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Commonly Used Chemicals Linked to Diabetes, Obesity, Liver Disease

Commonly Used Chemicals Linked to Diabetes, Obesity, Liver Disease
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New research demonstrates the dramatic impact of chemical exposures on our genes that control cellular metabolism. Action Alert!

Researchers have found that chemical exposures influence our genes that control aging, immune function, metabolism, and more in stunning new findings. This research adds to our growing understanding of the profound impact exposure to even small amounts of chemicals like BPA can have on our health, underscoring the need to avoid these substances and for our government to act more aggressively to protect the public rather than kowtowing to industry.

Researchers looked at over 2,000 studies on mice, rats, and humans and ranked the sensitivity of 17,000 genes to chemical exposures. Chemicals ranged from prescription drugs to environmental pollutants.

The most sensitive body system to chemical exposures was cellular metabolism, particularly a group of proteins (PPARs) that regulate energy balance and metabolism of fats and sugar. Changes in PPAR activity contribute to obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and fatty liver disease. This supports other research estimating that the vast majority of diabetes in the US is caused by BPA and other persistent organic pollutants.

According to the new study, hormones involved in growth (growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor) were also affected by chemical exposure. Changes in the activity of these hormones affect lifespan, according to animal studies.

The study also found that genes controlling the immune system are also sensitive to chemical exposure. Outcomes linked to dysfunctional immunity are allergy and autoimmunity, both of which have increased in prevalence as our exposure to man-made chemicals have increased.

Consider that there are 84,000 chemicals registered for use in the US and less than 1% have been tested by government agencies. Judging by the emerging research, chemical exposures are likely a major cause of chronic disease in the US. The government seems content with rolling the dice on the safety of these chemicals while Americans get sick. Could part of this inaction be linked to the fact that pharmaceutical profits are driven by drugs to treat the chronic diseases caused by these chemicals?

Let’s also not forget that compromised immunity, obesity, and diabetes are all major risk factors for COVID complications. Natural medicines can help us prevent and control many of these chronic conditions, and COVID-19, but the government won’t let us hear about them.

Because of government rules (or lack thereof), we’re exposed to a host of dangerous chemicals and develop chronic health conditions; and because of government rules, we can’t learn about how to treat or prevent these chronic conditions with inexpensive, safe, and effective natural medicines. This is unacceptable.

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