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Also Watch Out for an Omnibus Bill

Stack of MoneyThis lame duck session of Congress has other risks for natural health.

So many legislators have been voted out of office but have these last few votes. As we noted in October, Congress may have to approve a massive omnibus bill to keep the government running. Why? Because the present Congress chose to postpone all the hard spending choices until after the election. Indeed, there was not even an attempt to draft a budget.
Because a spending bill must be passed, it is very tempting for clever and experienced old hands on Capitol Hill to slip in unrelated legislation, usually legislation that would have little chance of passing on its own. To catch these tricks, one must be very fleet of foot, because the provision can be tiny and the bill vast. But we will keep a look out for dirty dealing of this kind designed to cripple natural health products and let you know if instant action is needed. Who exactly would want to cripple natural health products? – Congressman Waxman and his allies, Senator Durbin and his allies, Big Pharma (the pharmaceutical industry), the AMA (American Medical Association), state medical boards controlled by the AMA, and many other arms of conventional medicine which are doing very well financially and do not want competition.

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22 thoughts on “Also Watch Out for an Omnibus Bill

  • Deborah Oliphant

    Please don’t misunderstand: I am a huge supporter of EMERGENCY medicine. But that’s where it stops. Everyday they seem to find another “chronic” illness that has its very own medication to be taken until death does part you and meds! My grandparents’ generation lived into their late 80s and 90s, but I watched my parents’ generation die between 55 and 75 – all except one aunt who died at 101. Her secret? She never saw a doctor for a “check up,” and she never took any of the meds her siblings took. Better nutrition, immunizations, less disease, and no meds – she outlived her parents’ generation by nearly 20 years, and as the second oldest, outlived all her much younger siblings.

  • Sandra Kay Walker

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness should certainly include a right to eat healthy food free from GMO, pesticides, herbicides and hormones.

  • Barb

    All those groups should be forced to eat the food that they want the American public to eat. After that, get them all out of office and get some normal people in charge of health. In any case, I can take care of my own health, don’t need some alleged health authority to tell me what I can eat.

  • Pamela Knight

    Please know that your efforts on behalf of our freedom to choose natural health products is greatly appreciated and supported. I am concerned more every day about the erosion of our rights and freedom by those in power who are driven by greed and corruption.
    Thank you!
    Pamela Knight

  • Genie

    This sort of cramming in unrelated and extra stuff should be illegal. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am fed up with these massive bills containing so much stuff that only a very few has even read. All bills should be manageable and all should be read by all of those voting on the matter. If they can’t reasonably be read by all parties voting, then they should be thrown out!

  • Elliott Smith

    Plleas keep me posted. It is a terrille thing that major entities out there want us unhealthy so they can make money.

  • Mary A Griffin

    I can’t seem to click through to anything. I turned off pop-up blocker and allow cookies?? Can you PLEASE EMAIL ME AT THE ADDRESS ABOVE, and give me another link? Thanks!!!
    Mary A Griffin.

  • lowell watson

    Please read and understand any bill you sign, that restricts our freedom of choise. And, bills that have altereir motives of protection for there own greed. If it was not good, it would not be a threat. AMC and the Pharm’s would not be paying off our elected oficials by deceptive means and lies. True , they hire the smartest personel to deceive you.

  • Luis Ledesma


  • Rita Meyer

    This infurates me that anyone would even think about taking our natural supplement away. This is our lifeline. That is, anyone that knows and understands what the FDA and bi Pharm is doing to the health of Americans. It’s fine to kill many Americans daily with drugs and unnecessary surgery but for those of us who care to inform ourselves you want to take our lifeline away..

