will have Autism. We have food to eat but it is empty food with little to no nourishment. Why? CHEMICALS AND PESTICIDES! Why is this happening? The American taxpayer pays taxes which then go into various agencies to assist keep America safe and healthy. Something has gone very wrong. I believe it is lobbyists giving dark money to politicians and politics in general. These gifts make politicians rich yet hurt the American people. Average people go into politics but come out millionaires. This is not how our government is supposed to function. America is by the people and for the people. But it’s not! Climate is a disaster waiting to happen and when it does we all die. We’re out of time. Pesticides which remain the main focus of government due to handouts is killing the birds, bees, and bats, all our pollinators! When the bees die we can only live for four years. There will be no food. Wildlife eat insects, needs clean water, rich soil and all the things we do but insects do feed wildlife. These smart companies are too dumb to see all life is connected. Life is fragile. We do reap what we sow and companies like Bayer, Monsanto get rich by killing all life on earth. Where is the intelligence in that? Also the American people themselves refuse to give a damn but they will only it will be too late. How foolish humans are.

  • Jennifer Dugert

    All the food in the world is worthless if everyone living is autistic!
    Is this what Republicans want so they can control everything?
    Ban glyphosphate, all of it, NOW!

  • It is part of the Great Reset, I believe. The elite tell us that there are too many people for the earth to survive and the number needs to be greatly reduced. Big pharma and big Ag are doing this with their poisonous chemicals. Obesity and new plus stronger diseases and infections are the result.

    A side note to this: it makes me wonder about all the politicos in DC getting Covid all of a sudden. Not sure if it”s real or a way to get more people to take the boosters to line their pockets more. A lot of them are supposedly asymptomatic. Why were they tested in the first place if this is true?

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