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Capitol Hill Search Underway for Leading Integrative Doctor

US_CapitolWhich integrative physician will be appointed to the powerful new federal research institute? ANH–USA is currently working with Congress to be sure that he or she will be the real thing.

ANH-USA knew that whatever the outcome of the Healthcare “Reform” legislation, there would be a new federal panel for medicine. This panel is supposed to report on the most proven and effective treatments. But it is widely understood that its advice will eventually guide the government when and if it moves to ration care, starting with Medicare and then moving into private insurance plans.
Initially, the board was known as the Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Board. Now it is called the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. Whatever soothing name it is given, it is expected to have immense influence. For this reason, ANH–USA lobbied hard to have an integrative doctor included by statute.
Normally we would worry that this statutory requirement might be evaded by the choice of a physician who would be “integrative” in name only or perhaps not integrative at all. But the same allies who ensured a place for an integrative physician will influence the naming of an individual to play this role, so we are hopeful.
ANH–USA remains strongly opposed to the healthcare bill that passed because of its mandate of conventional medical insurance policies among other reasons. We expect to join others in legal tests of that bill. But even if the bill is eventually overturned or repealed, we think it overwhelmingly likely that the new Research Board will survive. With our Congressional allies’ help, we will try to make it as friendly to natural and integrative medicine, that is, to real preventive medicine as we can.
We will keep you posted on how the appointment of an integrative doctor to the powerful new board goes.

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82 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Search Underway for Leading Integrative Doctor

    • Angela

      You would be an excellent candidate! I would contact your Congressman to find out about the selection process — or maybe Dr. Block would have some information as he heads the integrative group at the NIH. What a daunting task you would be taking on!

  • Joy Linsley

    I am SO grateful that you are staying on top of this. I was not aware that there would be such an appointment – so badly needed. Kudos for your strong lobbying efforts!!

      • Jill Elmore

        Dr. Andrew Weil was a Harvard educated physician who realized long, long ago traditional medicine was NOT the answer!!

        • Alex

          Dr. Weil is too steeped in promoting soy products even though there is mounting evidence of phytoestrogens, thyroid disruption, tumor growth potential and calcium depletion.

          • I agree. Non-fermented soy products are controversial and any appointee should be carefully balanced. I’d recommend Bill Faloon at Life Extension (lef.org) except that he already has too much to do.

        • Arnold

          Dr.Weil, does NOT support the use of controversial alternative medical therapies that challenge the medical orthodoxy. He is opposed to Chelation Therapy, he is for water fluoridation.
          He does approve of herbs, instead of drugs-but that is not enough. When the media looks for a safe critic of Medicine he is it.

  • Bill McNamar

    For what it’s worth, I vote for Dr. Mercola or Jonathan Wright (not positive if he is an MD or not).

  • Dr. Floyd W. Hoyt

    If ANH-USA is involved in developing a short list of candidates, please enter my name. Thank you.

  • Jan B. Hamilton

    How can we nominate colleagues? I am thinking of Jonathan Wright, M.D., Julian Whitaker, M.D., Alan Gaby, M.D. and others. I am a Ph.D. in Nutrition from LSU and Georgetown. Will there be a place for Ph.D.’s?
    All the best, with gratidude,
    Jan B. Hamilton, Ph.D. Registered Dietitian
    President and CEO Nutritionalbiomedicine.com

  • Jim Hall

    Top candidates I would submit for this position would be, would be any of the three Dr., I list below. Any one of these would be outstanding representing integrative medicine.
    Dr.William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.
    Dr. Julian Whitaker M.D.
    Dr. Mark Stengler DO.
    Thank You,
    Jim Hall

