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Why Are Americans Dying Earlier?

Why Are Americans Dying Earlier?

Troubling signs about the future of healthcare in this country show the urgent need to embrace regenerative health solutions.

new analysis found that US life expectancy has dropped for the second year in a row, by about six months in 2021, after falling by two years in 2020. This has driven overall US life expectancy to 76.99 years, its lowest point in 25 years. This should spur a moment of reflection among policymakers and public health experts.

A report from the National Center for Health Statistics broke down the drop in life expectancy by state. New York saw the biggest drop, where life expectancy fell by three years; eight states and Washington, DC saw life expectancy drop by more than two years (New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico, and Arizona). Hawaii experienced the smallest drop at just 0.2 years.

Experts say that the COVID-19 pandemic and the opioid overdose epidemic are the main drivers of this startling drop in life expectancy. These explanations aren’t wrong, but they obscure deeper truths about what is really going on here.

For starters, the government’s response to the pandemic cost hundreds of thousands of lives. In the early days, government health authorities ignored, censored, and attacked any treatment for COVID-19; all the focus was on self-isolating, masking, hand washing, and waiting for a vaccine to be developed. Some estimate that 85 percent of COVID deaths could have been prevented had early treatment with repurposed drugs combined with supplements been widely adopted.

But the real reason so many Americans died from COVID is that we are a profoundly sick nation. Half the population has at least one chronic condition, and almost a third have multiple chronic illnesses. There are many causes of the chronic disease epidemic:

  • The way we grow our food means it is less nutritious than it once was, making us deficient in key nutrients and priming us to develop chronic diseases;
  • Federal agencies like the EPA allow all sorts of toxic chemicals onto the market. We’re exposed to these toxins in the air, in our water, in consumer products, and in our food. The accumulation of these exposures is making us sick.
  • Rather than treating the root cause of illness by addressing diet and lifestyle, mainstream medicine relies on pharmaceutical drugs which are expensive and often dangerous.

Which brings us to the opioid epidemic. This is a case study in how broken our health system is. We previously detailed the sordid history of how the FDA aided and abetted the maker of OxyContin in their reckless marketing of the drug to millions of Americans. This is emblematic of our crippling reliance on dangerous, expensive, and startlingly ineffective pharmaceutical drugs to solve our health issues rather than utilizing natural therapies that are far less expensive, safer, and more effective. Consider that more than 15 million people take prescription drugs for heartburn, but Nexium, one of the more popular medications, works for 1 in 25 people. And even for the small percentage of people for whom it works, Nexium and other proton pump inhibitors come with a host of nasty side effects like pneumonia, kidney disease, increased heart attack and dementia risk, and inhibiting energy production and detoxification. Does this look like a health system that works?

Importantly, all these trends, including the drop in life expectancy, disproportionately impact communities of color. This is unacceptable.

The status quo is clearly not working; in an age of incredible scientific advancement, our health is regressing. It’s time to embrace regenerative health for humans and the planet. This means reducing toxic inputs into our soil, water and air, and increasing the availability of nutrient-dense foods. We need healthy soil for healthy food, which means fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Healthy food can support a regenerative approach to healthcare where diet, proper supplementation, and the avoidance of toxins and pollutants address key sources of our chronic disease epidemic. Until we make this transition, we will continue to pay more and more for healthcare that doesn’t optimize our health.

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16 thoughts on “Why Are Americans Dying Earlier?

  • S

    Absolutely. Aside from Covid, cancer is another disease that people are dying sooner from — mostly because the AMA and others will only allow cut, poison and burn (C, P and B) methods to be used. Anyone who has listened and/or purchased The Truth About Cancer knows that foreign countries, especially Mexico, Russia, and many of the Asian countries study and work with so many more procedures that actually save people. If children are diagnosed with cancer, they have to use the same C, P and B methods until the lettered agencies deem that the case is unsolvable with just C, P and B. If oncologists in the US were allowed to prescribe other methods, I’m sure they would recommend other treatments and we wouldn’t have to suffer through the thousand/week of Danny Thomas begathons. Additionally, people need to research what they would do if they had cancer (or add in another disease if you need to) so they aren’t blind-sided and feel they have to rush to C, P and B instantly.

