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Another Reason We Need The Free Speech About Science Bill: U.S. Media Ignore “The Power of Your Plate.”

Nutrition — “The Power of Your Plate,” as Dr. Neal Barnard termed it in his book of that name — is known to be important in the prevention and treatment of disease. And yet, the American press gives nutrition a pass. Another reason that we need to stop FDA censorship of science and allow natural foods and supplement producers to talk about the science behind their products.
On March 2, 2010, the BBC News picked up the report that diet can help blocked arteries, but the report received scant coverage in the U.S. press. In that same week, the U.S. National Library of Medicine noted the following research:

But there was little coverage in the mainstream U.S. media, or even in medical media. Why? One reason may be that the treatment of fresh fruit and vegieschronic diseases with prescription medications is such big business, and most media organizations depend on drug company advertising. The disease care industry knows that chronic illnesses account for at least 75 percent of this nation’s healthcare costs. Why kill the golden goose?
There is an alternative: diet, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes that are such an important part of integrative medicine. Drs. Dean Ornich, Nathan Pritikin, John McDougall and others have all shown that patients willing to make lifestyle changes can prevent and treat most of the chronic diseases that consume so many of our nation’s healthcare dollars.
With both the government and the mainstream media silent about the benefits of natural health approaches, it is unconscionable that the government maintains its gag rule on natural food and supplement producers. Cherry growers should be able to cite the science behind the health benefits of cherries. The same for the walnut growers, another group attacked by the FDA for daring to refer to peer reviewed scientific studies. This is why we need the Free Speech About Science bill. Please take a moment to send a message to your member of Congress supporting it.

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12 thoughts on “Another Reason We Need The Free Speech About Science Bill: U.S. Media Ignore “The Power of Your Plate.”

  • Steve Warriner

    Honorable Congressman Mark Schauer, Dear Sir, I hope you are still on board for the adoption of a Free Speech About Science bill . In our accelerating times, now is the time; later will be too late I’m afraid. Sincerely, Stephen Warriner

  • Diane St George

    I truely believe that an organic healthy diet with light supplements are key to good health! There are so many good food products which can help prevent health problems.
    Local honey for allergys (among other things!) organic non pastueurized apple cider vinegar,for digestion problems.Sylymarin for liver function,tumeric for skin problems,garlic,pottasium and organic oatmeal for heart and cholesterol. I believe in only organic meat in small amounts,eggs and wild caught safe fish.(non GMO products)
    It may cost a bit more to eat this way but in the long run benefits your health in a way that the doctors office can be a rare place to visit.
    Lets get the good word out for healthy organic (non GMO) food and supplements! thanks Diane

    • deb fish

      We can’t eat the mercury laden fish (and now oil laden thanks to BP); our beef is full of hormones; our lettuce carries e-coli…Science, climate change., the environmental consequences of our actions – we must not let big Pharma and corp. interests continue to ruin our health! Without supplements, it’s hard to get proper nutrition these days. It’s bad enough that vitamins/supplements are not covered by Medicare nor private insurance. I spend $2,000+/year on vitamins. I lowered my cholesterol 80 points without taking the statin drugs that a Dr. recommeneded! The FDA approves, and Medicare covers dangerous drugs with horrific side effects. It’s time they stopped making big Pharma the beneficiary of our health care dollars!

  • Suzanne

    There is almost no disease that good nutrition can’t at least help to make better. Yet nutrition, like medicine and weight loss can not be a recipe book kind of science because every body is different.

  • Rev. Larry Hawkins

    To Senators supporting health care,
    Let us make it very plain that you will protect the right of all Americans to choose food and supplements, as well as alternative procedures, in maintaining health. The FDA and AMA myopic stress on drugs and expensive technology ought not to monopolize our health care system, nor encourage the media publicity of questionable and toxic substances.
    This issue has not yet been adequately voiced during the current discussions.
    Rev. Larry Hawkins
    Grosse Pointe, Michigan

  • Cheri Meuse

    I am a firm believer in nutrition being the front line to wellness for our bodies. It is so painfully obvious that healthcare in this country is driven by greed and profit margin. Even most of the food we are told to eat is killing us and noone is willing to listen. We have to take care of ourselves and follow what we truly believe to be good for us. Dr. Henderson who heps those with cancer has time and time again helped people to survive or cure their cancers and I personally know one person who survived and is now cancer free and my brother recently diagnosed with bladder cancer is following the diet and we will see first hand. And boy will we be vocal about it!
    So please, as members of Congress please hear your constituents who are in the know and keep alternative health alive and well. It is our right. ANd it will NOT kill us!

  • Carol Robinson

    I guess it is true that our nation’s media care more about profits than the people they say they serve. But when profits rank over people, there is a great deal wrong, and this is one of the symptoms of our troubled nation.

  • Carol Robinson

    I guess it is true that our nation’s media care more about profits than the people they say they serve. But when profits rank over people, there is a great deal wrong, and this is one of the symptoms of our troubled nation.

  • For the past 8 years, I have been actively involved in dietary supplement research, coordinating research projects on dietary supplements, and now fighting for laws that allow for the truth to be told about the health benefits of foods and dietary supplements. Hundreds of companies with proven health benefits from foods and dietary supplements have been warned, fined, sued, raided by US Marshalls, and closed down by the FDA and FTC and other federal and state agencies. If you don’t believe it, go to the FDA and FTC websites, and search for a single complaint from a consumer of a dietary supplement or a food who said that they felt cheated by the claims that the company or food manufacturer made. You’ll be hard pressed to find one. Then look for the Exhibits in each case. You’ll find references to disease conditions in each one, most of which were on the web. You’ll find those references in relation to scientific articles, historical benefits, and books and even government references to the health benefits of those supplements and foods on specific health conditions. The only thing false or misleading is that these references included specific references to disease conditions, something that only drugs can claim to cure, treat, mitigate, or prevent.
    Do your due diligence. Then do what is the right thing. Contact your Congressional Representative, and get everyone that you know to do the same. And thank you ANH for providing the content of this bill to the two co-chairs of the Dietary Supplement Caucus in the House of Representatives! We will fight side by side with you in the short time that we have left to get this bill out of Henry Waxman’s committee and onto the House Floor for a vote! I hope everyone reading this will join me in that fight!
    Jim Illick

  • Unless, or until, we present a more united voice, things will not change. Our future generations are at stake, and our job is to secure that future. Nutrition is very important, and we cannot stress this more.

  • Thomas Frye

    The reason these things are happening Jeremiah wrote of…
    The heart is deceitful above all things,And desperately wicked; Who can know it?
    Isaiah wrote of God’s assessment how He will deal with the problem…
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
    Woe means destruction…

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