  • Kathleen Byrnes

    Thank you so much for keeping us aware of the “Integrative pulse” in DC. As an Education & Outreach coordinator/speaker/proponent about the Hep C and HIV viruses, I clearly deal with the limitations on speaking about CAMs (Complimentary Alternative Medicines) and am thrilled whenever someone asks about treatment choices….to me this implies that people are tired of being “sick” from their medications. The emerging fields of Energy medicine (Quantum physics applied to humanity) have already established some framework that can redirect healthcare in more appropriate (meaning…more personal choice) directions.
    I am looking forward to receiving your updates on this topic. And, just for the record, if you are looking for an Outreach professional, I would love to speak with you… Kudos
    Kathleen Byrnes
    213 Brimbal Ave
    Beverly MA 01915

  • Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. would be worthy of consideration. He has the battle scars from defending integrative medicine fron attacks by the FDA.
    Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. IS Medical Directorof the Tahoma Clinic, 801 S.W. 16th St., Suite 121, Renton, WA. 98055
    Phone: (425) 264-0059 Fax: (425) 264-0071

  • Arthur Lupien

    Two names immediately come to mind: Dr Stephen Sinatra, a board certified cardiologist, and Dr. Johnathan Wright, MD, who is on the scientific advisory board for the Life Extension Foundation. I’m sure the LEF also has some dandy candidates. As you say, he or she can’t be a lightweight.

  • Susan Hornbach

    Thanks so much for your e-mail and posting. It gives me hope. I’m so tired of being looked down on because I take natural medicines; looked at as if I were crazy or something.
    If I go into a hospital I always have to endure the pressure of them wanting to take away my natural supplements. Sometimes when I am very sick I don’t go to the hospital just because it’s just too much trouble to argue about what will be a better treatment for me.
    It would be so nice if hospitals eventually would tie into someplace like Life Extension, so they could call and get advice for people who take natural medicines. I take a natural ace inhibitor that works better than any pharmaceutical that a doctor has ever given me, and besides BP it takes care of my blood sugar also. The best thing is; no side affects!
    It would be great if all doctors were trained to be integrative. Too bad that selling products counts first with big pharma. I wonder where our health needs rank on big pharma’s list? Actually, I’m not wondering at all.
    Good luck with the Patients Centered Outcomes Research Institute. It would be nice to have an integrative doctor included.

  • Michael Vincent Potocnik

    Dr. Michael T> Murray, N., author of “What the Drug Companies Won’t Tell You and Your Doctor Doesn’t Know” would be a good choice.
    But for MD credentials I would choose Dr. Dennis Harris, M. D., Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a sub-certification in pain management. He is also a product formulator and his e-mail is [email protected].

  • Eugenia Care

    My vote is for Dr. Kyle Neeley of Tuscon, AZ. He began as a homeopath and massage therapist, then went on to become a doctor of naturopathy and a doctor of chinese medicine. He is also a medical intuitive. He would be a fabulous choice!

  • Joe Kownslar

    You need to see Dr. Bobbi Jo McAuliffe, MD, Nat Path, PH.D and more.
    A US Military trained MD, Major
    ( no longer in service / private pratice)
    Asheville, NC
    Very Good Doctor
    Military time doing Med. research
    Current : Neuroendocrinology
    suite 103, 1201 Bleachery Rd., Asheville, NC 28803
    Office Ph. 1-828-456-8500

    • CA doc

      Your Bobbi Jo McAuliffe is not a licensed physician and it looks like this person is a scammer who charges thousands of dollars for tests and office
      visits and knows nothing about medicine.
      There is no licensed medical doctor in North Carolina by that name. Since this person is out of the military (if they ever served), they need to have NC state medical license to practice, as opposed to be licensed in any state if they work for VA.

  • Carol Sawyer

    I am very aware of some highly effective preventative and healing modalities not commonly accepted by the mainstream. I have had some conditions that conventional medicine was not helping, and I was determined to be open to alternative answers. I was lucky enough to find many answers, however, I am quite aware that, even though much science is available, there is a huge bias against the newness of these ideas to our culture, In my opinion, this is where the real healing is. All drugs, by their very nature are toxic. But, the body, if given the right tools from nature, is able to heal itself. I would love it if the government could help level the playing field again. The pharmaceutical companies have grabbed way too much power in their influence on what is taught in medical schools. I am involved with electrical medicine with Dr. Clark and Robert C. Beck, and the health and wellness industry in network marketing, all more powerful tools than commonly thought.

