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Medical Information and Treatment Access Act
Many of us have been waiting for this legislation for years.  Within next month or so, Congressman Chris Cannon (R-UT) and other members of Congress plan to introduce Medical Information and Treatment Access Act (MITA) legislation.  It is currently undergoing the last language revisions before it is introduced.
Had this bill been law years ago, we would not be debating whether chelation therapy works or bio-identical hormone treatment is safe.  Those treatments and many other off-label uses of approved drugs and devices would be standard of care.  In addition, the pathways in the bill allow for data to be collective inexpensively that would result in many more health claims for supplement formulas and for the examination of entire protocols instead of individual components of treatment.  It will put physicians back in charge of the directions medical research needs to go, and allow each medical specialty control over their own research agenda.
As soon as the updated bill language has been finalized, we will post it on our website.
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) now has a new Center Director – Josephine P. Briggs, M.D.  Many of you know that it was a direct result of this organization’s work that NCCAM became law.  Bill Duncan, our lobbyist in Washington, crafted that legislation back in 1997.
Now that the Center has a new director, AAHF will be working through the process to get NCCAM back on track and back doing the kind of cutting edge research they were envisioned as doing when they were created.  We look forward to the community’s input and feedback so we can help NCCAM correct their direction.
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