  • Sandy

    Our Government is so crooked, it goes back even during Pres. Taft’s days. The government doesn’t need to get their hands in everything. The republicans have so much money, how would they like to live like the rest of the world. Our supplements are the only thing keeping us alive. Look at all the drug overdoses, and drug reactions. For every drug you take, there has to be at least 6 – 10 warnings or reactions. I know people on Ambien that cooks large meals while they are in sleep mode and don’t realize it until they wake up.
    If you ask me, the government doesn’t even know what they want. They get elected because of all the lies they tell and promises they make, then when they get in, it’s a different story. Scott said in the Sunday paper last week that he hopes the people don’t think he is going to do what he said. BLOW HIM OUT….WITH THE REST OF THE SOB’S

  • Carole Pollard

    Please protect my right to chose natural choices that I know are keeping me healthy.
    Please read with a fine comb to expose trying to slip pass things I believe are my right to continue to do.
    Thank you for your time.

  • maria a. pflug

    Please leave our supplements alone. We like them just the way they are–unadulterated by big Pharma and the FDA. We don’t need to be told what’s good for us or harmful to us. We can read and are self educated about what our bodies need, how much, and what quality. Don’t legislate our supplements. If you want to remain in office you will leave our health foods and health related alternative products alone.

  • The question, that I, would have to ask is. Does anyone, in the Congress or Senate, give a dam, about the Taxpayer’s of this country? Stop trying, to screw them over.

  • deenie

    We need to be vigilant as the PTB really want to severely limit our choices wrt supplements, healing modalities, and even control of our own bodies. This is, of course, un-Constitutional but our government seems to regard it as an obsolete document along with all of the freedoms and liberties it clearly delineates. We must fight back with every channel at our disposal.

  • Peat maragh

    It was “said” that we live in a “free country” and the “market place rules”. Why are there so much laws against our “freedom of choise” if we live in a “free country”? Please keep your hand off my freedom of choise. I have a “natural right” to eat the food I want and not to be controlled by lawmakers and multinational corporation.

  • Ugh, why do politics have to be so exhausting? Is it really that outrageous to use a position of power or authority to promote what is best for life and health, instead of fattening you and your buddies wallets? As I see it, letting me choose freely is the best thing for my health. Amazingly, it is also the least expensive option for the masses, with no need for endless bureaucracy.
    I agree with deenie that we must be vigilant and fight back with every channel at our disposal. A large part of that is informational. The big business/Ag/pharm/or whichever bully you choose has very deep pockets and a rampant advertising campaign. People believe what they see and people need to see more truth. When we catch wind of our freedoms being stolen out from under us, we need to tell our friends, write in our blogs, send emails, and utilize any other media tools at our disposal to expose the underhanded attempts at stealing our freedoms.
    We need a large voice when we tell our legislators how we will be governed. After all, that is our right and duty. I commend Alliance for Natural Health for being a voice for us in this respect.

  • All of these dirty little deals eventually have a way of coming around and kicking those making them. Don’t these people have families they care about or do they just blindly play the Good Ole Boy game for greed and power? Ethics seem practically non-existent but I guess that’s expected for the brain dead!

    • Emily

      Of course they don’t care about their families. They figure that money cures all problems. Unfortunately for the rest of us, statistics show that is true: wealthy people’s lifespan is longer than those on lower economic levels. I would question the quality of their lives and the content of their souls.

  • I am fully committed to protecting access to natural wellness supplements. They have been the key to my recovery from chronic fatique and joint pain. I would be an invalid if i had to depend on pharmaceuticals. Please keep getting the word out.

  • Pedro Sanabria

    By limiting access to health food supplements with the pretense of safety, the pharmacy industry(which is not safer) gets a greater advantage in the market which is contrary to a free market of a democratic nation. It thwarts the advancement of free enterprise and the freedom to choose of Americans.

  • Emily

    Statistics have shown that approximately 100,000 persons die annually from prescription drug overdoses and reactions. I take no prescription drugs, am 85 and in good health, thanks to an Integrative Medicine physician and natural supplements. My husband is 93 and I am having a fight with the VA medical system, who want to ply him with pharmaceuticals to put a band-aid on their version of his health. At one time, 3 years ago, they had him on 12 prescriptions and he was walking around in a daze all the time and nearly dead. I have taken most of them away and have him on natural supplements, and he is doing better. His VA doctor does not care for me, as what I do for my husband goes against her traditional medical training which is about band-aid treatment, but does in no way determine causes of physical problems or address actual curative approaches. Money is God.

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