  • Richard Miller

    I thank you for your effort to inform and influence people for the well being of each of us and for the well being of the American People. This effort in time will turn the tide from a sick and dying American population to a vibrant, healthy and strong population that takes responsibility for their health. I recognize that it is a tough battle to promote a health care system and not a disease care program with added side effects.

  • Rev, Dr. Ronald L. Sims

    I would like to nominate Dr. Gary Young, leading Herbologist, Botanist, Historian of Ancient Natural Medicines from Egypt, Asia, Native Americans, just to name a few.
    Founder of Young Living Essential Oils, sower, cultivator, harvester, processor of 100 % pure Food Grade and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, no fillers, just pure, and sustainable products. He also performs surgery in a semi-trailer in the jungles of Ecuador, South America, as well as overseeing the crops in Virgin Soil, uncontaminated by artificial chemicals, all the way through the harvesting, processing, and testing for purity of each individual batch of Essential Oils.
    Rev. Dr. Ronald L. “Chief Grey Eagle” Sims (Mohawk of the Wolf Clan) and user of Young Living Essential Oils.

  • Barbara Glenewinkel

    I can think of no one better for this position than Dr. Jonathan Wright of the Tahoma Clinic in Renton, Washington. I hope he is considered for this position.

  • Mary

    So who does the Alliance For Natural Health suggestion?…Who are the Integrative Physicians we should be advocating?…

  • dajad terlemezian


  • My choice for integrative doctor would be AlSearsMD.com in florida.
    Definite supporter of alternatives to big pharma concept of health care.
    His concepts start with what our bodies were designed to eat and do originally.
    This for base health, then looking for non drug health cures from around the world and all of the trials that check the quality of care provided by these non-drugs. He and his team do much research.

  • Caren Crocker

    I recommend Dr. Bruce West, chiropractor, Monterey, CA, for the position of “integrative” doctor on the panel. I hope physician does not require that the individual be an MD. Dr. West’s practice and teachings encompass the best that I have found in my 20 year search for such things in an individual who knows and teaches about true wellness — healing and maintenance. And his approach is all about nutrition, highest quality, proven to HEAL, instead pharmaceutical drugs and medical procedures that do not HEAL but treat symptoms in addition to creating new maladies. He can say all of this better than I. I hope you know him and will consider him. If you don’t know him, I hope you will contact him. His web URL is http://www.healthalert.com. There, one can find address and phone contact info. An email address for him, but of patients to communicate not for general communications from the public, is [email protected]. Perhaps at the main phone number given on the web, you would be able to learn of a better email address to communicate with him too. Thank you for giving Dr. West your serious consideration for this important position. If he would even be willing to give his time, his perspective and expertise would be invaluable for the well-being of our society and are extremely important for better information about health REFORM.

  • Rosamond Greinetz, Ph.D. Radiation Chemist

    Here are two excellent candidates for the Integrative Representative.
    I suggest you choose Dr. Jonathan Wright, Tahoma Clinic, Tahoma Washington
    He recently won the Linus Pauling award for integrative medicine.
    He publishes a monthly newsletter called “Nutrition and Healing”.
    His contact informatiion for the Tahoma Clinic is:
    Phone 425-264-0059
    I suggest you choose Dr. Robert J. Rowen who made alternative/ integrative medicine legal in the states of Alaska and California. He practices in California.
    He publishes a monthly newsletter called “Second Opinion”.
    His book “Cheap Cures for Costly Problems” is a must read to save $billions in health care costs. It includes 5 new remedies for diabetes: 9 new cures for cancer: a method to lower blood pressure as much as 40 points in 12 days: and, cholesterol flushes to stop leg pain in 87% of patients in 6 weeks.
    You can reach him through his publisher
    P O BOX 8051
    NORCROSS GA 30091-8051
    These highly successful doctors may not want to give full time to the Patient-Centered Outcomes Reearch Institute, so you ask them to spend part time in whatever fashion they decide. I can suggest more integrative MDs.
    Please allow space for Ph.D.chemists to write reviews and to be paid to design proper measuring techniques. I have recently read several articles where the researcher did not find positive results because he used the wrong analytical technique. This amounts to almost a $billion in waste research funds.
    Rosamond Greinetz, Ph.D., Radiation Chemist
    Radiation and Remote LLC

