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Are You Prepared to Be Psychologically “Vaccinated”?

Are You Prepared to Be Psychologically “Vaccinated”?
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The war on “misinformation” takes a dangerous turn. Action Alert!

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  • Those waging the war on “misinformation” are employing some of the techniques of terrorist groups use to manipulate their adherents.
  • There is an arms race happening, with increasingly well-funded, sophisticated techniques being developed to control information and, by extension, thought and discourse.
  • This is why our FreeSpeech4Health campaign is so critical. Please sign our petition if you haven’t and share it widely in your network!

Imagine if people could be psychologically ‘vaccinated’ so that they would produce mental antibodies that would make them resistant to misinformation.

Well, stop imagining. It’s already happening, it’s been tried and tested in collaboration with, or funding from, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google and Meta. Declared ‘partners’ include the UK Behavioural Insights Team, the US Department of Homeland Services’ Cyber Defense Agency CISA, among others. It’s the psychological inoculation model, sometimes also referred to as prebunking, being used in the heavily-funded, government and Big Tech backed war on health-related misinformation. 

It’s the subject of ANH International’s recent feature piece, and a topic of conversation on ANH Founder and Executive Director, Rob Verkerk, PhD’s recent appearance on the Intelligent Medicine podcast with Ron Hoffman, MD.

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We alluded to the issue of prebunking in last week’s Pulse of Natural Health. Prebunking—the brainchild of Cambridge University-based scientist Sander van der Linden—involves exposing individuals to “common manipulation techniques to preemptively inform them of how they could be misinformed in the future.” Professor van der Linden and his colleagues learned from the best. At a recent event, he explained that his team developed this method through studying the techniques used for manipulation and radicalization among extremist terrorist groups. (Ironically, Universities UK, an amalgamation of hundreds of schools throughout the United Kingdom, recently asked to be exempted from the UK government’s new definition of “extremism.”)

Let that sink in for a moment. The crusaders against “misinformation” are adopting the techniques of terrorist and extremist groups. There are apparently no lengths to which they will not go to make sure there is a compliant population when the next pandemic hits. You’ll shut up, take your shot, and ask no questions because you were psychologically “inoculated.”

Professor van der Linden and his team developed two games, Bad News and Go Viral, designed to arm your mind against misinformation. This gamification unashamedly targeted at younger generations, which they claim are more vulnerable to misinformation. We find this curious given the tendency of so many young people to have been compliant while COVID restrictions were the most draconian . It was our anecdotal experience that those who questioned COVID policies the most were older Americans, not younger. But hey, better to start early when teaching people to be compliant—and today’s youth are our future!

While the misinformation crusaders tend to define ‘misinformation’ as information that is fake, false, partially true or misleading, the so-called misinformation that is the focus of this war has to increasingly be interpreted as including information that is either truthful or plausible but doesn’t tango with a narrative created by the small number who seek to control the prevailing order of human society.

This is why our FreeSpeech4Health campaign is more critical than ever. Help us reach our goal of a million signatures demanding YouTube change its medical misinformation policy so it serves the public interest, not corporate interests!

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