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With the Election Around the Corner, Our Thanks to Some Legislators

Capitol BuildingWith the 111th Congress coming to an end, we want to extend our thanks to a number of senators and representatives for their example and their work on many issues that we value highly. (And we offer a “no thanks” to a few legislators as well!) Listings are alphabetical by last name.

Please view our Legislative List.

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13 thoughts on “With the Election Around the Corner, Our Thanks to Some Legislators

  • Don Richardson

    Once we aspired to democracy, but we failed. We now live under a theofascist police state resulting from the greed of those in power enhanced by a Supreme Court which is too stupid to understand that money is property, not speech. If money is speech, speech is money. Try paying your income taxes with an essay. It has failed me so far, but I keep writing. The plan for Pax Americana, The US’s bid for world domination, proceeds apace with almost no opposition. We have reached the point that paying taxes is a war crime, since 59% of spending is military IN A WORLD IN WHICH THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH A MILITARY SOLUTION! When will the subservient public wake up? Never, I believe. We are not equipped to see through the propaganda, given a failed educational system designed by those who wish to remain in control. Cockroaches will probably survive us.

    • I have to agree with you Don! “Taxation without representation, is against constitutional law”. And unnesessary WARS are a crime. Cockroaches have survived every civilization, and what is happening in Washington isn’t even civilized. The supreme court was positioned by “stupid men”, with one hand in your pocket, and a huge problem with cranial-rectosis. I say an a week we throw out every one who has ever held office that we can, wait for two years ; and do it again. Time to un-employ these Teat sucking bastard pigs! 568 people should not rule over 325,000,000, just because the lobbyist “MOB” is holding their marionette strings! GO OUT AND VOTE FIRST! If that doesn’t work, boycott the Government. They are all calling each other crooks, and liars. THAT, my friend is the only truth coming out of their feces filled mouths.

  • To all elected officals that have helped us,
    As a natural health care provider for twenty three years, I just want to say thanks for the support and hard work. You all have helped us to be able to help our patients and families to be able to have the freedom to choose natural health care supplements and products. I realize the
    push from the drug companies and their lobbyists to get rid of supplements. Please stand with us
    to stop these greedy companies from taking away our rights to choose what we put into our
    bodies. The fight is not over so please know you have our support and continued heartfelt thanks
    for jobs well done.
    Sincerely, Dr. Richard Yurick.

  • Gail From Nebraska

    With all happening at an unprecidented speed… I for one turned back into history to understand why we are where we are. Amongst the many topics of historical study (Pre-1933) we still fail ourselves with understanding Washington, Congress, Legislator, how our Govnm’t, Constitution and more…. came about from the get go. For it has been hidden from us! Here is just one of many old books…. Understand the historical Constitution, how Government was created, it’s purpose, how our Court systems were created and more….. It’s just one read (it helps to have a Law Dictionary of that era of time to look up meanings of words at that era of time) A Simple search on the internet will result with online Law dictionaries. A very good read, armed with a law dictionary is http://www.archive.org/details/cu31924018794309
    Then and only then will eyes awaken, when folk revert back to who, how, and why we are where we are at today will one be fertilized from the soil of knowledge vs the deception of Theatrical belief. It’s past time we all dig deeper into history to learn the truth…. then and only then will the American People be empowered to overcome the deceptions fed to us through time!

  • Andra Addis

    As a consumer of natural health care supplements and products, I thank all of the legislators for the freedom that they have allowed the consumer to choose between natural supplements and products and prescription drugs and for the freedom to choose between natural prescription hormones and synthetic prescription hormones. Thank you, again, for respecting the consumer’s rights and not taking our right to choose away from us.

  • Dr Linda

    I appreciate the information but find this very confusing and don’t consider it a “scorecard”.
    I remember a few years ago you did a great and real scorecard. Are you going to be providing additional information? thx

    • You are right. This was not a scorecard and we have now changed that labeling.
      We decided not to do a scorecard this year. A scorecard is a list of key votes and how people voted. The votes are often then weighted and scored. In the first place the 111th Congress did not give us a long list of votes to evaluate. Our job was often to prevent something filed from even coming up for a vote (such as with the McCain bill) and we were largely successful in that. It also didn’t work for us to weight votes because we often find a legislator supporting us in one area and opposing us in another. This is because legislators by and large don’t understand how our issues fit together and why the natural health approach is the only way to save American healthcare (not to mention Americans’ health) from the current disaster.
      For the next Congress, we might return to the scorecard concept. It depends on what happens.

  • tanya marquette

    Thank you for working to save our freedom health access in different ways. What need is an overhaul of the FDA which is a runaway agency at the total service of the pharmaceutical corporations. This is a major problem since the oversight agency is being controlled by private corporations. Recent attacks on small organic dairies and health food stores is an assault on my civil liberty to chose my own diet. The e-coli scare a few years ago resulted in the FDA assaulting organic spinach and lettuce when the real culprit was the commercial dairy farms upstream where cows were kept in such unhealthy environments that they passed disease which entered the streams. Drugs that kill such as Avandia, recently, and the statin drugs a few years ago remain on the market even after they were known to have caused 10’s of 1000’s of deaths but safe herbs which have been used for thousands of years are labeled as dangerous. The Codex Alimentarius demands that all vitamin supplements be considered toxic drugs and the FDA makes it criminal to discuss the nutritional and healing value of foods and herbs. Recall the Cherry growers referencing the healtful aspects of their fruit and the FDA responded by telling them they would declare cherries a drug if the growers persisted in telling people about the healing nature of their fruit. And as a drug, the FDA would take over the cherry industry. Now we have similar assault on walnuts known for their omega-3 content which is healing in our bodies.
    I would like to see you escalate your efforts on behalf of the public and our right to chose the form of healthful diets for ourselves. Supersize Me McDonald’s burgers are not regulated despite the fact they can destroy health, but organic almonds with all their natural enzymes are considered dangerous. I need to ask that you work to undo this tyranny being waged against our civil liberty for how we take care of our body and undo the unbridled tyranny of the FDA against the growers and distributors of organic and raw foods, as well as their insane standards against the DSHEA regs.
    Thank you again for your good work on behalf of the public health and I hope to more of this kind of effort.

  • judy

    Tom Coburn is one of the worst senators in matters relating to environmental/wildlife/animal welfare issues. Just check with the Humane Society and other similar groups. He blocks all legislation from coming to a vote regarding these type of issues., so I certainly don’t feel he deserves any citations. I’m sure he blocked the above mentioned bill because he thought it would be too costly, not through any altruistic reason or belief in freedom of choice.


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