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AAHF In Process of Merging with Alliance for Natural Health

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As some of you know, AAHF began life as the American Preventive Medicine Association. We adopted our present name in 1999.  Over recent years, we have worked more and more closely with The Alliance for Natural Health, a UK based organization founded by the distinguished food scientist Dr Robert Verkerk. ANH shares our mission and values and has been a tireless and effective advocate for natural health in Europe and internationally. We are now in the process of merging with ANH. After the merger is completed, we will adopt a new name: The Alliance for Natural Health-US or ANH-US.
Following this merger, the Alliance for Natural Health will function as a truly global organization. We will make our case around the world and will speak with a much strengthened voice in global forums and organizations such as the United Nations (and its offshoot the Codex Alimentarius Commission). In an era of global “harmonization”, looking at and influencing events globally is vital.  Our specific job at ANH-US will continue to be carrying on AAHF’s work in defending health freedom and promoting natural and sustainable forms of healthcare in the United States.
We will make a more formal announcement as soon as the merger with ANH is complete. However, we have already started using the ANH-US name in some cases. In particular, as we will explain in the next story, we have filed three lawsuits against the FDA. Because these lawsuits will take some time to bring to trial, we filed them using the ANH-US name.

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