5G Crackdown?

August 13, 2019

More and more concerned citizens are asking tough questions about the safety of 5G wireless networks. Are big tech companies trying to quash their dissent? Action Alert!

Over the last few months, we’ve been reporting on the planned deployment of 5G wireless networks and some of the health and safety issues that are being swept under the rug by telecom companies and their enthusiasts in the government. Some communities, like Sacramento, California, have already seen the installation of “small cell” towers near homes. When activists in Sacramento started speaking out, it appears as though YouTube and other sites have silenced their criticisms of 5G.

Noah Davidson, an activist in Sacramento, noticed his young nieces started experiencing health problems after Verizon installed a small cell just 45 feet from their home. Other members of the community also started experiencing adverse effects after small cells were installed. Davidson has worked to start a grassroots movement to raise awareness about 5G in the community and to work with telecom companies to establish an opt-out program for those who do not want 5G in their neighborhood.

In so doing, it appears as though Davidson has incurred the wrath of the Internet censors. His account was apparently suspended, without explanation, by YouTube. One of the two videos on his YouTube account was footage of Sacramento activists speaking at a city council meeting. This seems deeply suspicious. YouTube is owned by Google, a company that we know is aggressively censoring content on dubious grounds. It doesn’t seem outlandish to conclude that Google and YouTube are quashing dissent about a technology they want to see implemented across the United States.

Activists are not the only ones advising us to pump the breaks on 5G. A group of hundreds of scientists from around the world recently sent a letter to the United Nations and the World Health Organization warning of “serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated by electric and wireless devices.” The scientists explain that EMF “affects living organisms at levels well below most international guidelines,” causing increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in free radicals, genetic damage, changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, and neurological disorders.

We must keep speaking out about this crucial public health issue in defiance of the censors and the crony capitalists railroading us into accepting this technology with no questions asked.

Our previous articles have covered some of the other dangers associated with 5G networks. For example, 5G utilizes millimeter waves—a shorter wavelength than the current 4G networks in use. Millimeter wavelengths have been used in crowd control devices that shoot high-powered millimeter waves that make the target feel like their skin is burning. Other research has shown that our sweat ducts can act like antennas for the shorter millimeter waves, meaning we absorb more of this energy into our bodies.

Keep in mind that we will be exposed to EMF generated by wireless devices on an unprecedented scale for two reasons. First, short millimeter waves cannot travel as far as longer waves, which is why many more “small cell” units must be installed to create a 5G network. Some neighborhoods would see dozens of small cells installed, all of them emitting microwave radiation. Second, the sheer number of wireless devices will increase. More and more systems are becoming wireless, or will become reliant on wireless technology. “Smart cities” will use wireless networks to collect and analyze data about the environment, traffic, water, transit, lighting, waste management, security, and parking. Millimeter-wave-emitting devices will saturate our environment, and the fact that we’re plunging head-first into deploying this technology without knowing the health consequences is shocking.

Action Alert! Write to the FCC and Congress, urging them to stop the spread of 5G until its safety can be determined. Please send your message immediately.

35 responses to “5G Crackdown?”

  1. I am quite certain that 5G is not a safe move.
    I am quite against it.

  2. Jamie Strickland says:

    There is clearly a safety issue with 5G and it needs to be studied. Other countries are away of it’s implications in the early phases and have banned it until further research.

  3. malissa daniel beeson says:

    There needs to be more research before exposing the public to electromagnetic radiation at this higher rate. Europe is not as enthusiastic. Let’s stop and take a better look. Corporations are putting themselves in jeopardy when they ignore the common good.

  4. Gwen Staats says:

    Please consider your health first and convenience later. A sick or dead person does not care how much faster their internet
    connection is working. Your added financial benefits will not keep you healthy and your children will suffer the most because
    they are younger.

  5. Patricia Waters says:

    As a nurse and one who works helping others who are suffering with not feeling well to begin with, I am writing to express serious health concerns involved with 5G wireless networks. I ask that the spread of 5G be suspended until there’s an understanding of the ramifications on the negative side of its existence in our lives. And it does have a negative side which is as important if not more so than what good it could do. I feel that money and power are leading its rapid rise rather than what it can mean for all people in their daily lives.

  6. Kathryn McKee says:

    It will take 20 years for 5G health problems to be fully understood. Not just adult health problems including heart problems, migraine headaches and a variety of cancers and even more ringing in the ears and vision issues, but also birth defects, mostly heart issues, as you will see, young children will begin to need pacemakers. And what about wildlife? Because health will be affected in as many ways as there are people, it will be nearly impossible to PROVE 5G is the root cause. THIS IS THEIR PLAN. THEY will say that folks would have suffered these variety of health problems and early deaths anyway… Humans are here to be Shepherds to the Earth and its abundant life, just saying. ..

  7. Andrea M Payne says:

    I know you won’t take action, but you should. You are responsible for our safety, but all you see is dollar signs. What abut your own health and that of your children and other family members. Please stop 5G now1

  8. Don Pew says:

    Why isn’t Donald Trump in prison?

  9. Evangelia Karakatsanis says:

    I am against the 5G network! I and highly concerned about the threat to our health and our environment!

  10. Karin Ames says:

    Please can we examine the effects of the 5g network before implementing?

  11. Sharon Intilli says:

    Humans have been known to make horrible decisions without thinking through clearly all in the name of making a buck. THIS 5G is a perfect example! We don’t need it in our neighborhoods and this should not be automatically installed just because Big Tech wants it. ENOUGH!