  • I would like to know more about the search for the integrative Physician that the committee will be looking for. I would like to see if I fill the qualifications they are looking for.
    If you have contacts for such, please forward to me.
    Richard McCormick DC

  • TH

    I want to add Dr Russel Blaylock, M.D. to your list of suggestions.
    He is the author of “Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills”, and “Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients” among others.
    From his bio page:
    “Dr. Blaylock serves on the editorial staff of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association and is on the editorial staff of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, official journal of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. He serves on the editorial board of the journal Fluoride, official journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research. . He has a monthly nutrition newsletter, published by NewsMax.com, The Blaylock Wellness Newsletter.”
    “Dr. Blaylock serves as the medical consultant for the Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative. He was recently awarded the Integrity in Science award by the Westin Price Foundation. Presently, he is a visiting professor in the department of biological sciences at Belhaven College in Jackson, Mississippi. ”
    “At present he is a member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, the American Nutraceutical Association, the International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionist, American College of Nutrition, American Association for Health Freedom, National Health Federation, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. He was recently appointed as a member of the Scientific Advisory Panel of the Life-Extension Foundation.”
    I also like the suggestions Dr. Julian Whitaker and Dr. Jonathan Wright.
    Thank you.

  • Rebecca Bryant

    I nominate my husbands integrative medicine physician – Dr. Allen Weiss of Annapolis, MD. http://www.dralanweiss.com . He would be an absolutely amazing canidate for this position!
    If he is not up your ally – Definately Dr. Joseph Mercola w/out a doubt!
    Hurray for your successful efforts in lobbying our nations capital about the importance of looking at ALL vital avenues of successful healing medicines. Natural is the way to go if you ask me!!!
    Kind Regards,
    Rebecca Bryant
    Alexandria, VA.

  • Susan Jacoby

    Excellent choice would be Dr. David Frawley, perhaps a panel of 3, including Dr. Weil,
    Bob Flaws, Gary Null, and other colleagues. The alternative realities are too vast for
    1 person. Give us a panel of qualified people. Let’s have a discussion, and education at
    the same time. People need to be informed, which will take time to undo the misinformation
    given by media and drug advertising and agri-business farming over the last few decades.

  • Ann Watters LMT#4867,RPE

    Dr Jonathan Wright ND..WA, State…Terrific MD and revolutionary..Would bring definite change to the medical profession..An asset… An integrative MD

  • Virginia Speaks

    I add my endorsement with the others who suggested Dr. Jonathan Wright and Dr. Julian Whitaker. They have been “in the trenches” for many years and have experience in dealing with the federal government. I can think of no better candidates to represent my views.

  • Alex

    Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Jonathan Wright both are tremendously qualified but, just as Congressman Ron Paul wasn’t “political” enough (i.e: he’s not corrupt with strong corporate ties and interests) to be a viable presidential candidate and neither are the two most influential physicians in the holistic medicine field. It’s not likely there will be an appointment of anyone not merely a figurehead or puppet.

  • FAR AND AWAY, DR. DEEPAK CHOPRA. He is the only physician I have EVER heard speak who seems to be able to field questions about natural, holistic health options.

