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ANH Response to Attack on Nutraceutical Industry

Mark Ridinger, editor of the journal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics launched a stinging attack on the nutraceutical industry. ANH responds…
Mark Ridinger, editor of the scientific journal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, a publication of the esteemed Nature group, has launched a stinging attack on the nutraceutical industry, which he refers to as the “nutraceutical-industrial [N-I] complex”. He’s effected the attack through the pages of the very journal of which he is editor – call it editorial license if you like. The good news is it likely means that our failure to stop taking our nutrients, herbs and other natural concoctions with which we have evolved over thousands of years is really starting to get on the goat of those who’d like us to submit to what they seem to profess is ‘pharmaceutical heaven’.
To read Ridinger’s full paper, .
Ridinger’s assault, as you will see, leaves no holes barred. It’s the sort of fodder that seeps into the subconscious mind of scientists and doctors who wish to remain close minded about investigating alternatives to the new-to-nature, patented pharmaceutical fodder of mainstream medicine. This sort of stuff is also fed to the media and generates more negative headlines once fuelled by pharma-funded PR companies. Victims of Ridinger’s frenzied attack included vitamin C (said to be no more effective than placebo), glucosamine (said to be completely ineffective along with chondroitin as the molecules were too big to be absorbed by the body) and MLM companies (who were all depicted as being unscrupulous).
It is people like Ridinger who are pushing to kill off the very law, the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994, that has allowed so many Americans to benefit from natural health. Ridinger says: “The American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and other groups are challenging the DSHEA, calling for five changes to the act, which severely limits the FDA’s power over the N-I complex and puts the burden of proof of a nutraceutical’s safety on the agency.”
We hope you have the time to read Ridinger’s whole piece, but once you’ve done that, take a look at what we had to say about it at the ANH. Click here to download our 6 page PDF document, make yourself a herbal tea, pop some vitamins and enjoy. Just remember, Ridinger is not alone. His viewpoints are seemingly identical to numerous others. They are as off-key as we’ve seen from someone who professes to be the editor of a mainstream pharmacology journal, and may or may not be a singer/songwriter as well (as you’ll see when you read our article).

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9 thoughts on “ANH Response to Attack on Nutraceutical Industry

  • J.Engle

    I would like to read the Mark Riddinger editorial, but the link you provided doesn’t work. Could you put up the correct link?

  • Dan Dale

    The fact that neither link works throws suspicion on your message. We consumers desperately need reliable information on supplements, and I would like to rely on what you publish. We all must know that some supplement producers make grossly inflated claims for their products, and it is hard to know who to trust. I have tried many products which had no discernible effect, and sometimes get very discouraged about the industry.

  • Dottie Macfee

    I do not want the FDA to regulate nutraceuticals (supplements & vitamins), because the price for these products will be out of this world high. We get to enjoy the benefits of these vitamin and
    supplements without the high cost or needing a prescription. This would be a big mistake.
    Supplemnets have helped so many health issues including mine. Do not regulate these supplments and vitamins. I beg of you. It is my life. I need to take them and the government
    does not need to be in one more corner of the world.
    Thank you

  • Lizzy Poole

    In my sweet little ol’ lady way, I have introduced doctors, during appointments, to healthful things.
    For instance, therapeutic touch to an orthopedic phys. to help with pain management, mangosteen juice to my general physician to bring relief from GERD, heavy metal cleanse to another gp. to rid my system of too much mercury. Fortunately, these doctors have been open-minded and interested to learn of alternative ways to keep healthy. The latest one “admitted” that he, too, takes supplements.
    I’m only mildly disappointed about the CA GMO vote, because I know that better ways of living usually have to be seeped into the public’s consciousness. We can demonstrate a lot by standing in a supermarket reading the labels – I see more people every day doing just that. For example, high fructose corn syrup is quickly falling by the wayside. We’re part of the action that returns items to the shelves, not damaged, but upside down and backwards.

  • Sam Bergeron

    I have benefited tremendously taking antioxidant supplements and I would be willing to paid a little more but what they(pharmaceutical companies) want is to restrict our access because if we take better care of our selves then their profits would fall.

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