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Depleted- That ‘Dirty’ Secret About Your Food

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3 thoughts on “Depleted- That ‘Dirty’ Secret About Your Food

  • Pamela Cusanelli

    I worked at a farm center.
    Food is not grown the same!
    Way too many chemicals, ground not turned over anymore, sad stare of production now.

  • It absolutely blows my mind that All the discussions I see about plant based diets beneficial effects to reverse climate change miss one incredible important point. A sustainably grown “Organic” plant based diet is much much much more impactful for the vary reason that Organically grown foods use less petrol-chemical based pesticides which destroy living soil and of course it is “LIVING SOIL” that is what is required to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. Using the word “sustainable” alone, which is also hardly ever used in these discussions, is very unclear to the average person as to what to buy and what to eat. We need to educate the public not just that plant base diets are good for their health and environment BUT that the absolute most 1) impactful 2)cheapest and 3)easiest (in terms of changing their behavior), that anyone can do is to support locally grown, often small family farm raised “organically” grown foods. Ie. 1)Impactful in that 2016 UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech Morocco found that a move to sustainably “Organic” farming alone worldwide could greatly slow, if not reverse global climate change. 2)Cheapest in that the small increased cost of buying non-GMO organically grown foods is much much cheaper than buying a new hybrid or electric car, installing solar panels, thermal windows etc. and also directly impacts personal health, medical costs, water quality, air quality, and extinction issues. 3) Easiest in that one only has to learn to read labels, possibly shop at a different grocery store and over time discover organically produced substitutes for foods they currently buy which are not produced sustainably ie. organic. My point being that groups like Alliance for Natural Health and others need to include the term” ORGANIC” or “Sustainably Organic” in your various educational reports if you truly want to encourage change that makes a powerful difference in climate, environmental and human health.

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