  • Carmen Farinelli

    I nominate Dr Stainslaw Burzynski, the innovative Cancer cure doctor. Be on the lookout for his movie simpky called, “Burznnski”. with him at this position I would say we will CURE cancer within 5 years in America, provided big Pharma did not get in his way.

  • I think it is most prudent that at least one alternative doctor be on this committee. Three would be better. Dr. Bruce West would be my first choice along with Dr. Whitaker and Dr. Jonathan Wright.

  • The suggestions are all very good. I think almost any of them would be good. Dr. Weil, Dr. Wright, Dr. Whitaker, Hyman and others. My suggestion would be Dr. Jeff Bland who is actually a PhD, but is believed by many to be the father of functional medicine. He has already been involved at the national level and I think is fairly well known by many in Washington. He would not be easily influenced and has an excellent knowledge of integratinve medicine.

  • Dr. Al Sears is my nomination for nationally known doctors. On a local basis, Dr. Serrano is tops as far as care and being completely holistic.

  • Of the suggestions above I believe Jonathn Wright would be the best for the protection we need. Andrew Weill is way too mainstream as he promotes chlorine, fluoride and vaccinations as well as being grossly obese unless he has lost a lot of weight recently. Jonathan has been fighting for our rights for a long time and is on of the originals in this arena.

  • I would like to be nominated for the position. I am a registered pharmacist in New York State for 25 years and a clinical nutritionist for 15 years. The following problems need to be addressed in order to reform health care. 1) There is a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic. Since we started using sun block which blocks out UV B which enables vitamin D production but does not block out UV A which is cancer causing, cancer rates have increased because of sun block usage and vitamin D deficiency. Everyone in this country needs to be tested for 25 (OH) Vitamin D level. Optimal Vitamin D supplementation is necessary for flu prevention, cancer prevention, high blood pressure prevention, diabetes prevention, osteoporosis prevention. 2) There are medications which inhibit the absorption of nutrients, very importantly B vitamins. Medications including acid blocking H2 receptor antagonists and proton pump inhibitors and the diabetes medication metformin are prescribed often and most people are not advised of the potential risk of developing anemia, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, and or other problems like cancer, Alzeheimer’s, Parkinson’s. The use of alternative dosage forms of nutrients such as topical patches or sublingual tablets in consumers wishing to use acid blockers, metformin or any medication that gastrointestinally inhibits nutrient absorption should be advised. All of those health risk factors are avoidable. Health care can be preventative, if consumers are informed about risks by appropriate warnings and allowing people to prevent risks with alternative dosage forms of nutrients. 3) The FDA allows claims for Calcium without a concurrent advisory that comsumption of Calcium without adequate Magnesium causes Magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency results in migraines, asthma, high blood pressure, leg cramps, early labor, inability to swallow, sudden death and problems related to muscle tension and immobility. Don’t drink orange juice supplemented with calcium if you get migraines or if you have asthma because Calcium supplementation without equal Magnesium supplementation causes Magnesium deficiency. 4) All package inserts, medication labeling and pharmacy medication protocols do not adequately describe diet and recommend medication use if diet doesn’t work. The work “diet” is too broad and undefined. We need balanced meals on a schedule in order to manage weight, blood sugar levels, lipid levels and blood pressure. Please see http://www.balancedmeals.org for a description of balanced meals on a schedule.

    • Sally G

      You seem very knowledgable, but you lost me by recommending everyone to undergo a Vitamin D test. I really don’t believe in that sort of blanket testing; I do agree that people made to be made aware of the that completely blocking sun exposure leads to less creation of Vitamin D, which needs to be addressed in some form by each person (not all will choose the same path to restoring Vitamin D levels, which is as it should be, IMHO).

