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Readers Corner: ANH-USA’s Connections and Position on World Government

We’ve received some questions from a couple of our readers recently about some rumors that have been flying around the internet. Here is one:

Jim writes:
June 30, 2010 at 9:12 am

Someone on the internet has written that you are part of a Rockefeller family driven agenda to create a single world government. Can you please comment?

ANH-USA says:
July 2, 2010

ANH-USA is exclusively devoted to natural health and health freedom issues.

In our opinion, the perennial problem with government is keeping it honest, free of corruption, and free of special interest control. A single world government would only make that problem worse.

We also have no relationship with the Rockefeller family, nor are we controlled by or secretly funded by any other organization or group. We are entirely independent.

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3 thoughts on “Readers Corner: ANH-USA’s Connections and Position on World Government

  • Patti

    Could anyone be more “connected” to a single world government than the government that is in control now? It appears that ANH is fighting tooth and nail to preserve our rights to so many issues regarding Freedom and I thank them.

  • J Hill

    You’ve done a laudable job of bringing serious problems to our attention. I thank you. However I don’t know what to do next. The medical-system issue is only part of the pervasive breakdown in responsible government. Today, what part of personal life is not being controlled by government agencies? These agencies do not answer to us. They answer to the congress that created them.
    Who owns your body? That isn’t such a simple question. when herd-welfare ideas are used to rationalize the taking of a human life or the enslavement of its rightful owner.
    Americans do have a breaking point. They eventually yell:”Stop!!!” That shout may be too late. Have we reached the tipping point after which we can’t repair the harm? I fear so.
    I spent my time warning of the life-long illness resulting from most psyche drugs. You may think that these drugs are given only to the mentally-ill, the folks on the periphery of our consciousness. This isn’t so. Prescribing hard-core psyche drugs off-label to non-mental patients is usual. The use of Atypical anti-psychotics for just psychotics does not make enough money. To thrive, pharma must impose its mind-controlling drugs on far more than those accused of mental illness. Today, these are used for minor ailments in normal people?
    The results are more and more cataracts and diabetes . Who manufacturers drugs for the treatment of these iatrogenic diseases? You guessed it.
    Contrary to the rantings of pop docs, tranquilizers do not cause addiction. Tranquilizers cause major illness which takes many forms. How many people were told that they had MS when they were really long-term compliant patients using tranquilizers exactly as directed? This is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Pharma cannot control us without help. It is getting that help. You are making the public aware of this. You suggest calling our senators and representatives. I did that.
    I wrote to Senator Bennet of Colorado protesting the monopoly given to a company called, Medicure, for exclusive sales of a B-vitamin. I protested monopoly. Bennet wrote to me informing that this as done for my own protection! Really? Monopoly protects me?
    What is left when our elected congress-people are doing this sort of thing? What is left to us?
    J Hill

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