  12. J N says:

    Pease stop the roll out of 5G until it can be determined safe this is cancer causing.

  13. baruch weisman says:

    The aggregate 5G spectrum has not been adequately investigated for its environmental, biological or health effects on densely populated areas. The damaging effects of microwave emissions are well documented witness the construction of apparatus using it.
    The spectrum of radio frequencies used cover a wide range and have not been properly vetted. Until there are multiple scientific studies confirming that it is benign a mandatory moratorium is demanded. Government and industry studies are obviously suspect and unacceptable.

  14. Manny says:

    Please stop the spread of 5G until its safety can be determined!

  15. jean publiee says:

    stop spread of 5 g until we are sure it is safe. we need the principle of checknig it out first before it is used. not letting it go out there kill people and then pull it.

  16. Cheryl Dykstra says:

    Having been mentored by Dr. An Wang, and having spent the majority of my career in IT in NY where I had served as the Director of Information Services and first IT Security Chief for Citibank in the eighties, as well as the first Project Manager of Software Engineering for LHS in Switzerland in the nineties, I’ve forgotten more code and firmware than most people will ever know.

    With my credentials established, please know that after thoroughly researching 5G protocols, suffice it to say I’m currently selling my home in NY and have purchased one in an extremely rural area to avoid the possible implementation of 5G, which will absolutely destroy far more lives than it can ever enhance. Utilizing a bandwidth that increases blood brain permeability, it can cause single and double DNA strand breaks, oxidative damage, disrupt cell metabolism, reduce melatonin, and far worse.

    May this malignant Genie forever remain hermetically sealed within an indestructible bottle.

  17. Deanne E Luzaich says:

    Thank you for the email and action alert I can pass on. I found that I can not edit the name of the decision maker or add my name and contact info at the bottom, so I sent it as is. Not the best, but better than nothing.

  18. Carol Maghakian says:

    I am strongly against the spread of 5G until its safety is confirmed. There are too many ways we are exposed to EMF’s and that is alarming.

  19. Les Peterson says:

    More and more people are concerned about the potential health issues from 5G networks, due to the short millimeter waves they emit. Apparently, these emissions can be more easily absorbed into our bodies. EMF waves of this nature, emitting ubiquitously from multiple sources near our home and work, may place our bodies, and our genes at risk for damage and dysfunction.

    Nonetheless, there appears to be a “full-speed-ahead” push to bring this technology online. Would it not be prudent to have wireless companies negotiate with a small region with known rates of various illness–cancer, blood dycrasias, depression, and miscarriages as a few examples, and receive permission to install the technology as a trial run?

    No one in the United States are at risk of illness or death because they are without 5G. Why experiment with the health of millions without better “live” testing, and allowing the scientists who suggest caution to be heard?

  20. kathleen mclean says:

    Stop the spread of 5G until its safety can be determined. Please. Tank you. K McLean

  21. kachina palencia says:

    no, not safe

  22. kay buhler says:

    Millimeter-wave-emitting devices will saturate our environment, and the fact that we’re plunging head-first into deploying this technology without knowing the health consequences is terrifying! Please stop the spread of 5G until its safety can be determined.

  23. arlene says:

    Please top the spread of 5G until its safety can be determined.

  24. Jim says:

    As I understand it 5 G is a ploy of the deep state as a means of reducing population through illnesses.
    Our voices need to be heard and we need not be shepard like sheep to the slaughter house.

  25. Christopher L. Calkins says:

    I do not see my previous comment posted.

    • Ila Kimata says:

      Hi Christopher. Thank you for your comments. In order to have a comment approved it cannot contain any website names or links. If you would like to edit your previous comment accordingly, then we would be happy to approve it.

  26. marlena markel says:

    STOP 5G needs to be safety tested. Before being installed

  27. Marie Palmese says:

    To all concerned:

    Please stop the mass deportation of the 5G network. It is not necessary and there is not enough research to clear it of harmful effects, and the research that is available is showing a troubling record of adverse effects especially on children, I hope you will take these reports seriously,

    Sincerely, Marie Palmese

  28. Corinne Monk says:

    It’s incredibly irresponsible to deploy 5G technology without knowing the risks to our health. There is already much science that shows how dangerous EMF/EMR is to people and animals and even plants. It is unfair to subject everyone without their consent or a choice in this matter of being immersed in EMF/EMR.
    I am a person who is sensitive to the EMF generated by cell phones already, and I am sure to suffer if my whole city becomes a “smart city” filled with wifi. Please no 5G!

  29. C. says:

    Even the people investing money in this can’t protect themselves and their families from the airwaves and no amount of money is going to be able to do that for them, so why poison themselves, children and grandchildren? Air and Water can not be replicated. This G5 is going to be the slow death of many a creature, both large and little!

  30. Mary Jane Palmer says:

    It is important to investigate and research the effects of 5G on citizen’s health before 5G networks become ubiquitous and our health is already compromised. It is important to weigh health risks against corporate profits or other benefits that 5G might afford us. Please stop the spread of 5G until its safety is determined.

  31. JOYCE SHIFFRIN says:





  32. Mrs. Violeta Hess says:

    From everything I read, we are turning our neighborhoods into outdoor microwave ovens, cooking ourselves and our children, not to mention other living beings, this NEEDS TO STOP !, The companies do not understand i guess that in the long term by killing their customer base they will end up loosing money.

  33. Sajjad Ali says:

    Please stop the spread of 5G until it’s safety can be determined. Thanks

  34. linda letnick says:

    please stop the spread of 5G until its safety can be determined!

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