  • Dr Mary Zennett

    Have you considered Jay S. Cohen, MD (www.medicationsense.com)? He’s dedicated years to standing up for the truth about medications and seems knowledgeable about preventative and integrative medicine
    Thanks for all you do, MZ

  • My first recommendation are the Dr.’s of Mannatech products, they all ready paved the way through Congress and into the PDR for “ambrotose.” However, I don’t know why anybody evers want to testify because it ends up a two faced experience and consequences down the road for anyboy associated with all natural food supplements.
    Dr. Steve Nuggent, author of How to Survive on a Toxic Planet and ran a “last change clinic” on the Mexican-American border with amazing results for food supplements to treat disease.
    Dr. Rggie Mc Daniles with Mannatech, he brought the science of glyconutrients forward and known for this Activism work.
    Dr. Kenneth Block, The Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment….somehow we need to move alternative medicine along for ending and a non-toxic treatment of Cancer and other Immune Deficient Disease.
    Likewise, we need a Dr. well versed in Autism and non-toxic solutions. The studpidity and medical denial that prevails in the current medical community has to stop…it is time to come forward and include these children’s alternative medical care in the health care plan. Especially, with the expense of the special needs involved…..ambrotose glyconutrients and chelation therapy also cost monthly in addition to Western Medicine.
    Dr. Gabriel Cousens comes to mind from Tree of Life Regeuventation Center in AZ, currently he is in in Manhatten on the East Coast. Author of Conscious Eating, Reversing Diabetes in 21 days.
    He is a long time Activist and anti vaccinations.
    And any Dr. in Oregon using glyconutrients for ADD, ADHA, and Autism. I can’t find the female Dr,. but she is listed on Shirley’s Cyber Cafe.
    Dr. William Li and Dr. Joseph Mercola…www.Mercola.com. Very helpful information and dedication to Wellness. This man cannot be stopped!
    Good luck, if there is more information on who is on the Comittee Members and how the Dr.
    s can apply, please give us the information.
    Thank you for more great work.
    Sandi WellnessAnswers.org

  • I thank the hard work of ANH….USA for all their hard work and paying close attention to what is up in Washington.
    I also want to support the idea of more then one Dr. of natural medicine to be appointed to
    this board…..we need to expand Autsim with glyconutrients and Cancer with glyconutrients and all forms of natural medicine……We cannot allow the Western Traditional Professionals and Sciience to continue down the path of no return…..I am wataching a man who listened to his Dr.
    to cure his Cancer and is no dying from the effects of more poison in his body and the lack of nutrients and is eqally circuming to the effects of malnurishment.
    Cancer patients are sooooo douped when Dr. are not familar with dense nourishments and food supplements, and especially if they are not trained in glyconutrients that reestablishes “cellular communication.” that does not exist in the medical world.
    We need to pay attention to where are dollars should be spent……I personally will never be paid for my Wholistic Knowlege or Therapies eventhough, I have a long history and a practise getting people well from Cancer and Autism.
    We need to push harder for a more equal board.
    Sandi in Rough and Ready, CA WellnessAnswers.org (google)

  • Gretel

    I nominate Dr. Ronald Hoffman. He has a radio program on WOR 710 AM in New York City. I listen to him all the time as he gives out great and free advice. What I like best about him is that he combines the best of conventional and integrated or natural medicine. In my observation, he prefers to go the natural route unless medications are necessary. I’m not even a patient and I was able to significantly lower my cholesterol and improve my ratio so that I did not have to rely on Lipitor. If you go to this website: http://www.wor710.com/weekday-personalities/Health-Talk-with-Dr–Ronald-Hoffman/3600642, you can get a good idea of what he’s all about. Thanks.

  • walton ferris

    Remember – this person has to run an organization – or perhaps they can choose a Chief of Staff who can run an organization.

