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Also Watch Out for an Omnibus Bill

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Stack of MoneyThis lame duck session of Congress has other risks for natural health.

So many legislators have been voted out of office but have these last few votes. As we noted in October, Congress may have to approve a massive omnibus bill to keep the government running. Why? Because the present Congress chose to postpone all the hard spending choices until after the election. Indeed, there was not even an attempt to draft a budget.
Because a spending bill must be passed, it is very tempting for clever and experienced old hands on Capitol Hill to slip in unrelated legislation, usually legislation that would have little chance of passing on its own. To catch these tricks, one must be very fleet of foot, because the provision can be tiny and the bill vast. But we will keep a look out for dirty dealing of this kind designed to cripple natural health products and let you know if instant action is needed. Who exactly would want to cripple natural health products? – Congressman Waxman and his allies, Senator Durbin and his allies, Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry), the AMA (American Medical Association), state medical boards controlled by the AMA, and many other arms of conventional medicine which are doing very well financially and do not want competition.

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