    • Dawn

      Huge uptick in cancer rates in the covid vaccinated population. The covid shot is a clot shot, or death shot. Stay away at all costs.

  • Wayne Johnson

    The otherwise good article should have mentioned a critical fact in these new statistics: the men are burying the brunt of this decline. Our life expectancy now is 73.1. Wayne Johnson PhD

  • Greg Cantin

    I am not a math expert, but, to me, the main reason for the large fall in age is because many more YOUNG people are dying as a result of not only the mistreatment of “Covid19” but from the CV19 Vaccines.
    Anyone older than 77 dying actually raises the avg. age. But a 17 y.o. dying is 60 years chopped of the average age.

  • Clayton Rose

    All spoken /written here…is ‘The GODS TRUTH”…foods such as Eggs give us what we need naturally …! And’ that said will address the 2nd topic here re: people dieing younger-is…Tooo-much”-big-Pharma & growers lies , adds-up to big trouble & younger dead Americans ?! Clayton Rose

  • Ken B

    Yes, we are a sick nation. We must also blame ourselves for the opioid epidemic, as well as the FDA and the pharmaceutical industry. Patients were demanding better pain management — in other words, less pain. The medical community responded by prescribing more and stronger pain medication. Drug companies increased production in order to keep up with demand. The pendulum swung from too little pain management to excess and abuse. Patients and doctors have looked for quick fixes rather than healing root causes.

  • Ronald C Coffman

    Over the last several decades, I have written several times to my elected officials in Washington, DC about the issues of stripping our lands of nutrients and replacing them with toxins already banned in Europe. While I got the occasional “boiler-plate” responses, none of these officials have taken any action to make our foods healthier and safer. Sadly, I am but one person, so our Congresspeople can easily ignore me. We need a lot of people to write in asking about the same problem. Studies show that over a third of American voters are now registered as Independent, so we need to get all of them to write to their elected officials, as well as try to encourage candidates not belonging to the two major Parties to run for office.
    The problems plaguing our population, despite what this article states, do not impact people of color more severely. It only seems that way because the problems impact people of limited means. More Whites live below the poverty line than people of color, but higher percentages of some other races are poor. We need to focus on wealth disparity, rather than race disparity, because that is the main factor destroying this nation. The wealthy only push the race narrative because they don’t dare have the people awaken and see the truth of the matter.

  • Maha

    The reason for the recent increase in mortality from all causes is the mRNA vaccines. Compelling data is coming in daily.
    Yes, the folks who attend to their health with better diet and exercise have faired better against COVID, and may do better against the toxic effects of the spike protein the mRNA instructs our cells to produce. Even so, the number one cause of death now in Canada is unknown. Recently, 30 doctors–many young and athletic–have suddenly died in Canada after being vaccinated with the mandated shots in Ontario.
    We have a new category of death since 2021 called SADS. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.
    I am surprised the Alliance is afraid to just state this outright.

  • Mark Luersen

    Not one mention of the real cause? Is ANH afraid of being censored or just walking the thin line to not ‘offend’ certain readers? The truth is the truth, we are in information warfare, take a stand already.

  • David Arntson

    Just a simple thing: these alternate cures are NOT covered by insurance, and often illegal in our out of it USA. If you have cancer and have used these AMA treatments unsuccessfully, it’s likely you have found this out as I did.

  • Dawn

    Everybody should watch “The Dimming” by geoengineeringwatch dot org. Aluminum oxide, strontium and barium sprayed in the skies all over the US. Millions of tons annually. The heavy metals eventually end up in the food and the water supply. The warfare on the population by the “elite” aka globalist scum, is out of control. Educate yourselves and protect yourselves.

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