  • Brenda Coram

    Ottumwa lucky to have a specialist like Dr. Coram
    On one of my annual visits to Fairfield, my son told me about hockey teammates who had career-ending injuries until they were treated by Dr. Charles Coram, a chiropractor in Ottumwa. The teammates were soon playing hockey again and attributed their recovery solely to Dr. Coram’s efforts. This got my attention.
    My son suggested that I see Dr. Coram because of 20 years of extreme leg pain from chronic sciatica that recently prevented me from sleeping in bed for more than an hour at a time. I agreed, and after my first treatment was able to sleep in bed all night!
    I live in Ann Arbor, Mich. (a nine-and-one-half-hour drive from Ottumwa each way), and as a recently retired professor at the University of Michigan, have seen many specialists over the past 15 years — doctors including neurologists and other specialists, MDs, physical therapists, even an acupunturist — who have all treated me for this problem without much success.
    I am now traveling to Ottumwa each month to be treated by Dr. Coram, who is the only medical professional who has been able to provide relief for my problem or any improvement in my overall condition. Each of my treatments has taken two-to-four hours, but has been unbelievably helpful. I see a noticeable improvement in my overall condition each time I meet with Dr. Coram. Ottumwa is very lucky to have such a helpful health specialist in its community.
    Layman E. Allen
    Professor of Law, Emeritus
    Law School, University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, Mich.
    Dr. Coram’s treatment provides great benefits
    As the wife of Professor Layman Allen whose letter is just above, I would like to confirm the wonderful results he has experienced from his treatments from Dr. Coram.
    In talking about these to acquaintances in Fairfield, we were sorry to hear about the approximately 60 doctors who have come and gone from Ottumwa in the past eight years, but hope that you will continue to keep Dr. Coram within convenient reach of our son’s home in Fairfield.
    Of course, we’d be delighted if Dr. Coram moved to Ann Arbor, but (seriously) we are very happy to come all the way to Ottumwa to be treated because Dr. Coram is the only health specialist who has provided any relief for my husband’s condition, and we have consulted many medical personnel at the University of Michigan Health System (one of the best in the world).
    For us, it is worth an 18-20 hour drive or flight each month to get the benefits of Dr. Coram’s treatment.
    Leslie A. Olsen
    Professor and Director
    Program in Technical Communication
    College of Engineering
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, Mich.
    I first met Dr. Charles D. Coram in 1999. At that time, I was the CEO of a thriving Mental Health Center serving many communities in Iowa. I worked with ideas and people, a mentally challenging career that involved long hours and little physical exercise. This lifestyle caught up with me in my 50’s and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. An RN, who had found relief from her own physical pain by treatments from Dr. Coram, sent me to him. From the first visit I was impressed with the thoroughness of his taking the time to know me as a person. His respect for my knowing myself, giving me the dignity of allowing me to know my own body, which I had inhabited for 50 years, was refreshing. I believe we all have a God given energy and awareness whether we listen to it or not. Dr. Coram used traditional manipulation and nontraditional as he helped me stretch, move and rearrange the energy in my body. I don’t have the words for what his treatment was like; I just know I got better. I have not returned to a traditional rheumatologist, as I know I do not have the soreness or the pressure point tenderness that produced the diagnosis in the first place.
    Dr. Coram uses acupuncture, energy work, Reiki, manual manipulations and a type of yoga stretching. He truly is on the cutting edge, one of those doctors who do not follow the mold. He is not a “hothead” with a chip on his shoulder to prove others wrong but a thinker of tomorrow. He is always asking himself, “What are we missing, why is this person not improving, what knowledge does the person have about themselves that I as the doctor cannot know, no matter how thorough the examination?” Truly he integrates different medicines and philosophies without sacrificing his own integrity.
    Dr. Coram practices what he preaches, integrity, flexibility and healthy life choices while grounded in a core set of beliefs. He willingly shares with others his insights and observations from his own practice, works within schools, hospitals and the community. As I come close to my retirement years I am pleased to see the next generation opening up to catalyst type practices which involve a total health concept. The concern for the person, the courage to change from traditional paths, while honoring what tradition can do, keeping vision alive while maintaining a full time patient load is not easy. Somehow, Dr. Coram manages to do this. We are longer a society where the doctor knows best. People are too well read and informed for that naivety. I believe most consumers want a doctor who will answer questions and truly hear what the consumer is requesting or saying. Dr. Coram integrates different types of healing, sees the value of each and is open to what his client wants or would respond to for treatment. His own visionary approach to medicine inspires others, his peers, community leaders and his patients.
