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BREAKING: New threat to your supplements

BREAKING: New threat to your supplements
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Dear Friend,

We’ve just gotten word that a policy proposal that will restrict supplement access could be attached to another must-pass bill. This time, it’s the bill to continue funding the government that needs to pass by the end of September. We have to fight back against this newest threat.

Invest in ANH and help us defend your supplement access!

Sen. Dick Durbin’s “mandatory product listing” for dietary supplements must be defeated. This policy brings us closer to European-style supplement restrictions where the government slashes the amount of a nutrient supplements can contain to absurdly low levels. Do you want vitamin D supplements to be limited to just 800 IU per pill? That’s what Germany has done, and that’s what we’re facing.

It’s crunch time now—we have to squash this effort and make sure it doesn’t get attached to the government funding bill.

In health and wellness,

Gretchen DuBeau, Esq.
ANH Executive and Legal Director

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