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Why is voltage so important for us to live a healthy pain free lifestyle?

Why is voltage so important for us to live a healthy pain free lifestyle?
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When talking about pain management, I often refer to energy medicine as a modality to aid in the healing process. We require stored energy in the body for daily living. This energy comes through our water, food, nutrition and exercise. If we become ill or are in chronic pain, a lot of our body’s energy is directed toward our natural healing systems. Sometimes our bodies run out of this energy and that can lead to chronic pain or disease.
Dr. Jerry Tennant MD, made a statement in a presentation that resonated with me the first time I heard it. “Chronic disease and pain only occurs when the body loses the voltage it needs to make new cells that work.”
The traditional means of treatment (drugs, medications etc.) plus many of the things that we eat and drink can rob us of voltage. However with the proper intake of alkaline water, good nutrition and energy medicine we can bring our bodies back into balance energetically, helping us achieve the pain free healthy lifestyle we’ve always wanted.
After working with microcurrent modalities for many years, I have experienced firsthand how remarkable this subtle energy helps to accelerate the healing process. I believe it is important for everyone to understand that our body is portable electronic device and uses electrons or voltage in order to function. These Blogs are intended to help us understand why voltage and electrons are so important for us to be well.
A good starting point for anyone who wants to learn how the body works is to read a book entitled Healing is Voltage the Handbook by Dr. Jerry Tennant. In his book Dr. Tennant discusses energy medicine, the importance of alkaline water, pH of the body, nutrition, dental etc. He explains, in a very easy to understand way, why all of these are necessary for us to be healthy and well.
Dr Tennant also teaches us how to be good electricians of the body and how to make it work better. Understanding his refreshingly honest medical paradigm and passing it forward to as many people as possible, has been his mission for the past 15 years.
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