    Having known Dr. Coram personally, both as a community leader myself and one of his patients, I am confident that Dr. Coram will use his gifts of healing in a thoughtful planned way to advance medicine using a total health concept. Maneuvering through traditional models of medicine and finding the respect from the medical community is not an easy task.. Many visionary people have become disheartened and give in to the pressure of “learned minds” in traditional medicine. Dr. Coram has a resiliency to keep on keeping on, perhaps in part, because of his own deep belief that health and healing are so much more than our traditional ways can comprehend. Although no longer living in Iowa, I keep in touch with several people active in the community. I have seen and heard the respect and creditability Dr. Coram is earning.
    Joyce C. Bromley MA, LPC, LCSW
    Kansas City, MO.
    Dr. Coram has so altered the conversations in our community hospital that they have moved from a rigid pharmacological/surgical paradigms toward teams of therapists, community activists, patients, employers, employees, physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, religious leaders, nutritionists, and many others banding together. He is similar to many truly effective leaders, organizing and guiding but often letting others assume the credit. When conversations were initiated it was always Dr. Coram behind the introduction of change. He was driven. He would not put the topic down. He had serious resistance. He had patients and his own convictions as his allies. He had all of the arrayed rigidity of a small Midwestern conservative community, hidebound by tradition, enveloped by its distance from the centers of change and with the certainty of a righteous indignation of the truth of its position, allayed against him. He continued anyway. I think it was his patients’ needs and the angles of his better nature. He has a lot of angles and a lot of better nature, and you guessed it, it is hard to get in to see him.
    What does our community want most for Charles Coram? Cloning, Seriously. I have discussed this often with him, we need to train young doctors. Dr. Coram begins with the dysfunctions of spirit, of hope, of dignity of knowledge of what personhood could mean in the patients he sees. He does this gently as he massages and stretches and repositions a few facets. In an hour spent talking to a patient while really caring for their needs he learns their needs, their worries and fears. He was a nurse before being a chiropractor before being an integrative medicine physician. When he continues to care for and about his patients he leads them to new insights of their potential. How much more likely are we to listen when we are relaxed? How about when we feel we have been able to express ourselves in the important worries of health, family and what motivates us? I have found Dr. Coram’s patients returning to me stating what could be called unintended testimonies. They express newfound strengths physically and emotionally. I wish I could send every patient to him (he is just too busy). So many actually begin to follow the advice received. This is a change in listening. This is real change. I, as a physician, listen better and more completely.
    What scuttles our barely floating lives when we feel we are paddling as hard as we can? Often it is a lack of faith that there is another way; it begins with renewed belief in our power to change. Breaking dependence may be the very most disabling agenda in a life. Dependencies can be toward others, habits, harmful realms of thought. It seems Charles incorporates example, sincerity and his message of people realizing purpose they must find. Some patients seem to have epiphanies. Some patients are not ready for these messages, but they still receive benefit.
    Let me give my final and greatest accolade (surely you think I have said it all). When Christ returns to the Passover feast he washes the disciples feet. He shows us by example one last time what he seems to expect of mere human beings like Charles, like myself. I have the great comfort of having Charles Coram as my Dr. and friend. My wish for you, and for everyone, is that we can train more young people to be like this man. I sincerely wish a great gift for you: may you have a Charles Coram in your life.
    Sincerely, Marc E. Hines MD
    President of Wapello County Medical Society

  • My friend did the same thing about week ago. She now joined Yoga classes which she said are very helpful, she eats healthy and mostly raw food, she is doing reflexology (she wants it 3-4 times a week), and she is now considering the The Liberation Treatment (CCSVI). It has only been a week so i can’t tell you how much is that effective but i hope she will get better especially with the CCSVI.

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